Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 826

Chapter 826 Cooperation

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“What are you laughing at?!” Wei Cheng said with a grim expression.

“Laughing at what? I’m laughing at your ignorance! That Luo Tong came to our White Valiant Region in order to train. Could it be that you think he won’t come to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land? He’s already Young Lord’s vanquished foe long ago, but you guys want Young Lord to go fight with him? Isn’t that very laughable?” Wu Siyuan said with a hearty laugh.

“What did you say?! This Boundless Realm Young Lord of yours can beat that Luo Tong? Wu Siyuan, do you take me, Wei Cheng, to be a fool?” Wei Cheng said with a cold smile.

He was all too familiar with that Luo Tong’s strength. Even though his cultivation realm was a little higher than Luo Tong’s, in front of Luo Tong, he had no strength to retaliate in the slightest.

Only after seeing Luo Tong did Wei Cheng know what was called a true genius!

But now, Wu Siyuan said that Ye Yuan defeated Luo Tong. This was simply the biggest joke in the world!

Luo Tong was a full major realm higher than Ye Yuan. Furthermore, his concepts comprehension was exceptionally high. For Ye Yuan to want to beat him, the possibility did not exist at all!

“Heh, whether you believe it or not is up to you. Our Crimson Afterglow Holy Land personally witnessed this incident from top to bottom. Could it still be faked?” Wu Siyuan said disdainfully.

Wei Cheng clearly did not believe it, but Wu Siyuan readily called out Luo Tong’s name. Clearly, Luo Tong had already been to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

But Ye Yuan was completely unscathed currently, unwittingly making Wei Cheng become somewhat uncertain.

Logically speaking, Luo Tong went to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land after the Cloud Watchtower Holy Land. If Ye Yuan really exchanged blows with Luo Tong, it was impossible to not leave behind injuries on his body.

“Is that so? Whether it’s a mule or a horse, drag it out for a walk, and you’ll know!”

Wei Cheng’s heart stirred and looked towards Ye Yuan with an unfriendly expression.

Both parties were three versus three right now. With the two other elders’ tying down the other two, it was as easy as turning one’s hand for him to feel out Ye Yuan’s depths!

While talking, Wei Cheng already scuttled towards Ye Yuan with extreme speed.

“Careful, Young Lord!”

Although Wang Zan was rather disapproving of Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan was the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Young Lord after all. How could he be bullied by outsiders?

But his figure had yet to move when it was held back by Wu Siyuan.

“Wu Siyuan, what are you doing!” Wang Zan glared at Wu Siyuan and said.

Very clearly, he was extremely discontented with Wu Siyuan’s way of doing things. The Young Lord was encountering danger, how could they look on with folded arms?

“Just watch, this Young Lord of ours isn’t an average man! For Wei Cheng to want to bully him, it’s still early!” Wu Siyuan said with a smile.


Wei Cheng’s figure was still 80 feet away from Ye Yuan when a black flood dragon suddenly appeared between him and Ye Yuan.

A feeling of immense danger welled up in his heart. Wei Cheng forcefully stopped his figure.

Seeing Blackwind, the faces of Cloud Watchtower Holy Land’s three people changed drastically!

“To dare offend Master, deserve to die!” Blackwind said coldly.

“Forget it, Blackwind. No need to haggle over it with him,” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

The pressure of the great circle Tier 8 releasing out, Wei Cheng had a feeling of being at death’s door!

But what made him even more shocked was that this black flood dragon actually called Ye Yuan as Master!

A Boundless Realm actually brought along a great circle Tier 8 demonic beast servant. This … This was also a bit too extravagant, right?

“Yes, Master!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Blackwind retreated to one side obediently.

Wei Cheng’s eyes went wide. This was a great circle of Tier 8 servant!

Forget about him, even if it was the Holy Lord, it was very hard to have such treatment either.

A great circle Tier 8 demonic beast was not so easy to run into. Furthermore, a great circle Tier 8 demonic beast, every single one had extremely high intelligence.

