Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Pig Like Teammates

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Ye Yuan circulated essence energy. With a convulsion, he actually expelled out all of the extreme yin qi within his body.

That Corpse Venerable’s pupils constricted. Clearly, he did not expect it to actually be so easy for Ye Yuan to deal with this extreme yin qi.

“Gifting me a lucky chance? You, this young man, are truly a bit too impudent!” the corpse venerable said.

Ye Yuan was merely Boundless Realm cultivation but said that he wanted to gift a Tier 8 corpse venerable a lucky chance. This sounded somewhat comical no matter how one listened.

Ye Yuan just smiled and actually fished out a large number of earth essence crystals again, and started to reinforce the array formation from before.

Before long, inside this grotto was already completely covered by the array formation.

“You … You actually completely blocked the outflow of the extreme yin qi inside this yin grotto, raising the concentration of extreme yin qi within this grotto by several times!” the corpse venerable said in shock.

This array formation actually directly blocked off the outflow of yin qi through Ye Yuan’s reinforcement, gathering all of the extreme yin qi within this cavern.

If the corpse venerable cultivated here, it could be said to yield twice the results with half the effort!

Even if he had a corpse face, his expression at this time was fascinating to the extreme too.

“Just some meager tricks. Just take it as giving a plum in return for a peach! This array formation can roughly maintain for one year plus. In this period of time, you just cultivate well.” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Originally, the array formation Ye Yuan set up was just a temporary array formation and would dissipate very quickly.

But after going through the reinforcement, not only did the power of this array formation obtain a tremendous increase, the duration lengthened a lot too.

This way, the value of this yin grotto would be much greater.

The Corpse Venerable cultivating in here would absolutely yield twice the results with half the effort!

Just this one year plus was also sufficient to let his cultivation shake off those of the same species by a great margin.

At this time, Cai Yue’s breakthrough had also already drawn to an end.

Originally, Cai Yue was peak Third Level Phaseless. Borrowing this yin qi force, she actually surged right through the Fourth Level Phaseless bottleneck, breaking through to the middle-stage Phaseless Realm!

This was absolutely an enormous leap to Cai Yue.

This hurdle, if Cai Yue cultivated normally, without ten years or eight years, it was very hard to break through.

But now, in just a short period, she crossed a small stage.

For the first time in her life, Cai Yue felt that her Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique was so wonderful.

She came in front of Ye Yuan and bowed formally as she said, “Young Lord Ye, this lowly one’s life will be yours in the future! Toiling like a slave is all up to a word of your instructions.”

Ever since triggering the Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique, the fear of death was like a bone-festering maggot, plaguing her every day.

Now, she finally utterly eliminated this sort of torture.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Elder Sister is so beautiful, if you toil like a slave for me, how many men under the heaven will hunt me down!”

Cai Yue was just like a young maiden at this time. Hearing these words, she actually blushed red and said, “Young Lord, don’t make fun of this lowly one!”

“Not making fun for you. You didn’t see when I carried you in, what kind of expressions the rest looked at me with,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Cai Yue said with a face full of grievances, “So what? Young Lord won’t even look this lowly one in the eye! This lowly one knows that she is already unchaste and isn’t good enough for Young Lord. But if Young Lord needs someone to wait upon you, you just have to say a word will do!”

The current Cai Yue could be said to be filled with amorous feelings. Her mindset was already completely different from when she just knew Ye Yuan. These words were not teasing words, but words from the bottom of her heart.

It was just that the current Ye Yuan did not have much of a leisurely and carefree mood.

“Elder Sister don’t need to treat me like a stranger. It’s late, we’d best hurry back,” Ye Yuan said.

This boneyard was full of dangers. Leaving for a long time, Ye Yuan was worried about the rest too.

That Corpse Venerable sent Ye Yuan away with his eyes but did not say much, directly entering inside the array formation and started to cultivate.

Returning to the place everyone was resting, Ye Yuan sensed that the atmosphere was not quite right. Looking over, there were actually quite a few people missing.

When Wu Siyuan saw Ye Yuan, he hurriedly went up to greet, and said with a displeased look, “Young Lord, that Wei Cheng simply doesn’t know what’s good for him. He got impatient from waiting and actually brought people from Skymist and another Holy Land away, and they headed towards the depths! He even said that Young Lord was deliberately mystifying things, delaying everybody’s journey because of a woman!”

Wu Siyuan had a face full of indignation. Clearly, he had a stomach full of pent up anger from arguing with Wei Cheng just now.

Ye Yuan’s expression fell slightly, and he asked, “Where have they headed?”

Wu Siyuan pointed in a direction and said, “Over there have two fork roads. Wei Cheng brought people and entered the corridor on the left!”

Ye Yuan followed Wu Siyuan’s direction and looked over, and he could not help being speechless for a while.

Ever since he entered the boneyard, he had always been advancing following the direction of the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array.

But the direction Wei Cheng walked in just happened to be opposite from the grand array. What they would run into, Ye Yuan did not dare to guarantee either.

After all, this boneyard was very bizarre. Any danger appearing was very normal.

Really not afraid of god-like opponents, only scared of pig-like teammates!

Right then, Sheng Jun suddenly came forward and said to Ye Yuan, “Brother Ye, Wei Cheng brought away quite a number of people. I also urged bitterly for a long time, but he wouldn’t listen. In this kind of place, it’s best for our strength to not scatter. In my opinion, let’s go after them?”

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and felt that what Sheng Jun said was reasonable too. He nodded his head and said, “Fine then. Everyone hasten your footsteps, we’ll catch up as quickly as possible.”

The group of people followed Wei Cheng’s footprints, gradually entering deep inside.

“Young Lord, along the way, the zombies seem to be getting lesser and lesser!”

Along the way, the surrounding zombies got lesser and lesser. By now, there were barely any zombies in the corridor.

Ye Yuan discovered this sort of strange situation too and said solemnly, “Looks like there should be some powerful existence ahead. Even these zombies are also quite wary. Otherwise, it’s not possible for these zombies’ numbers to get smaller and smaller.”

Sheng Jun’s expression changed, and he said, “Doesn’t that mean that Wei Cheng they all might run into danger at anytime?”

Ye Yuan nodded his head but did not say much. Now that it came to this, any more complaints were also of no help to the situation.

He instructed everyone to quicken their pace and continued to chase over towards the depths.

Barely traveling for a period of time, everyone discovered that the surrounding was already completely void of the figures of zombies.

The entire corridor was empty and desolate inside, dead silent, making people feel rather uneasy instead.

Right as they were walking, someone suddenly cried out, “Quickly look, there seem to be people there!”

In front, there was indeed a person collapsed on the ground.

Everyone walked closer to take a look. That person was wearing precisely the attire of the Skymist Holy Land on his. It was a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist.

Ye Yuan still had some impression of this person. But he was already a dead man at this time.

Ye Yuan went forward to investigate a little. This person was already deader than dead. There were injuries all over his body, his death state very wretched, virtually dismembered by someone with a flurry of blades. There was no longer an intact spot on his body.

Sheng Jun’s expression changed when he saw the situation and said, “Could it be that there are still others underground here? Looking at the wounds on his body, it should have been caused by blades and swords! Those zombies shouldn’t know how to use blades and swords, right?”