Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 837

Chapter 837 All Facets Of Life

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All of a sudden, the whole world started trembling.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed. This tremor clearly came from the direction of the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array.

“Has it begun? Looks like I’ve reached the time to leave as well! Junior, future matters will be entrusted to you! On you, I saw the shadow of the Vast Heaven Stele’s owner! Be careful,” the skeleton said this sentence, then turned right around and left.

Ye Yuan’s expression was slightly dark, and he turned around and left too.

Seeing Ye Yuan come out safely, everyone heaved a big sigh in relief too.

“Brother Ye, it’s really great that you’re fine! No idea what happened underground, to actually make even the earth tremble. Furthermore, these zombies are actually flooding towards underground like tidewater,” Sheng Jun said rather worriedly.

Ye Yuan’s expression was grave as he said, “A fiendgod is suppressed underground here, whose strength is overwhelming! These zombies were probably created by people with the intent of assaulting the grand array. Now, this grand array suffered a tremendous impact. The fiendgod is going to break free very soon.”

“Fiendgod! In this world, could there really be the existence of the fiend race?”

“N-No way, right? To proclaim to be a fiendgod, wouldn’t that be … a Deity Realm-like existence?”

“Are you kidding?! Once an existence like that breaks out, who in this Divine Realm can be his match? W-We’d better hurry up and leave!”

Ye Yuan’s words caused a huge panic among the seven Holy Lands’ martial artists.

Many martial artists already could not contain themselves, wanting to leave this boneyard.

Deity Realm, this was a realm that made all martial artists yearn for. It was also a realm that all martial artists feared.

Facing Deity Realm powerhouses, not everybody had this kind of courage.

To martial artists in an age of declining laws, Deity Realm was equivalent to invincibility.

“Everybody, this fiendgod was sealed for several tens of thousands of years by the grand array. His loss of strength is immense, and it’s precisely a fine opportunity for us to slay him! Once the fiendgod breaks free, when he recovers his strength, the Divine Realm will surely be plunged into an abyss of suffering. I ask for everyone to lend this Ye a helping hand and eliminate this fiend!” Ye Yuan cupped his fists and said to everyone.

Wei Cheng’s two legs were trembling. Suddenly, he snapped, “Ye Yuan, you had known that there is the fiendgod existing underground here long ago. Once it broke out, your Crimson Afterglow Holy Land will be the first to bear the brunt, so you want to drag us, the other six families, all into the water, isn’t that so!Hahaha, you even feigned a noble appearance, saying that it’s for the consideration of the seven Holy Lands! You, this fellow, are a hypocrite posing as a person of high morals!”

Hearing that the fiendgod was about to break free soon, Wei Cheng was frightened to the extreme in his heart.

Under this sort of circumstances, he habitually pushed all of the blame to Ye Yuan.

It was just that his words indeed aggravated the fear in everyone’s hearts even more. Their gazes when looking at Ye Yuan became somewhat unfriendly.

It was only due to Blackwind being present that they maintained a final restraint.

Under this kind of hopeless situation, it could reflect people’s hearts most of all.

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “With your view of things, you can only see a tiny little White Valiant Region. Once the fiendgod breaks out, who in the entire Divine Realm can resist his footsteps?”

Everyone’s faces changed, all feeling a sense of pressure coming from head-on.

The fiendgod coming into being, the Divine Realm would surely be turbulent, and the one to be the first to bear the brunt was the White Valiant Region.

“Everybody, don’t listen to him quibble! You aren’t going to say now that you came underground for the sake of the human race’s righteousness, right? I don’t care, either way, I’m leaving! That is a fiendgod! Which one of you wants to seek death, just go yourself!”

Finished talking, he brought the Cloud Watchtower Holy Land’s remaining martial artists and left straight away.

Hua Shujie had a look of struggle and also came in front of Ye Yuan and said, “Brother Ye, the fiendgod cannot be fought! Presumably, an existence like him won’t take fancy on puny little Rank Nine Holy Lands like us too. Farewell!”

Finished talking, he turned around and said to the Fire Feather Holy Land martial artists, “Let’s go!”

Ye Yuan did not stop Hua Shujie’s departure, but said to Sheng Jun, “Brother Sheng, you?”

Sheng Jun had a look of dilemma too and countered with a question instead, “Brother Ye, even if the fiendgod’s strength is depleted to the limit by the grand array, he’s likely not what we can rival as well. I wonder how much confidence Brother Ye has?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Not much confidence!”

Sheng Jun was stunned, He originally thought that Ye Yuan being so resolute, he more or less had some confidence. But looking at it now, Ye Yuan was completely messing around!

“Brother Ye, isn’t it courting death like this? Is it worth it?” Sheng Jun asked.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “There’s no worth it or not worth it, only willing or unwilling. I, Ye Yuan, want to do it, so I’ll go do it. It’s that simple.”

Sheng Jun was stupefied again. If Ye Yuan talked about some great principle with him, he would definitely turn around and go.

But Ye Yuan’s words made his heart jolt.

Real men only seek a clear conscious when doing things, who cares about his reputation before and after his death!

“Fine! Brother Ye, I, Sheng Jun, will accompany you to go crazy today!”

Sheng Jun turned around again and said to the Soaring Rainbow Holy Land’s martial artists, “Though I’m the Soaring Rainbow Holy Land’s Young Lord, today’s matter, I won’t force you guys! Whoever is willing to stay behind, I, Sheng Jun, welcome cordially! Whoever is willing to go, I absolutely won’t bar the way either!”

Actually, Ye Yuan did not harbor any hope towards these people but did not expect that Sheng Jun actually really chose to remain behind.

Ye Yuan had this attitude towards the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land too. In the end, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land martial artists actually all chose to stay behind.

But the other three Holy Lands, only a few people stayed behind.

The number of people that remained behind in the end was merely 20 over people. Among them, over half was even the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s martial artists.

But this figure already far surpassed Ye Yuan’s expectations.

With Sheng Jun’s lead, a Phaseless Realm elder even stayed behind for the Soaring Rainbow Holy Land.

“Elder Sister Cai Yue, aren’t you going too? You had a hard time before managing to cure your Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique. If you encounter any mishap here, wouldn’t it be Ye Yuan’s fault?”

From start to end, Cai Yue stood behind Ye Yuan, did not say a word, and did not move before either.

Only when she heard Ye Yuan ask did Cai Yue smile and said, “This lowly one said before, in the future, this life is yours. Moreover, honestly speaking, the current Young Lord Ye is really mesmerizing this lowly one to death!”

Cai Yue’s eyes were full of admiration. Her gaze looking at Ye Yuan was like looking at her lover.

Ye Yuan said with a mocking smile, “Your life is your own, nothing to do with me. It’s really very dangerous this time. I don’t have any assurance at all. Elder Sister better leave.”

Cai Yue just smiled but did not have the intention of moving.

Ye Yuan was helpless and could only not urge anymore.


The tremors underground became even fiercer. In the underground passageway, wisps of fiendish black qi actually started spreading all over the place!

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he said, “Such powerful fiendish qi! Truly well-deserving of being a fiendgod! Being sealed for so many years by the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array, he can actually still erupt with such powerful fiendish qi. Looks like the fiendgod is going to break free very soon. Let’s hurry up and go!”

The fiendgod had not broken free yet and already dispersed such powerful fiendish qi. This made everyone involuntarily become even more worried in their hearts.