Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 836

Chapter 836 Terrifying Existence

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“Sorry? Heh heh, can an apology revives your subordinates? Can an apology treat the wounds on their bodies? You’re really an idiot beyond redemption!”

Sheng Jun’s putting up with Wei Cheng already reached the limits. This time, he finally exploded.

And this time, Wei Cheng finally shed remorseful tears.

“Alright, don’t scold him anymore. Better pluck your spirits up; it’s not over yet! We seem to have … provoked an extraordinary fellow this time!” Ye Yuan suddenly said with a grim expression.

Everyone’s faces changed, all not quite certain what it meant.

All of the skeletons were clearly finished off. What danger would there be still?

Everyone looked towards Ye Yuan but discovered that Ye Yuan was currently looking over at the entrance of the passageway.

The moment everyone saw, they could not help being greatly alarmed inwardly.

An additional skeleton was there since goodness knows when!

Just one!

That skeleton did not say a word. It just sat at the cave entrance silently. Under its hand, it was pressing on a long saber.

“Master, you need to be careful. His strength is unfathomable! Blackwind is probably completely not his match either!” Blackwind suddenly spoke.

Blackwind’s words gave everyone a huge shock.

He was a great circle Tier 8 dragon race, but he actually admitted himself that he was not this skeleton’s match!

Then wouldn’t this skeleton’s strength have to reach Tier 9?

Ye Yuan nodded his head slightly and said to everyone, “Everybody, retreat out of this cavern. Turn around, hurry up!”

Sheng Jun’s expression changed, and he said, “Brother Ye …”

“Relax, I’ll catch up,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Sheng Jun’s gaze showed a complicated expression, and he said, “Take care, Brother Ye. Let’s go!”

Dozens of martial artists withdrew out of this cavern very quickly under Sheng Jun’s lead. In the empty cave, there was only Ye Yuan, Blackwind, and that skeleton opposite left.

“On you, there is the aura of the Vast Heaven Stele!”

That skeleton’s mouth rattled and actually opened its mouth to talk! The moment it started talking, it startled Ye Yuan.

The Vast Heaven Stele was absorbed by him into his body. Ordinary people could not detect it at all. But the skeleton actually laid bare the truth with a single comment!

Looks like this skeleton not making a move the entire time was probably because of the Vast Heaven Stele. Otherwise, if he swung a saber down, most likely no one could withstand it.

“Senior recognizes the Vast Heaven Stele?” Ye Yuan did not deny it but answered with a question instead.

“Of course, I know it! The Vast Heaven Stele’s former owner was one of the leaders of the human race!” the skeleton said slowly.

“Former owner? Could Senior be talking about Senior Fang Tian?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

But the skeleton shook its head and said, “Fang Tian? Looks like the Vast Heaven Stele has already changed quite a few generations of owners. No idea how long I’ve slumbered here either. But since you obtained the Vast Heaven Stele, looks like the time for the Divine Realm’s great calamity has arrived again.”

Ye Yuan’s expression became apprehensive. Looks like this skeleton’s era before his death was even further back than he imagined!

Furthermore, hearing the meaning in the skeleton’s words, seemed like it was all ominous foreboding once the Vast Heaven Stele came into being.

Recalling Fang Tian’s experiences that Long Teng mentioned before, seemed like it was really the case. That whatever Heavenly Fiendgod sounded like a very powerful existence when one heard it.

If not for Fang Tian, most likely, the Divine Realm’s situation right now would definitely not be like this.

Now that 50 thousand years had passed, could it be another round of samsara again?

But Long Teng did not elaborate in detail regarding that earth-shattering great battle 50 thousand years ago and did not disclose more things. The specific circumstances, Ye Yuan did not know either.

Except, undercurrents seemed to be flowing in the Divine Realm presently. Could it be … related to the great calamity the skeleton talked about?

“Senior, just what kind of great calamity will the Divine Realm encounter? Is it possible that it’s related to some extent with this Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array? According to what Junior knows, this Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array was also an extremely formidable array formation in the Ancient Era. Just what kind of an existence is this boneyard suppressing?” Ye Yuan was filled with doubts.

“Since you recognize this Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array, why did you still bring so many people inside? At present, the grand array has already loosened. That thing will accelerate the breaking of the seal after obtaining so much blood feed!” the skeleton said.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed when he heard that. He briefly recounted the events that happened in this period of time.

The skeleton kept silent after hearing it. He only opened his mouth after some time and said, “You went through the trouble. It’s just that your strength is too poor. Coming in makes no difference too. Just now, if not for sensing the Vast Heaven Stele, you guys would already all be dead men.”

The skeleton’s words were very calm, as though talking about something that was not worth mentioning. Blackwind this great circle of Tier 8, he thought nothing of him at all.

Ye Yuan did not doubt this skeleton’s words in the slightest. This person was surely a peerless powerhouse during his lifetime.

Even if he was only left with a skeleton now, the feeling that he gave him was also incredibly dangerous.

Except, being looked down upon by a skeleton, Ye Yuan was helpless too. Even though Ye Yuan was already going all out to increase his strength, it was still not quite adequate to look at!

Facing this kind of ancient-class powerhouse, even if countless tens of thousands of years had elapsed, he was not a match.

“Bring them away. This fiendgod is going to come into being very soon! You all can’t stop him! What are those Deity Realm powerhouses all doing, to actually let you guys, these babies, come to die!” The skeleton said unhappily.

Ye Yuan was speechless again when he heard that and said with a sigh, “Senior, the Divine Realm’s Divine Dao has already dwindled to zero for over 100 thousand years! Ever since then, there are no longer Divine Realm powerhouses!”

“What?! Divine Dao dwindled to zero!” Hearing this news, the skeleton finally lost composure.

Only after a long time did the skeleton sigh and said, “I’m only a remnant soul now, completely unable to feel Heavenly Dao. Could it be that the Divine Realm has entered an age of declining laws? Forget it, I’m already dead for god knows how many years and can’t bother with matters after my death either. I can only give a last bit of meager strength.”

Ye Yuan was slightly startled in his heart. Between the lines of this skeleton’s words, it all revealed the might of the fiendgod this place was suppressing!

Once an existence like this broke out, who knew what kind of a catastrophe the Divine Realm would have to suffer!

“Senior, isn’t there any way at all?” Ye Yuan said unresignedly.

“Back then, the one who sealed the fiendgod with this Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array was the Vast Heaven Stele’s owner. He was one of the leaders of the human race, and even he was incapable of killing this fiendgod. You can imagine his power! Even though you acquired the Vast Heaven Stele, your strength is too weak and don’t have the ability to deal with the fiendgod at all. Furthermore, you said that somebody is intentionally weakening the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array. Most likely, he’ll be able to break out before long,” the skeleton said.

How powerful the Vast Heaven Stele’s owner the skeleton talked about was, Ye Yuan had no way of imagining. But he was certain that as the leader of the human race at that time, the Vast Heaven Stele’s owner’s strength was definitely formidable to the extreme.

Even he had no way of killing the fiendgod. It could be seen how powerful this fellow was.

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said, “According to what Senior said, this fiendgod has already been sealed for several tens of thousands of years. Likely, his strength at present is just a mere fraction already. If talking about killing the fiendgod, wouldn’t now be the best opportunity?”

The skeleton was silent for a while and said, “Junior, you’re very responsible! But there’s no way that you’re his match. You have the Vast Heaven Stele on hand, best to cultivate as quickly as possible! That way, perhaps there’s still a gleam of chance to kill the fiendgod!”

But Ye Yuan shook his head stubbornly and said, “Junior … wants to give it a go!”