Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Yin Wind Lair

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The party followed the long corridor, walking deep underground.

Waves of yin wind howled over in the corridor. That bone-piercing feeling was practically on the verge of freezing everyone.

This place was akin to an underground city. Not far away from where everyone was, there were even quite a number of zombies moving about aimlessly. The entire scene appeared incomparably horrifying.

But these zombies were clearly very fearful of this group of people, all avoiding them like the plague.

“This hellhole, no wonder it would cause such a large-scale corpse tide. If it keeps blowing like this, I feel like I’m going to be turned into a zombie!”

In the dark, no idea who was the one who cursed either.

“All thanks to Young Lord Ye’s Agarwood Powder. These zombies seeing us is like they saw ghosts, avoiding us immediately! Otherwise, who knows how many bitter fights we’d have to experience going underground!”

“Pooh! You’re the ghost! Your whole family members are all ghosts! Do you know how to talk or not?”

Although the spectacle was quite harrowing, these martial artists all loosened up a little when they saw that it was not too dangerous either. They even cracked jokes.

The jesting dialogue incurred a wave of loud laughters too.

“Young Lord, apart from zombies in this place, it’s still zombies. Where do we start?” Wu Siyuan suddenly opened his mouth to ask.

Ye Yuan said, “Here are all low-level zombies. The source must be in deeper areas. We just have to care about walking towards the depths. We’ll definitely be able to discover a little something. But before this, we have to find a yin wind lair first to let Elder Sister Cai Yue absorb extreme yin qi. Elder Sister Cai Yue, you’re very sensitive towards perceiving extreme yin qi and should be able to find a yin wind lair, right?”

Cai Yue was currently trembling all over. She was clearly not very used to the gloomy and cold environment here.

Her Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique loves places with strong yang qi the most. She was very sensitive to this kind of gloomy and cold places.

It was precisely because so that this kind of physique did not dare to come into contact with the boneyard, this sort of land of extreme yin. Yet, Ye Yuan acted in a diametrically opposite way. Not only did he bring Cai Yue in, he even wanted to make her absorb the extreme yin qi.

Cai Yue nodded her head when she heard that. Pointing to a passageway, she said, “Carry on walking another 10 miles or so in that direction, there should be a yin wind lair.”

“Alright then, we’ll walk in that direction,” Ye Yuan said.

“Heh, the chilly air on this Elder Sister’s body is so heavy, you’re actually still using extreme yin qi to treat it. Ye Yuan, are you helping her or harming her? This Elder Sister, our Cloud Watchtower Holy Land has a high-rank Alchemy Venerable powerhouse; he’s definitely much stronger compared to this brat. As long as Elder Sister is willing, Younger Brother is willing to invite him to take action and help treat Elder Sister!” said Wei Cheng who suddenly moved closer to Cai Yue.

Wei Cheng did not know what illness Cai Yue had and was also unaware of Cai Yue’s ‘black widow’ title. But he indeed had his breath taken away by Cai Yue’s looks and seductiveness.

Even though Cai Yue’s age was slightly older, she emitted the lingering charm of a mature woman from head to toe. Forget about Wei Cheng, a young lad brimming with vigor and vitality, even those Phaseless Realm elders, each and every one of them was also unable to hide their covetous eyes.

In this boneyard, Cai Yue’s body was incomparably frail. How could she still emit seductiveness like normally?

But her condition at present could stir up men’s desire to protect even more.

Hearing Wei Cheng’s words, Cai Yue forced a smile and said, “Thank you for Young Lord Wei’s good intentions. But this lowly one’s illness, I’m afraid only Young Lord Ye can treat it. Even that Alchemy Venerable of yours is bound to be at a loss on what to do as well.”

Wei Cheng’s face turned black, his face unwittingly somewhat burning.

In the White Valiant Region, a high-rank Alchemy Venerable was absolutely a pinnacle existence already. He fully thought that by pulling out an Alchemy Venerable, he could definitely make Cai Yue throw herself into his arms.

