Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 828

Chapter 828 Mowing Down All Resistance

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In a twinkle, four hours passed. Ye Yuan and the others already advanced forward several hundred miles distance.

Not only did the zombies in front of them not reduce, but it also had an increasingly worsening trend instead!

The more zombies killed, the more there were, making these Phaseless Realm elders somewhat start losing all hope.

Wei Cheng, Hua Shujie they all, these people’s essence energy expenditure were immense. The speed of killing the zombies distinctly slowed down compared to before.

His gaze involuntarily looked over towards Ye Yuan and was incomparably shocked in his heart.

Could this punk be a freak? It’s been four hours, and his combat capability is actually still roughly the same as when it just started; it’s virtually without much reduction! That level of martial technique, how can a Boundless Realm martial artist possibly execute it consecutively for four hours? Wei Cheng thought to himself.

He thought from the bottom of his heart that Ye Yuan would deplete his essence energy very quickly and seek Blackwind’s help from there.

Who knew that four hours passed and not only was Ye Yuan’s martial technique like as though it did not expend essence energy, it was even releasing non-stop.

Even the killing speed of the Phaseless Realm martial artists slowed down. Only Ye Yuan’s speed of reaping these zombies did not reduce the least bit.

Ye Yuan was still at the forefront, forcefully opening up a gap in the corpse tide.

“Young Lord, carrying on like this is not the way to go! The strengths of these zombies are becoming stronger and stronger. Right now, the majority of what we are killing are already Tier 5 zombies. There are even quite a number of Tier 6 zombies mixed up inside. I suspect that if it continues like this, ahead will probably all become Tier 6 zombies!”

The more Wu Siyuan fought, the more alarmed he became, and he could not help becoming somewhat afraid of the grim situation before his eyes.

Facing the tidewater like zombies that had no regard for danger, they, these Phaseless Realms, were also at a loss on what to do.

These zombies did not know what was fear at all and did not have any consciousness either. They only attacked them blindly. What was even more damnable was that their physical bodies were extremely powerful. Wanting to kill them took quite a bit of effort.

“How can you catch tiger cubs without entering the tiger’s lair? The more powerful the zombies at the back, the more it means that we’re getting increasingly closer to the source of the zombies! There is already no path of retreat at this time. All of you just respond with care and follow me!” Ye Yuan said without hesitation.

One sentence made Wu Siyuan flush red to his ears.

He, an exalted Phaseless Realm, actually had to hide behind Ye Yuan.

But this was also something that could not be helped. To talk about the speed of killing these zombies, his efficiency was really not as high as Ye Yuan’s.

Under this kind of circumstances, they, these Phaseless Realms, did not dare to execute any large area-of-effect martial techniques. That was no different from seeking death.

What they could do was to kill the zombies around them and charge forward all the way, conserving essence energy to the greatest limit.

In a blink, another four hours passed. Everyone already killed God knows how many zombies.

Even the Phaseless Realm martial artists killed until their hands were weak too.

They all consumed quite a number of essence energy restoring medicinal pills but still could not stop the essence energy in their bodies from being depleted bit by bit.

By their sides right now were all Tier 6 zombies. There were even some Tier 7 zombies inside occasionally!

The pressure these elders experiencing soared greatly one by one, let alone Wei Cheng they all, who were only at the Heaven Enlightenment Realm.

Tier 6 zombies, their fleshy bodies’ resilience advanced a great deal from before too. The essence energy expended in wanting to kill them would be much more.

Wei Cheng’s entire body was already drenched in sweat. He was almost reaching his limits already.

“Too careless this time! Really didn’t think that these zombies’ strength would be so powerful!” Wei Cheng gritted his teeth and said.

Hua Shujie hacked a zombie with a sword and similarly gasped for air as he said, “Hang in there a while more! It’s going to be daytime very soon!”

“I almost can’t keep going anymore. My medicinal pills are almost exhausted already. Even if I consume medicinal pills, the speed of restoring essence energy is also far from matching up to the speed of consumption!” Wei Cheng said.

“Just what kind of cultivation method did Ye Yuan that fellow cultivate? This essence energy recovery speed is also too terrifying, right? I didn’t even see him consume medicinal pills, and he actually relied on essence energy recovery to persist until now! Simply makes people dare not believe it!” Sheng Jun said.

Eight hours went by, Ye Yuan’s combat power was still off the charts!

Even if it was all Tier 6 zombies around him, he still reaped like chopping up melons and cabbages. The speed was actually not much slower compared to before.

This kind of strength made everyone incredibly shocked.

“Everybody double up, we shouldn’t be far from the source of the zombies already,” Ye Yuan suddenly said in a clear voice.

As he was talking, Ye Yuan raised his hand, and it was a Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

The places the palm force reached, the zombies turned to piles of dust, directly splitting open several thousand feet in distance.

This palm even decimated the few Tier 7 zombies mixed up inside.

Wei Cheng and the other two exchanged a glance, seeing astonishment in the other party’s eyes.

They finally knew how Ye Yuan became the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Young Lord.

Those Tier 7 zombies’ bodies were incomparably tough. Even sabers and swords hacking over was very hard to cause them injuries. Furthermore, the recovery abilities of these Tier 7 zombies were extremely strong. If they could not kill them, the wounds on their bodies would recover back to normal very quickly, extremely hard to deal with.

But in front of Ye Yuan, these Tier 7 zombies simply could not withstand even a single blow!

Tier 7 zombie, those were existences equal to human martial artists’ Heaven Enlightenment Realm!

“What are you still in a daze for? Keep up! Take this time, you guys recover some more essence energy. Further to the back, I might not be able to deal with those Tier 7 zombies anymore!” Ye Yuan shouted loudly.

Wei Cheng and the rest were startled inwardly and hurriedly kept up with Ye Yuan’s footsteps, directly pushing forward several thousand feet in distance.

Not only were these zombies not intimidated by Ye Yuan’s palm force, each and every one seemed infuriated instead, surrounding over very quickly.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate at all, firing out another Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm. Another large swathe was obliterated!

At this moment, Ye Yuan was akin to a war god.

Wei Cheng even produced a misconception that if they let Ye Yuan keep on killing like this, would he really be able to kill finish these zombies that blotted out the skies and covered the earth or not!

But he quickly felt that this idea was too laughable. There were too many of these zombies; Ye Yuan definitely could not kill all of them!

Ye Yuan did not spare physical power and essence energy, directly unleashing big moves. It also let this party of people advance a lot faster.

Seizing this opportunity, everyone also consumed medicinal pills non-stop, recovering essence energy as soon as possible!

But this process did not persist for long, because the zombies at the back got increasingly stronger. There were more and more Tier 7 zombies. Even though Ye Yuan’s Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was powerful, it was still a little lacking to deal with late-stage Tier 7 zombies.

Fortunately, through a period of time of rest and rehabilitation, the others’ essence energy also recovered considerably and were able to help Ye Yuan share the burden a lot more.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan felt his scalp tingle. A feeling of danger instantly enveloped his entire body!

“Blackwind, be on alert! Tier 8 Corpse Venerables appeared!” Ye Yuan shouted.

To be able to make Ye Yuan give rise to such a sense of crisis, there were only Tier 8 Corpse Venerables!

“Rest assured, Master. With Blackwind here, these zombies can’t hurt you!” Blackwind also knew that it was different now, directly shielding in front of Ye Yuan.

Not far away, several shiny green lights were faintly discernible!

Ye Yuan saw it clearly. Those several rays of shiny green lights were emitted by those few zombies.

These zombies were clearly Tier 8 Corpse Venerables!