Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 824

Chapter 824 You Came Back

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“Can there be unbroken eggs when the nest is totally wrecked? Back then, how glorious were the Deity Realm powerhouses? Didn’t they turn to ashes overnight too? How can you and I escape the maelstrom of this era?” Zhong Zizhen said.

“Speaking of which, the Medicine King Hall changed owners overnight back then, which was similarly bewildering. Until now, nobody could figure out the reason why too. Looks like this Divine Realm really has quite a number of things that you and I are unable to control!” the old man said with a sigh.

Zhong Zizhen’s expression changed slightly but nodded his head powerlessly as well.

Right then, a ripple spread out in the space in front of the two people. A pale-yellow paper crane pierced through the void and arrived in front of Zhong Zizhen.

The paper crane flapped its wings like it was telling Zhong Zizhen something.

“Looks like you have a guest here. This old self will take his leave right now,” the old man said.

Zhong Zizhen waved his hand and said, “Sip some tea for a moment, I’ll be right back. Losing so many days in a row, I got to at least win back one round.”

Finished talking, Zhong Zizhen strode out and directly vanished on the spot.

Outside the island, an old man stood with his hands by the side, appearing very respectful.

If outsiders knew, it would definitely make their jaws hit the ground.

This old man was precisely the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s First Elder who gave Ye Yuan the gold token; he was also an Eighth Level Dao Profound expert!

But facing the Soul Martial King, he did not even dare to breathe loudly.

All of a sudden, a series of distortions emitted from the space. A middle-aged man slowly walked out from the void.

“Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s Li Yao pays respect to Soul Martial Divine King!” First Elder bowed down low and said.

Zhong Zizhen had both hands behind his back as he said coolly, “Speak then, these few days, my mood isn’t very good. If you don’t give me a proper reason, don’t blame me for going to find Zhuo Yuhai to get an account.”

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Although Zhong Zizhen’s Alchemy Path means were exceptionally skilled, people finding him to refine pills were extremely few.

His temperament was very eccentric, and he rarely made a move too. Annoying him, he would even make a move to kill people. Furthermore, he would not need to give a reason at all.

At that time, the medicinal pill did not get refined, and the person lost his little life instead.

The Zhuo Yuhai Zhong Zizhen talked about was naturally the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s head chairman. Li Yao knew that for Zhong Zizhen to show himself and meet in person was most likely on account of Head Chairman’s face.

But Li Yao’s heart pounded when he heard Zhong Zizhen’s words.

What luck, why did he just happened to pick the time when this malefic star was in a bad mood?

“Actually, the one who requested our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company to bring this news is a White Valiant Region’s Rank Nine Holy Land’s Young Lord, named Ye Yuan. He says that he’s Your Excellency’s old acquaintance and that as long as we bring the news, Milord will definitely agree to refine medicinal pills for him,” Li Yao said deferentially.

Li Yao’s words directly sold Ye Yuan out.

Facing a powerhouse like the Soul Martial Divine King, Li Yao had no choice but to respond carefully. Therefore, the meaning in his words was that the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was actually just responsible for passing the words. The others, they were completely not responsible.

If not for the allure of Ye Yuan’s two kinds of pill formulas being too great, and also wanting to make friends with this future Alchemy Path genius, how could Li Yao, this First Elder, possibly come to pay a formal visit to Zhong Zizhen personally?

Hearing Li Yao’s words, Zhong Zizhen’s brows knitted together once more: “Do you all feel that this Seat is very free and will become old acquaintances with the Young Lord of a Rank Nine Holy Land? But I’m quite curious though, what kind of benefits that whatever Young Lord gave you, to actually be able to invite you to come to find me personally.”

A feeling of immense danger welled up from the bottom of his heart. Very clearly, Zhong Zizhen was really enraged.

Li Yao’s expression changed, and he secretly cursed Ye Yuan in his heart.

Really got possessed by a ghost, to actually believe that Ye Yuan would be on familiar terms with the Soul Martial Divine King! When Zhong Zizhen heard Ye Yuan’s name, he did not have any reaction at all but flew into a great rage instead.

