Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 830

Chapter 830 Have Some Brain

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The elders all revealed conflicted looks on their faces. Clearly, the impression yesterday’s corpse tide gave them was too deep.

One look at this boneyard, and it was clear that it was not an unimportant land. A single misstep and one’s little life would be left here.

A Phaseless Realm elder entering inside might not obtain any advantages too.

“Young Lord Ye, this corpse tide is already not what Phaseless Realm can stop! Unless it’s our various Holy Lands’ Holy Lords personally making a move, otherwise, it’s totally impossible to quell it!” said one elder from the Soaring Rainbow Holy Land.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “The Holy Lords making a move … can it be quelled?”

Everyone’s faces changed, but they all fell silent.

Just what was in this boneyard, nobody knew either. But to be able to trigger such a large-scale corpse tide, it was likely not that simple in there.

The Holy Lands’ Holy Lords were merely First Level Dao Profound.

Although powerful, whether or not could they come out after entering, it was really hard to say.

“Young Lord Ye, what ideas do you have, no harm in saying it out first. Everybody can confer too,” Sheng Jun suddenly said.

After a night, Sheng Jun’s view of Ye Yuan had already utterly changed. Even talking was much more courteous.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said slowly, “Everyone’s consumption last night were all very huge. There’s no rush to enter this boneyard right away either. I have a suggestion. Announce this matter to the entire White Valiant Region’s seven Holy Lands, stating to them the pros and cons of this matter. Then, each Holy Land has to send at least one Phaseless Realm to lead the team. Everybody enters inside together, life and death up to each one’s fate! Holy Lands that don’t come will be the White Valiant Region’s common enemy!”

The White Valiant Region was a small region. The vast majority of the territories were all ruled by the seven Holy Lands.

These four Holy Lands at present were already more than half of the White Valiant Region’s power. These four families announcing to the White Valiant Region, the other three had no choice but to answer their summons too.

When related to survival or extinction, this kind of major thing, these four Holy Lands naturally would not be ambiguous either.

“Then if …” Hua Shujie said somewhat hesitantly.

“If we all die inside, this White Valiant Region naturally can’t stay on anymore either. Everyone find your own way out yourselves then! This matter is of utmost importance. Everybody best goes back and explain to your Holy Lords before making a final decision! But latest by three days, each family will have to confer a final conclusion. If after three days, everyone has not answered yet, my Crimson Afterglow will be the first one to withdraw out of the White Valiant Region!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“What? You want to enter that boneyard? No way! Absolutely not!”

Tu You was also filled with worries hearing about the matter of the boneyard. But when he heard that Ye Yuan wanted to enter the boneyard, he refused to agree no matter what.

Ye Yuan was the successor he designated. Essential experiences and tempering could be had, but this sort of dangerous place, how could he let Ye Yuan risk his own life?

“Young Lord, according to what you guys said, this boneyard is a land of extreme peril. Phaseless Realms might not be able to come out safely if they went in too. You’re tied to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s future; how can you risk your own life?” Chen Qin also tried his best to urge Ye Yuan.

“We, these old bones, can go and die at any time. But only you can’t die! Forget it, I don’t have many years to live anymore either, this Emperor will risk his old life this time and take on this boneyard!” Tu You said with a resolved look.

Through this period of observation, Tu You was satisfied to the extreme with Ye Yuan, this young lord.

Regardless whether was it talent, mind, or methods, Ye Yuan was perfect as the Young Lord. He was absolutely the one and only choice to succeed the position of the Holy Lord!

If Ye Yuan lost his life in the boneyard, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land would really be finished!

Seeing Tu You’s worried expression, Ye Yuan was moved inwardly, but he shook his head and said, “The death qi on Holy Lord’s body is gradually worsening. Your lifespan barely has much left. That boneyard is a land of extreme yin. The evil qi force is extremely strong. If you go there, you’d probably drop dead right away. Furthermore, your present condition, once you make an appearance, even if Crimson Afterglow pulls through the crisis this time, we’d likely be targeted by the other families too. This trip still needs a person to take charge. Clearly, I’m the most suitable candidate.”

Tu You could not help choking up. Ye Yuan thought it out more thoroughly than him.

Moreover, Ye Yuan’s performance clearly already made the other few families certain that he was in closed-seclusion.

The moment he made an appearance, everything would be exposed.

Tu You heaved a sigh and said, “Sigh! I’m really a good-for-nothing as the Holy Lord!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Actually, this trip might not be that dangerous either. The reason why I said so to the others was in order to make the other Holy Lands’ Holy Lords not take action. If the other Holy Lands’ Holy Lords all make a move with only Crimson Afterglow having no movements, it will likely arouse their suspicions.”

Tu You looked at Ye Yuan and seriously did not know what he should say.

This child was meticulous in considering things and had a long-term vision and great foresight. If it were him, it was also not possible to do it better than him!

“Alright, then you must pay attention to safety during this trip! If the matter can’t be done, you must treat preserving your life as the priority! If you have any needs, feel free to speak!” Tu You said helplessly.

Three days later, the White Valiant Region’s Holy Lands, all seven of them, gave a response regarding the corpse tide incident this time and sent people one after another here to the boneyard.

What made Ye Yuan surprised was that the other few Holy Lands’ Young Lords actually all came!

But the line-up this time was clearly much stronger than before.

Each family sent out two Phaseless Realm elders and brought along over a dozen Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists. Seven families gathered together, it was actually as many as over a hundred people!

On the Crimson Afterglow’s side, there was one additional Phaseless Realm martial artist. Apart from Wang Zan and Wu Siyuan, there was Cai Yue.

The incident this time gave rise to much discussion. The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company naturally would not be unaware too.

What made Ye Yuan surprised was the Cai Yue heard that this boneyard was a land of extreme yin and actually took the initiative to find him, requesting to come together.

Having an additional helper, Ye Yuan naturally would not be unwilling.

“Hey, kid, you’re the one who came up with the lousy idea to force our three families to come here and take the risk, right?” a young man suddenly approached Ye Yuan and said unhappily.

This person was the Skymist Holy Land’s Young Lord, called Kingstone.

Ye Yuan shot him a nonchalant glance and said, “This is your responsibility. Where’s the talk of forcing?’

“Bullshit responsibility! This lousy place isn’t bordering on our three families either, what right do you have to make us come tread into this messy situation?” Kingstone spat.

When Wei Cheng in the distance saw this scene, he was pleased in his heart.

This Kingstone had a short fuse. He instigated slightly just now, and he immediately came to find Ye Yuan to pick a fight.

Although coming to this boneyard was having no alternative, being kneaded by Ye Yuan, he was unhappy in his heart.

Not finding a bit of trouble, he could not be happy in his heart no matter what.

“No right or anything. If you aren’t willing to come, you can go right now. Nobody will stop you.” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“You!” Kingstone could not help choking up.

“Have some brain! Is it very fun to be used as cannon fodder by others? To think that you’re even the Skymist Holy Land’s Young Lord. I really don’t know how your Holy Lord chose a moron like you!” Ye Yuan said with a cold expression.

“You! Punk, I’ll shred this mouth of yours!” Kingstone had a fiery temper. The moment he heard, he immediately exploded.