It was easy for the Holy Lord to want to kill, but wanting to make the other party pledge allegiance was incredibly difficult.

Let alone that Blackwind was even a demonic beast who was about to transform into a dragon. He was considered half of the dragon race already. This kind of demonic beasts was extremely proud, making it even less likely to become a human’s servant.

Yet, Ye Yuan obtained such a demonic beast!

Wei Cheng naturally would not think that this was subdued by Ye Yuan himself. Apart from the Holy Lord Tu You, who else in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land had this kind of strength?

These few years, it was widely rumored that Tu You’s situation was not good. Looking at it now, this was absolute rubbish!

“Young Lord Wei Cheng, don’t feign composure here anymore. If the corpse tide isn’t controlled, forget about my Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, even the entire White Valiant Region might become a death zone! Therefore, what we need to do now is sincere cooperation and not stirring up trouble!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Wei Cheng’s expression was very ugly. Turns out that his thoughts were seen through by Ye Yuan long ago.

Although the Cloud Watchtower Holy Land’s situation was not as severe as the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, the situation could no longer be ignored as well.

“Humph! Looking at the current situation, the source of this corpse tide is absolutely your Crimson Afterglow Holy Land! Causing such a major incident, I want to see how you guys give an account to the other Holy Lands!” Wei Cheng said with a cold snort.

Being caught by Ye Yuan, Wei Cheng was very unhappy. But he was wary of Blackwind too, so he could only bring out the other holy lands to suppress Ye Yuan.

But when Ye Yuan heard that, he said, “Right now, the corpse tide clearly shows a trend of spreading. Furthermore, after ordinary martial artists are killed by the zombies, they will be controlled by the zombies too. At this rate, the scale of the corpse tide will become increasingly massive. At that time, it will be unsalvageable! If I were you, I’d take out sincerity to cooperate. Get off my back about whatever source issues. Want to really talk, talk again after stopping the corpse tide!”

Right now was clearly not the time to be disputing over trifles, but for the various Holy Lands to cooperate properly and eradicate the corpse tide.

Right at this time, seven to eight silhouettes appeared in the horizon and were currently approaching them.

Wu Siyuan whispered by Ye Yuan’s ear: “It’s the Fire Feather Holy Land and the Soaring Rainbow Holy Land’s people. Those two young men are the Holy Lands’ Young Lords. One is called Hua Shujie, the other is called Sheng Jun.”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly, indicating that he got it.

After a round of small talk, Hua Shujie and Sheng Jun both got to know that Ye Yuan was the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s newly ascended Young Lord as well. Naturally, they could not dispense with contempt in their hearts.

But with Blackwind around, even if they looked down on him, they got to suppress it in their hearts too.

“Since you’ve come, you should also understand the situation at the moment. This time, our four families should contribute a share to eliminate this corpse tide!” Ye Yuan opened his mouth and said.

“Heh, why don’t Young Lord Ye say just how our four families should cooperate?” Wei Cheng said with a cold laugh.

Although unwilling to admit it, what Ye Yuan was talking about was indeed a matter that brooked no delay.

Each day it was delayed, the difficulty level of dealing with this corpse tide would become even greater!

Ye Yuan had a well thought out plan long ago and opened his mouth and said, “This corpse tide is limitless and simply can’t be killed finish. Forcefully dealing with these zombies will only increase the casualties in vain. Want to eliminate the corpse tide this time, we still got to figure out the real reason for corpse tide’s eruption! Hence, I plan on fishing out just where these zombies came from after night falls today. I wonder what everyone’s opinions are?”

Hua Shujie thought about it and said with a nod, “What Young Lord Ye said is right! In this Hua’s opinion, even if everyone has some conflicts, put it down first. It’s not too late for us to shut the doors and settle accounts after pushing back the corpse tide.”

“I have no objections either! With our strength, these zombies can’t come close at all. Today, we’ll go in the same direction the zombies come from and search properly. Best if we can find their den and wipe them out all together!”