Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Fiendish Shadows First Appearance

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“If I were you, I wouldn’t do this kind of foolish thing, to go provoke Brother Ye!”

Kingstone was just about to make a move when a voice sounded out behind him. Turning around to take a look, it was Sheng Jun.

Kingstone’s face fell, and he said, “Sheng Jun, what do you mean by that?”

“Don’t blame me for not warning you, if you look down on Brother Ye because he’s Boundless Realm, you’ll suffer a huge loss!” Sheng Jun said coolly.

“Humph! Boundless Realm is Boundless Realm, can he still overturn the heavens?”

Ye Yuan’s strength, if not personally witnessed, it was very hard for the average person to imagine.

Ye Yuan’s performance that day already made Sheng Jun utterly convinced. In his eyes, Ye Yuan already had the qualifications to be treated as an equal with them Young Lords.

“No need to say no more rubbish either. How Brother Ye’s strength is like, you’ll naturally know after entering the boneyard. Right now, it’s still best to not stir up trouble. Wait until you enter the boneyard, you’ll naturally know Brother Ye’s painstaking efforts. Making you guys all join in was also something that couldn’t be helped,” Sheng Jun said.

Kingstone shot a fierce glare at Sheng Jun and said with a cold snort, “Humph!This score, we’ll settle it again later!”

Finished talking, Kingstone turned right around and left.

“Many thanks to Brother Sheng for helping out!” Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said with a smile.

“Huhu, Brother Ye is too kind. With Brother Ye’s strength, Kingstone can’t do anything to you at all. I just don’t wish for unnecessary issues to crop up before entering the boneyard. That’s why I made an unnecessary move,” Sheng Jun responded with a smile.

Ye Yuan nodded, indicating that he understood.

“Brother Ye, the seven great Holy Lands have already gathered together. What should we do now? Right now is still daytime, that boneyard has already disappeared. How do we enter?” Hua Shujie came up to ask as well.

Ye Yuan said, “Let everybody gather around first.”

After a round of calling, a hundred over people gathered around.

Ye Yuan fished out several glass balls from inside his storage ring and threw them into the air, casually firing out several attacks, and directly shattering the glass balls.

Milky white powder scattered down, as if it was snowing, enveloping these hundred over people inside.

Wei Cheng’s expression changed, and he said, “Ye Yuan, what the hell are you doing?!”

As he was talking, he was going to avoid these powder.

The other people’s reactions were the same as him, all afraid of Ye Yuan being up to some mischief.

“Whoever wants to deal with the zombies by themselves, just directly go out! I won’t stop!”

One sentence made everyone freeze.

Ye Yuan swept over everyone and said coolly, “This thing is called Agarwood Powder. It has extremely strong corrosive effects against zombies and is also something that zombies are very fearful of. Covering on the body, zombies will automatically avoid you guys.”

“It’s actually Agarwood Powder! Heard that this thing is extremely hard to refine! Didn’t expect that Crimson Afterglow actually has this kind of excellent stuff!”

“I also heard before that zombies below Tier 5 will melt upon contact. It can be said to be a jinx of zombies! I even heard that there are higher grades of Agarwood Powder that even Corpse Venerables, Corpse Emperors are extremely fearful of!”

“Great! This time, entering the boneyard, we finally have an additional layer of protection!”

These were all elder-class martial artists. Their knowledge and experiences were all very extensive. Some people were immediately overjoyed when they heard that it was Agarwood Powder.

In order to enter this boneyard, Ye Yuan also made ample preparations these few days. Agarwood Powder was one of them.

The zombies inside were too many. If killing one by one, it was also not possible to kill finish when one killed until they were completely drained.

In order to save essence energy, one naturally had to avoid these zombies.

Apart from this, Ye Yuan naturally also refined a large batch of a useful medicinal pill.

With the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land as support, Ye Yuan naturally had assurance in refining these things as well.

Before long, the Agarwood Powder landed, blanketing a layer on everyone’s bodies.

Regarding this trick of Ye Yuan’s, everyone was naturally endlessly grateful.

Finished doing this, Ye Yuan flew into the air. Overlooking this stretch of flatland, his gaze revealed a ruminating look.

“Humph! Purposely pretending to be mysterious! If the boneyard can be found during the day, was there still a need to wait until the corpse tide erupted before discovering it?” Wei Cheng said scornfully.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly had several additional small flags appear in his hands.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In an instant, Ye Yuan fired out all of the small flags in his hands, inserting in various positions.

Just as everyone was feeling baffled, a several dozen feet wide hole suddenly appeared in the ground, linking straight underground!

“This … How was this done? Could it be that there is still a grand array here? But I didn’t detect it at all!” A Phaseless Realm elder exclaimed in shock.

“Brother Ye, how did you do it? I even thought that we have to wait until nighttime and have a huge battle with the zombies again!” Sheng Jun said in puzzlement.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “I already detected it on that day. There seems to be an ancient grand array here. Its power is extremely strong! This boneyard should have existed all along. It’s just that because it was concealed by the ancient grand array, that’s why it became a flatland. If my conjectures are right, this ancient grand array should have loosened up somewhat, that’s why it resulted in the evil yin qi escaping, and zombies running rampant. And the boneyard will also appear when the yin qi is at the peak at night.”

Sheng Jun was taken aback from shock. They were killing the zombies together with Ye Yuan, but Ye Yuan actually perceived so many things and thought of ways to crack it.

This Ye Yuan was truly remarkable! He was actually even well-versed in array formations!

This skill of Ye Yuan’s evidently opened up a hole in the grand array, linking straight to the boneyard.

“Brother Ye truly has excellent measures. This Sheng is ashamed of his inferiority,” Sheng Jun praised from the bottom of his heart.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Brother Sheng is too kind. This grand array concealing the boneyard should only be an outer-ring array formation. Through countless years of depletion, the power is already far from before. Otherwise, with this Ye’s this bit of strength, I can’t crack it either.”

Ye Yuan said it simply. Actually, opening up a hole in this grand array was not what the average person could accomplish.

This grand array was extremely profound and fitted together perfectly with the surrounding environment. It was extremely hard to be detected.

If Ye Yuan did not study the Array Formations Three Volumes, he might really not have the ability to crack it.

Ye Yuan already detected the grand array on that day. After returning, he prepared several array flags for the sake of today’s array cracking use.

“The matter brooks no delay. Take the chance that the time of the day is still early; let’s enter the boneyard earlier. Daytime’s yang qi is extremely flourishing. Even if zombies hide underground, their strengths are greatly weakened too. It’s precisely the opportune moment for us to infiltrate.” Ye Yuan said.

Everyone naturally did not have any objections and entered the boneyard from the entrance of the hole.

After everybody disappeared, two figures appeared from goodness knows where, and stood at the entrance of the hole.

The two people were covered up in black clothes all over their bodies. Their faces could not be seen clearly at all.

“Je je … These guys really have no idea of death or danger, to actually dare enter the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array,” one of them said.

“Them entering the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array is just nice having a little more blood to offer up as a sacrifice to the Lord Fiendgod! Another half a month’s time, and we should be able to borrow the power of the corpse tide to thoroughly crack the grand array.” The other person said.

“I didn’t think that this White Valiant Region actually still had such a capable person! That Crimson Afterglow boy isn’t simple!”

“That boy is indeed quite peculiar. But doesn’t matter, he’s going to die soon, either way.”