Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 829

Chapter 829 Boneyard

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After martial artists die and their bodies did not decay under some special circumstances and absorb heaven and earth essence energy instead. This would strengthen their fleshy body, causing them to turn into a zombie.

At the beginning of birth, a zombie was just a walking corpse that had no consciousness. Because martial artists produce evil yin qi after death, so it kills instinctively.

Once a zombie was formed, they could seize the martial artist’s essence to strengthen their own fleshy body when they kill martial artists.

This was actually a cultivation process, only that it was done at a subconscious level.

Following the fleshy body becoming more and more powerful, the zombie would even give birth to intelligence belonging to its own. This intelligence already had no relation whatsoever with the martial artist when he was still alive, becoming another lifeform.

After giving birth to intelligence, the zombie could cultivate on its own and could even cultivate to Deity Realm!

In the Divine Dao era years ago, there was a 10 thousand year zombie king that once cultivated to Deity Realm, becoming a legend.

But at that time, he was already not much different from ordinary humans.

The birth process of natural zombies was extremely slow. The conditions required were very stringent too.

But if they were refined by people, this process would be greatly reduced.

Ye Yuan and the others killing until now, the intelligence of these zombies were mostly not high. These Tier 6 zombies before their eyes all had some intelligence but were very limited.

Tier 7 zombies, the intelligence was clearly a great deal higher.

And those Tier 8 zombies hiding in the zombie horde, their intelligence was clearly very high.

They knew that this party’s strength was formidable. There were even quite a number of Tier 8 Phaseless Realm existences. Therefore, each and every one of these Tier 8 Corpse Venerables was all roaming, not coming into contact with those elders. They only let ordinary zombies come and deplete the elders’ essence energy, while they wait for an opportunity to attack at the sides!

More and more Tier 7 zombies rushed up, making the elders’ pressure skyrocket.

Even though Tier 7 zombies could not cause much threat to them, following the increase in numbers, their essence energy expenditure would also increase by a large margin.

By the time their essence energy was almost depleted finish, they would be at the mercy of these Tier 8 Corpse Venerables!

“Blackwind, don’t stint on essence energy anymore! I feel that we’re already not far from the source of the zombies! Use your strongest attack and open up a way!” Ye Yuan said in a grave voice.

“Yes, Master!”

All of a sudden, Blackwind’s body was becoming larger at a speed visible to the naked eye, instantly turning into a hundred over foot long black flood dragon.

A colossal dragon pressure spread out. The pressure of the great circle of Tier 8 instantly erupted.

“Surging Floodwaters!”

Blackwind opened his mouth wide. Rapid floodwaters gushed out like a waterfall; it was abnormally turbulent!

Those Tier 6 and 7 zombies were sent flying one after another under these floodwaters.

Those slightly closer were even smashed to dust by the massive impact force!

Under one move, no idea how many zombies suffered a devastating cataclysm.

The originally tightly packed zombie horde had a massive gap flushed open too.

Ye Yuan was overjoyed when he saw the situation and said, “Well done, Blackwind! Phaseless Realms, open up the path in front; charge over in one go!”

Wei Cheng and those elders were all dazed. This black flood dragon’s destructive powers were too terrifying!

But Blackwind’s big move also roused their spirits.

With Blackwind around, maybe they were really able to escape with their lives.

The great circle of Tier 8 was indeed not for show!

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, all of them did not dare to dawdle either, rapidly breaking out of the encirclement through the flushed open gap.

Those Tier 8 Corpse Venerables were merely initial-stage Tier 8. Seeing the power of Blackwind’s move, they helplessly stared as the crowd rushed forward, not daring to charge forward.

Ye Yuan and the others raised their speeds to the extreme, charging out several miles of distance in a blink of an eye.

Suddenly, the party’s movements stopped, forcefully stopping their footsteps.

Astonished expressions emerged on everybody’s faces, being struck dumbfounded by the scene before their eyes.

In front of them, was an enormous sinkhole that stretched beyond what the eye could see.

As far as the eyes could see, inside the sinkhole was all dazzling white bones, looking horrifying to the mind.

These martial artists cultivating until now, God knows how many people they had killed. But even so, this scene that they saw was unbelievably shocking too.

Right at this very moment, a glimmer of dawn lit up from the horizon. Those zombies seemed to have sensed something, retreating over into the sinkhole like tidewater.

Those few Tier 8 Corpse Venerables hesitated a little too, then they tunneled into the sinkhole headlong.

“This … Just what kind of place is this? Such a huge sinkhole actually appeared at the borders, why have I never known?” Wei Cheng sucked in a deep breath and said.

“Impossible! I remember that this area should be a flatland. How can it possibly be a massive sinkhole?’ Sheng Jun said with a solemn expression.

Hu Shujie followed up and said, “What you said is right! If I didn’t remember wrongly, this place was indeed a region of flat land. It’s impossible to have such a huge sinkhole appear.”

“Humph! What’s impossible? The fact is placed right before your eyes. Could it be that we’re all in an illusionary realm right now?” Wu Siyuan said coldly.

“I really didn’t expect that this place actually has such a large chunk of boneyard. No wonder it would erupt such a large-scale corpse tide. This place is an area of yin grotto, gathering extremely strong powers of evil yin in one place. As long as one places martial artists’ corpses here, it will become zombies before long. But looking at the situation of these white bones, it should be very far back already. It’s not possible to form zombies. Then there’s only one type of possibility, somebody intentionally buried countless corpses here, then erupted a corpse tide,” Ye Yuan said with a solemn face.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s analysis, everyone was stricken with terror.

“What Ye Yuan said is right! It’s just that I still have some doubts. Just what kind of person has such extraordinary capabilities, and what is his goal too?” Sheng Jun said.

“Yeah. Major powers with this kind of ability shouldn’t take fancy on us, these puny little Rank Nine Holy Lands, right? Why on earth are they doing so?” Shu Huajie said.

“Humph! What we should be concerned about right now shouldn’t be this, right? Aren’t you all going to worry over a little how we should quell this corpse tide? Ye Yuan, aren’t you very capable? Try telling us!” Wei Cheng said with a cold smile.

Witnessing Ye Yuan’s methods, Wei Cheng was even more jealous in his heart. Along the way, Ye Yuan basked in the limelight, making Wei Cheng give rise to a thick sense of inferiority complex in his heart.

That’s right, it was the feeling of inferiority!

Since young, Wei Cheng had always been cut off from this kind of feeling.

But facing Ye Yuan this time, this sort of emotion was born uncontrollably.

At present, they had already gotten away from danger. This sort of emotion was currently being magnified endlessly.

Ye Yuan gave him a nonchalant glance and said, “I have a feeling that those few Tier 8 Corpse Venerables shouldn’t be the most powerful existences yet! Want to quell the corpse tide, we probably still have to … enter this boneyard!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, everyone’s face changed drastically.

Yesterday night’s corpse tide, they still had lingering fear in their hearts until now.

If not for Ye Yuan and Blackwind, they, these Phaseless Realms, would probably have to perish here too.

Now, Ye Yuan actually said that they still had to enter inside this sinkhole. This made each and every one of them become hesitant.

“There’s no more time for you guys to hesitate. This matter not only impacts my Crimson Afterglow’s safety, but it also likewise has to do with you all! Once this corpse tide erupts, the entire White Valiant Region will likely be completely devastated and barren too!” Ye Yuan said in a solemn voice.