Who knew that Cai Yue actually made him unable to get down the stage in front of so many people.

Wei Cheng did not know Cai Yue’s identity. How would he know that the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company did not lack Alchemy Venerable experts at all?

If an Alchemy Venerable could treat her Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique, she would have been cured long ago.

Cai Yue suddenly gave a muddled groan, her soft body toppling down into Ye Yuan’s embrace. Ye Yuan hurriedly supported her.

Softness in his embrace, an extremely alluring fragrance tunneled into Ye Yuan’s nostrils.

This woman was truly phenomenal. Even if she was wan and sallow until like this, it was also a tremendous temptation to men, Ye Yuan sighed emotionally in his heart.

“Young Master Ye, this lowly one is so cold and can’t walk anymore. Hold me tightly in your arms, alright?” Cai Yue said quiveringly in Ye Yuan’s embrace.

She really could not walk anymore and did not have the slightest intention of acting spoiled.

But this scene was ambiguous to the extreme the way others saw it.

Especially Wei Cheng, his eyes nearly popped out.

“This woman must be Ye Yuan’s exclusive slice of meat. This brat … Based on what?!” Wei Cheng hated immensely in his heart.

With Wei Cheng’s identity and status, whatever kind of woman he wanted, they could be obtained easily.

But reaching Ye Yuan here, it just did not work!

He even brought out a high-rank Alchemy Venerable, but Cai Yue did not even pay attention to him.

Ye Yuan saw that Cai Yue’s conscious was already somewhat fuzzy, muttering non-stop in his embrace. He heaved a slight sigh right away and lifted Cai Yue up.

Ye Yuan clearly sensed many odd meaningful looks, but he could not be bothered to explain, walking over in the direction Cai Yue pointed.

A very pure man and woman relationship, but it was completely not the case in other people’s eyes.

This kind of sexy femme fatale being embraced in Ye Yuan’s embrace, how could others not be envious?

Walking a few miles, the majority of the people were no longer able to go deeper.

The so-called yin wind lair was like the mouth of a spring, continuously sending out extreme yin qi. It was a place where yin qi was the heaviest.

Ordinary martial artists could not withstand this kind of chilly yin qi at all. Extreme yin qi entering the body would cause irreversible damage to the body.

“There is an open ground there. You guys go there and wait first. I’ll bring Cai Yue in.” Ye Yuan said to everyone.

Wu Siyuan’s expression changed, and he said, “Young Lord, this yin wind lair’s extreme yin qi is too heavy. Even I can’t quite withstand it. You go in like this, nothing will happen, right?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Just some extreme yin qi, no harm.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan carried Cai Yue and walked towards the yin wind lair, his profile gradually vanishing in everyone’s line of sight.

Ye Yuan’s true dragon body and the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art were both extreme yang and indomitable cultivation method and physique in this world. Though the extreme yin qi in here was strong, it really could not do anything to him.

Really know how to pretend! This Young Lord doesn’t believe that you’ll be completely fine entering this yin wind lair! Best if you never come out again! Wei Cheng secretly cursed in his heart.

Wei Cheng’s entire person was almost frozen stiff. The yin qi here was already on the verge of reaching his limits.

Separating from the team, Ye Yuan’s speed was released fully. The distance of several miles was covered very quickly.

This place was an enormous cavern. The extreme yin qi on the ground was practically materialized, forming a vortex, as if it was a black hole.

The extreme yin qi continuously scoured Ye Yuan’s body but was directly shaken off by him.

“Ugh …”

Cai Yue already thoroughly fainted at this time and was completely unable to take the initiative to absorb the extreme yin qi.

Ye Yuan sighed slightly, put her on the ground, and summoned Blackwind.

“Blackwind, you help to guard me. I’ll help her absorb the extreme yin qi!” Ye Yuan instructed.