Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Furious Scolding

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On the way, they discovered quite a number of dead bodies. They were all dismembered by attacks from blades and then died. It was definitely done by people, not zombies.

Without a doubt, Wei Cheng’s group of people ran into danger.

“Everybody, be on guard!” Ye Yuan instructed.

Wei Cheng brought away three Holy Lands’ martial artists. Their strength was not weak. But there were still so many people killed. Clearly, the danger they ran into was also not ordinary.

Everyone did not dare to disregard it when they heard that, becoming attentively and kept a sharp lookout.

“Brother Ye, there seem to be people fighting in the place ahead. Could it be Wei Cheng they all?” Sheng Jun suddenly said.

Ye Yuan heard the fighting sounds ahead too. Nodding his head, he said, “Very likely. Let’s hurry over!”

The group of people hastened their footsteps and walked over following the fighting sounds.

Not traveling very far, they indeed saw the profiles of Wei Cheng they all. They were currently immersed in an arduous battle.

And what they were fighting was actually a large group of skeleton soldiers! The skeleton soldiers were all holding production style long sabers in their hands and were actually like an army.

These skeleton soldiers’ strength was very formidable. There was no shortage of some with Tier 8 strength among them. Furthermore, their numbers were massive, and they already surrounded Wei Cheng they all at this time.

These three Holy Lands’ losses were tragic. If Ye Yuan they all still had not reached in time, they would probably be completely wiped out.

“Go!” Ye Yuan did not hesitate in the slightest, issuing the order immediately.

Dozens of martial artists rushed forward and got tangled up in a battle with those skeleton soldiers.

Wei Cheng was covered in blood all over at this time. He still sustained quite a few blades on his body.

Even though he was holding a low-grade holy artifact in his hand, these skeletons’ defense was seriously too formidable. Although he killed quite a few skeletons, there were still even more skeletons surrounding over.

He already killed until his hands were weak!

“Could it be … I’m going to die here? If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have acted on my own. If I were to follow Ye Yuan, this sort of situation probably wouldn’t happen, right?” Wei Cheng already lost all hope in his heart.

He was unbelievably remorseful in his heart right now. Although unwilling to admit it, Ye Yuan’s ability in all aspects was more than a great deal stronger than him.

The leader of this group of people was undoubtedly Ye Yuan being the most suited.

But when he saw Ye Yuan being in the limelight everywhere, he could not feel good in his heart no matter what. Hence, he incited the other two Holy Lands to leave the main force together.

He didn’t think that the more they walked, the lesser the zombies got. In the end, many of this kind of skeleton soldiers actually dashed out all at once, surrounding them in all directions. They could not escape even if they wanted to flee.

Although very unwilling to submit to Ye Yuan, in the final moment of his life, he actually deemed that Ye Yuan would be able to deal with this sort of situation!


A skeleton soldier in front of Wei Cheng was actually directly smashed into dust!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Very soon, the skeleton soldiers around him all fell down one by one.

Wei Cheng’s originally dead and ash-gray eyes radiated splendor anew.

A figure akin to a descended god let him saw hope anew. But when he saw that figure clearly, he could not help revealing a shocked expression.

“Y-Ye Yuan! He … He actually came to rescue me!”

At this moment, Wei Cheng felt incredible irony. He made things difficult for Ye Yuan in all aspects and even went off with other three Holy Lands’ martial artists. But at the final juncture, the one who rescued him was Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not take notice of him and rushed to other areas immediately.

With this exchange of blows, Ye Yuan’s expression changed slightly too.

These skeletons completely did not defend at all. They only went on the offensive blindly!

The strength of their skeleton frames was actually even tougher than high-grade profound artifacts! Those Tier 8 skeletons, their bodies were even comparable to low-grade holy artifacts! It was difficult for ordinary blades and swords to cause damage to them at all.

Low-grade holy artifacts were very scarce to Rank Nine Holy Lands. Among these martial artists present, only the seven Holy Lands’ Young Lords and a small number of Phaseless Realm elders had low-grade holy artifacts. They could not cause any tangible harm to the skeletons at all.

The strength of Wei Cheng’s group of people was not weak. It was no wonder that they would fall into a bitter battle.

“Blackwind, come out!” Ye Yuan roared. Blackwind came out a roar.


Blackwind gave a roar and directly trampled a skeleton with a foot.

Blackwind already reached the brink of transforming into a dragon. The power of his fleshy body was already not much different compared to a true dragon. It was actually even more powerful than these skeletons!

“Blackwind, you go and deal with those Tier 8 skeletons!” Ye Yuan ordered.


Blackwind received the order and charged towards the skeleton group like a war chariot, falling into battle with those Tier 8 skeletons.

Blackwind was well-worthy of possessing true dragon bloodline. His combat strength was formidable until it made people’s hair stand on end. His enormous claws were even comparable to holy artifacts. Under a single claw strike, even those Tier 8 skeletons were smashed.

Among all of the martial artists, the only one who could keep up with Blackwind’s speed of killing the enemy was Ye Yuan.

Those Tier 7 skeletons completely could not take a single blow under Ye Yuan’s fist.

Ye Yuan once broke Nalan Hong’s sword with one punch. It could be seen how powerful his fleshy body was.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan integrated the primeval dragon bone into his arm and underwent refinement daily. His fist was the most powerful place in his entire body, just like a glass cutter’s diamond.

Even if the bones of these skeletons were any stronger, it was also not possible to be stronger than the primeval dragon bone.

With the addition of these two people, a change happened to the battle situation very quickly. The skeleton soldiers around the three Holy Lands’ martial artists were swept away clean very quickly.

Being snatched from the jaws of death, the three Holy Lands’ martial artists erupted with a huge cheer.

But at present, the three Holy Lands’ martial artists’ casualties were already more than half. It could be said to be heavy losses.


Just as everyone was cheering, a figure flew out all of a sudden, smashing heavily onto the walls of the cavern.

Sheng Jun pointed at Wei Cheng and roared in an uncontrollable rage, “So many martial artists died because you were jealous of those more able than you! Are you happy now?”

The surroundings quieted down all at once. The cheers died down too, only hearing Sheng Jun’s furious scolding.

“You, this fool, think yourself to be infallible! As the Young Lord, you put your own subordinates in a dangerous situation. What is your intention?! You take a look at them yourself, because of that laughable pride of yours, they almost died because of you! And Kingstone also died because of you! If you can get out, how do you plan on giving an account to the Skymist Holy Land? This boneyard is so dangerous and yet, you treat it like child’s play! Really seeking death!”

Not far away, Kingstone’s corpse was shockingly there. He was actually hacked to death by a flurry of blades by the skeleton soldiers already.

The Skymist Holy Land’s Young Lord actually died pitifully here.

Wei Cheng swept a glance over, only to see each and every one of the three Holy Lands’ martial artists covered in wounds, their faces seemingly haggard.

And all of this was all thanks to him!

Wei Cheng discovered that the three Holy Lands’ martial artists were all looking at him with fierce glares. Especially the Skymist Holy Land’s martial artists who wished that they could immediately come up and kill him.

Even the Cloud Watchtower Holy Land’s martial artists were disappointed to the extreme in Wei Cheng.

After this accident, they finally knew Ye Yuan’s importance.

The situation that they were unable to cope with by going all out, Ye Yuan resolved it the moment he came!

These skeletons were so powerful, but could not even withstand a single blow in front of Ye Yuan.

This was a total disparity in strength!

“I … I’m … sorry …” Wei Cheng choked.