But him agreeing to make this trip clearly harbored some hopes of a fluke too.

Ye Yuan’s Alchemy Path talent was too freakish. It was on an entirely different level from ordinary young geniuses.

Just based on this, he might really know the Soul Martial Divine King!

Perhaps, Ye Yuan was even Zhong Zizhen’s successor.

It appears now that it was completely bull!

The entire Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was cheated by Ye Yuan.

How could the lofty Soul Martial Divine King possibly refine pills for an unimportant Rank Nine Holy Land’s Young Lord?

Li Yao hurriedly bend his body low and said, “Calm your anger, Your Excellency! He said to let me bring a sentence for Milord. As long as Milord hears it, you’ll definitely agree to help him refine pills!”

Zhong Zizhen said impatiently, “Scram, this seat doesn’t have the patience to listen to your rubbish!”

Finished talking, the space become warped once more. Zhong Zizhen turned around and was about to leave.

Li Yao panicked. If Zhong Zizhen were to leave, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company would screw it up on both ends.

This Ye Yuan could take out two kinds of such heaven-defying pill formulas randomly. Clearly, his stock was not little.

Once he offended Ye Yuan, forget about the transaction this time falling through, it would probably utterly fizzle out in the future too.

“Returning to hang it on the tree before the grave, knowing one’s heart eternally! Could it be that the boy was lying to me?”

Li Yao had a clever idea hit in an emergency and grumbled softly. He believed that with the Soul Martial Divine King’s hearing abilities, he was bound to be able to hear this sentence.

If he still did not have any reaction, then he could only just leave.

Actually, Li Yao was also harboring the mood of making a hail mary effort. He did not expect that with him grumbling like this, Zhong Zizhen’s figure became stiff and space returned to normal.

“What did you say just now? Say it one more time!” Zhong Zizhen furrowed his brows and said.

“Replying Your Excellency, the words that youth made me bring was ‘returning to hang it on the tree before the grave, knowing one’s heart eternally’!” Li Yao hurriedly said.

Zhong Zizhen’s expression fell, an extremely complicated expression showed in his gaze.

After being silent for a moment, Zhong Zizhen suddenly asked, “You’re certain that this person who made you pass on the message is a Rank Nine Holy Land’s Young Lord?”

Li Yao nodded and said, “Very certain! It’s just that this youth seems to be quite different from ordinary geniuses!”

“Oh? Different in what way, let’s hear it.” Zhong Zizhen’s expression already returned to normal. Li Yao could not tell what he was thinking about too.

But seeing Zhong Zizhen inquire, Li Yao did not dare to conceal either, roughly going over Ye Yuan’s matters once.

Ye Yuan’s information, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company had been following with interest all along. Therefore, the First Elder was very familiar with him.

Listening until the end, Zhong Zizhen suddenly said, “Leave the spirit medicines behind, you can go already!”

Li Yao was startled and had somewhat yet to recover to his senses.

Zhong Zizhen pulled a long face and said, “Didn’t hear it?”

Li Yao shuddered all over, hastily taking out a storage ring, and throwing it to Zhong Zizhen.

Zhong Zizhen received the storage ring, turned around, and left.

“Just what background does this Ye Yuan have, to actually really be able to let the Soul Martial Divine King agree to refine pills for him! Furthermore, the Soul Martial Divine King refining pills is extremely expensive. The price might even be as much as several times of the medicinal pill’s. This time, the Soul Martial Divine King actually didn’t even open his mouth to charge a price!” Li Yao said in astonishment.

In Li Yao’s impression, Ye Yuan became even more enshrouded in mystery.

Zhong Zizhen’s figure appeared in the pavilion once more.

“So slow! Really didn’t think that you would be so long-winded with people,” the old man sipped tea as he said with a smile at the same time.

Zhong Zizhen smiled bitterly and said, “Song Qiuyu, not keeping you behind this time. Let’s battle again next time!”

The old man was slightly surprised but did not say anything. Nodding his head, he left right away.

After the old man left, Zhong Zizhen looked into the distance and said somewhat absentmindedly, “You came back!”