Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 833

Chapter 833 Corpse Venerable

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Ye Yuan laid Cai Yue flat on the ground. He casually pulled out a hundred over earth essence crystals and started to swiftly set them up around Cai Yue.

The array formation he set up was similar to a spirit gathering formation. But this time, it was used to gather extreme yin qi.

The speed Ye Yuan set up the array formation was very quick. It was done in a short while.

Once the array formation was complete, it started to operate automatically.

Titanic amounts of extreme yin qi swarmed towards the array formation with a howl.

But when Ye Yuan saw the situation, he furrowed his brows.

“Cai Yue already lost consciousness and is completely unable to take the initiative to absorb the extreme yin qi. At this rate, it will bring only harm and no benefits to her body! Forget it, when doing someone a favor, go all the way. Let me lend you another helping hand!”

Ye Yuan jumped lightly, entering inside the array formation.

He helped Cai Yue sit up. A surge of essence energy enveloped her, letting her sit steady, then four palms came face-to-face.

Huff huff 

Ye Yuan revolved essence energy, absorbing all of the extreme yin qi gathered by the array formation into his own body, then passing it into Cai Yue’s body from his palm.

Just like this, the extreme yin qi his Cai Yue’s body accumulated more and more, while her body became increasingly colder too.

In the end, her body actually did not even have a trace of vitality anymore.

But Ye Yuan was seemingly oblivious and still poured extreme yin qi into her body.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan opened his eyes, looking at Cai Yue rather excitedly.

He distinctly detected it just now, a hint of yang qi was born in Cai Yue’s body!

“Ugh …”

Cai Yue’s brows were slightly knitted, moaning slightly. She actually survived from a state of impending death!

Gradually, the yang qi within Cai Yue’s body became increasingly vigorous.

When she gradually opened both eyes, she could not help being startled inwardly.

Ye Yuan actually used his own body to pass the extreme yin qi onto her. This would cause tremendous harm to Ye Yuan!

“Calm your spirit and focus your mind. Continue absorbing the extreme yin qi! If there’s anything to say, say it later! You’re tantamount to have already died once. The Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique is already broken. In the future, not only will it not ask for your life, it will even make your cultivation advance by leaps and bounds! This extreme yin qi is highly beneficial to your cultivation. Absorb it in full-force,” seeing Cai Yue wake up, Ye Yuan directly retracted his palms and instructed her.

Cai Yue’s heart jolted. After nodding slightly, she started absorbing extreme yin qi with all her strength too.

Ye Yuan got up and left the array formation. The moment he landed, he actually staggered and nearly tumbled to the ground.

Blackwind jumped in fright and hurriedly said, “Master, are you alright?”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “No worries. The extreme yin qi here is indeed impressive. Even my body constitution couldn’t quite suppress it! The friend inside, you’ve already peeped for so long, do you plan to keep on peeping like this?”

Blackwind went blank. He actually did not discover that there were still others here!

A shadow revealed his figure from behind the yin grotto. It was a middle-aged person dressed in black robes.

Looking from the exterior, this middle-aged man was no different from ordinary people. But a faint green light emitted from his eyes, appearing rather demonic.

“Looks like we seemed to have interrupted your peaceful cultivation. Sorry about that,” Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said.

The middle-aged man opened his mouth and said, “You absorbed so much extreme yin qi and actually didn’t die!”

The middle-aged man’s voice was very hoarse, sounding very dry, making people very uncomfortable.

“Just some extreme yin qi, it won’t take my life yet. But I didn’t expect that this yin grotto is actually a Corpse Venerable’s grotto. This one was anxious in saving people and was rather presumptuous,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

This middle-aged man was actually a Tier 8 corpse venerable!

Seems like apart from the eyes, he was already not much different from normal people.

This yin grotto was a highly dangerous place for human martial artists, but to Corpse Venerables, it was a superb cultivation site.

Not even a single zombie was seen in the vicinity here. Clearly, they did not dare to approach this place, because here was the grotto of this middle-aged man before their eyes!

Of course, if this Corpse Venerable were not wary of Blackwind, he would probably have made a move long ago to deal with Ye Yuan.

The middle-aged man sized Ye Yuan up for a while and opened his mouth to say, “I’ve seen you before. You’re … very formidable!”

“Oh? Looks like you were present on that day too. Didn’t expect that you can actually remember me,” Ye Yuan was rather surprised as he said.

“Us zombies are very sensitive towards smell. Even though a layer of Agarwood Powder is covered on your body, the original scent can’t be hidden from me,” the corpse venerable said.

This Agarwood Powder was useful against low-level zombies. But to Corpse Venerable this kind of rank, it basically only existed in name.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Fine then, there’s no need for us to catch up. But I’m quite curious, the few of you Corpse Venerables have clearly been here for a very long time already and have never interfered with the affairs of human martial artists. But why did you have to control those low-level zombies to attack humans this time?”

The middle-aged man mused for a moment and opened his mouth to say, “Nothing to do with us! However, I can’t tell you the reason why.”

“Alright, then I’ll change the question. Inside this Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array, just what kind of existence is sealed? If my conjectures are right, this corpse tide probably can’t be unrelated with him, right?” Ye Yuan asked with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

The middle-aged man had a deadpan face and was completely expressionless. But at this time, he was clearly unbelievably shocked by Ye Yuan’s guess.

In reality, Ye Yuan had seen through the actual situation about this grand array on that day. The reason why he dragged the seven great Holy Lands all into the water was in order to find more helpers to deal with the situation.

Ye Yuan researched very extensively into array formations. This Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array was a very famous grand array in the Ancient Era. Moreover, it was a Tier 10 grand array that only Deity Realm powerhouses could lay down!

An existence that this kind of array formation sealed was bound to not be something ordinary.

On that day, Ye Yuan distinctly sensed the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array’s loosening up, and he also sensed the incredibly dangerous aura coming from inside the boneyard.

Once this sort of thing broke out, those who would suffer would probably not just be the White Valiant Region.

Hence, that was why Ye Yuan would summon so many people down. The goal was in order to stop this thing from breaking free!

“You actually recognize this Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array! Looks like you’re even harder to deal with than I imagined! But even if you know, it’s useless too. I urge you to best return to the surface as soon as possible and make haste to leave this area,” the corpse venerable said in shock.

Ye Yuan sighed slightly and said, “Who asked me to be a goody-two-shoes! This sort of thing, if I didn’t run into it, then forget it. Since it let me, Ye Yuan, run into it, then I can’t let him escape! If the matter can’t be done, it won’t be late for me to discuss it again at length.”

Ye Yuan did not have much sentiments towards the White Valiant Region. But to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, he still had some feelings.

This sort of feeling was very similar to when he was at the Tranquil Cloud Sect back then.

Letting him watch the people here be plunged into misery and suffering passively, he could not do it!

Withdrawing out of the White Valiant Region was just a final action that could not be helped.

A large holy land’s roots were deeply rooted. How could wanting to migrate be something easy?


Right then, Cai Yue erupted with a powerful aura in the array formation, and she was actually going to break through on the spot!

“Looks like my friend has just about to recover. It was all thanks to your grotto though. Forget it, since that’s the case, I’ll gift you a lucky chance!” Ye Yuan said coolly.