Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Huge Uproar!

"Ye Yuan! You forced me!" Lin Tiancheng looked at Ye Yuan venomously.

Lin Tiancheng's aura suddenly grew stronger, and the surrounding essence energy poured madly towards Lin Tiancheng.

When Ye Yuan saw this, his face became very grave!

"Look, quickly! Senior Apprentice Brother Lin, he . . . he's breaking through! He wants to break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm!"

"Senior Apprentice Brother Lin could have broken through to the Spirit Condensation Realm long ago. He only suppressed his strength at half-step Spirit Condensation Realm for the Earth Rank Advancement test."

"Alas, Senior Apprentice Brother Lin is also forced to his wit's end by Ye Yuan. Who would have thought that he could master the Eight Layer Wave? That's 32 times the power!"

"That's right. Ye Yuan's too strong. He's only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, and he could actually force the half-step Spirit Condensation Realm Senior Apprentice Brother Lin to such a state! But . . . it's over. Senior Apprentice Brother Lin's breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, and Ye Yuan's trump cards are all used up. There's no more chance of victory."

The crowd was clearly pessimistic about Ye Yuan. When Lin Tiancheng was at the half-step Spirit Condensation Realm, Ye Yuan was already straining. Now that he was breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, what could Ye Yuan use to fight with him?

Over 300 meters away, in the pavilion, Zuo Bugui patted his chest with a frightened look. "Oh my God. Scared this little master to death. Tried to steal the chicken, but nearly ended up losing the rice. I almost ended up losing the Sharp Horned Beast's inner core which I had a hard time getting. I say, Old Long, now can you hand over your Spirit Essence Pill?"

Long Tang looked on and also sighed secretly.

No matter how Ye Yuan calculated, he probably did not expect Lin Tiancheng breaking through at the last moment. He could only wait now!

Even though he did not want to admit it in his heart, he knew that Ye Yuan's chances of victory were not high.

But what he thought was one thing, what he actually said was another. "What are you anxious about? It isn't over yet!"

"Hehe. You really won't give up until all hope is gone! It's already like this. Ye Yuan doesn't even have 10% chance of victory. What are you still stubbornly holding on for?"

"You already said that he has less than 10% chance of succeeding. As long as the chance isn't zero, then there's hope."

Although he was stubborn, Long Tang was somebody like this. It was impossible for him to give up until it was truly hopeless.

Zuo Bugui was dumbfounded and could only say, "Fine! Let's just wait and see! After they finish fighting, won't you still obediently hand over the Spirit Essence Pill?"

. . . . . .

In another pavilion, a youth and a middle-aged man stood with their hands behind their backs.

"Second Uncle, what do you think?" the youth opened his mouth and asked the middle-aged man.

"If this child's not eliminated, he will definitely be a calamity to the Su Family!"

"I think so too! I also don't know what happened to him. This month's improvement was simply too terrifying!"

"Regardless of what happened, this child absolutely can't be spared! Just Ye Hang alone is already very troublesome to deal with. If his son were allowed to grow up, the Su Family would likely have to exit the medicinal herbs market in the future!"

The youth was in full agreement. He nodded and asked, "Second Uncle, over at the disciplinary hall . . .?"

"Don't worry. I've informed the people downstairs long ago to treat this matter as if it didn't exist. We will let Ye Yuan and Lin Tiancheng fight first. No matter the result, Ye Yuan's definitely dead."

Hearing that, the youth let out a sigh of relief. "That bunch of old fellows can really remain patient. Second Uncle, you didn't make a move, and none of them showed themselves. Looks like they have the same intention as us, sitting on top of the mountain to watch the tigers fight.

The middle-aged man laughed coldly. "Watching the tigers fight? Haha. Just two little cats, that's all."

Among these two people, the youth was precisely the Su Family's new generation's talent, Su Yishan, while the middle-aged man was Su Yishan's second uncle, Su Yubai. And he was also the Dan Wu Academy's Disciplinary Hall's Elder!

By right, they had received the news long ago. Stopping this fight in time was easy for them.

However, no instructor had shown up until now. It was as if everyone had reached a silent agreement to let Lin Tiancheng and Ye Yuan finish fighting!

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan looked at Lin Tiancheng coldly without any intention of interrupting. Instead, he quietly took out a transcendent-grade Qi Returning Pill and swallowed it.

When he returned to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion a few days ago, Ye Yuan had refined more medicinal pills.

With his strength, it was basically effortless to refine Tier 1 medicinal pills.

After consuming a transcendent-grade Tier 1 Qi Returning Pill, Ye Yuan's essence energy instantly recovered to its peak state!

This sort of treatment was not something that the average person could enjoy.

"What did Ye Yuan eat? His essence energy actually recovered in an instant!"

"What rubbish. It's definitely the Qi Returning Pill!"

"But, can the Qi Returning Pill recover so much essence energy?"

"This . . . maybe the grade is higher?"

"How high of a grade is needed to let essence energy recover fully?"

"This . . . superior-grade? Transcendent-grade?"

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan's action of swallowing the medicinal pill attracted the surrounding onlookers' attention.

Zuo Bugui seemed to have discovered something and said in surprise, "Old Long, look at Ye Yuan's chest!"

Through the nourishment of essence energy, a martial artist's body would surpass that of the average person. A distance of several hundred meters was not considered far to Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists.

Initially, everyone did not notice that Ye Yuan's chest had something extra.

But his act of swallowing the medicinal pill drew people's attention to the badge adorned on his chest.

Long Tang naturally also caught sight of that badge and involuntarily drew a cold breath.

"Sss . . . It's actually a low-rank Alchemy Master badge!" Long Tang who had always remained calm became incessantly astonished.

"N-no way. He's only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm! Is that badge fake?" Zuo Bugui's thoughts were identical with many others. They thought that the badge was fake.

"How's that possible? Who would dare forge a badge issued by the Alchemist Association? That would make one the public enemy of all alchemists. They would absolutely die without a burial place!"

"But how could he possibly refine Tier 2 medicinal pills with his Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm soul strength?"

"I remembered. Several days ago, the academy organized a group test. Ye Yuan seemed to have joined! He seemed to have entered a closed-door seclusion after returning from the Alchemist Association. That's to say, when he became a low-rank Alchemy Master, he was still only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm!"

Long Tang also jumped in fright at his analysis. If that was indeed the case, then Ye Yuan was seriously too monstrous.

This discovery caused a huge uproar among the students, and everybody started debating. Of course, the general consensus was that . . . it was fake.

Using a fake Alchemist Association badge, this matter was much more serious than killing someone in the academy!

Su Yishan's face became solemn. "Second Uncle, what's with the badge? Did he really pass the Alchemy Master test?"

Si Yubai's face also did not look too good. But he nodded and said, "If Ye Yuan isn't a fool, then that badge should be real! But . . . this punk can't be spared even more!"

"A Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm low-rank Alchemy Master. It isn't that easy if Second Uncle wants to kill him, right?"

"Humph! A dead genius . . . is no longer a genius! Could those old fogeys oppose my Su Family because I killed a punk who violated the academy's rules?" Su Yubai smiled coldly.

"Second Uncle's intentions are . . .?"

Su Yubai swiped his throat and said icily, "Wait until they finish fighting. I will directly go there and finish off Ye Yuan!"