Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 838

Chapter 838 Setting Up Formation

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Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several dozen figures scurried out from the passageway Ye Yuan set up.

“Pooh! Pretending to be a human race hero for what? It’s fine if you go seek death yourself, you even want to drag us to be scapegoats. Are heroes so easy to be? Fishing for fame and praise!” Wei Cheng spat at the entrance.

He said these words very loudly and did not avoid everyone’s eyes and ears.

The moment the words came out, everyone shot over contemptuous looks.

“If not for Ye Yuan, you’d have already died several times over. You still have the capability to make sarcastic remarks here? Being shameless to your level is also considered a kind of realm!” Hua Shujie said with a cold smile.

Even though he did not have the courage to face the fiendgod, he still admired Ye Yuan’s choice greatly.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan had indeed saved everyone a number of times. This was an indisputable fact.

“Hua Shujie, don’t talk like you’re very lofty, didn’t you run too? What right do you have to comment on me? Also, you guys! Each and every one of you looking at me with this sort of expression for what? If you have the capabilities, go down yourselves!” Wei Cheng roared.

Under repeated blows, Wei Cheng’s psyche already utterly lost balance.

But his words were still very incisive. No matter what reason, running was running. These martial artists all turned their faces away, revealing looks of embarrassment.

People all had this kind of mentality, feeling that if the sky fell down, there would be tall guys propping it up.

The fiendgod coming into being should be those Divine King powerhouses coming out to face the enemy. What responsibility and duty did they have to face this kind of danger?

Those like Ye Yuan were undoubtedly moths flying into the fire that kind. They would even be ridiculed by people, such as Wei Cheng.

“Wow, very lively eh. Didn’t you guys go in? Why did you come out so quickly? You’re making it very hard for me like this!”

Suddenly, a spooky voice sounded out, making everyone jump in fright.

Two people clad entirely in black clothes suddenly appeared. They actually did not discover at all before this.

Hua Shujie said with a slightly somber expression, “Who are you people? Making a show of force here, don’t you know that the fiendgod is about to come into being at once?”

The two black-clothed people exchanged a glance and could not help laughing weirdly. One of them said with a big laugh, “Fiendgod coming into being? Of course we know! Because this fiendgod is freed by us!”

The moment these words came out, everyone’s faces changed drastically. No wonder Ye Yuan said that someone had ulterior motives. Turns out that he really hit the mark!

“Je je, although your strength is a little lousy, as Lord Fiendgod’s blood feed, it’s barely adequate. Originally, you guys sending yourselves in saved us some trouble. Now … we can only personally take action and send you in.” The other person said with a weird laugh.

“Who the hell are you people? Why do you want to do this sort of thing that betrays the human race?” Hua Shujie interrogated.

“Well … You can call us … Holy Followers! Alright, surrender without resistance!” One of them said coolly.

When Ye Yuan and the rest rushed to the depths underground, they were struck dumbfounded by the scene before their eyes.

Beneath the ground was an enormous cavern. At this time, inside the entire cavern was filled with fiendish qi.

East, South, West, North, and Central; all five positions had five sacrificial altars constructed by no idea who.

At this moment, those zombies were all walking over towards the area surrounded by the sacrificial altars without heed for their lives. They were directly refined into a cloud of blood mist, then directly absorbed by the sacrificial altar in the middle.

“Brother Ye, why are these zombies all charging inside without any heed for their lives?” Sheng Jun was greatly shocked.

“These zombies were originally refined artificially. They are all controlled by people,” Ye Yuan said calmly.

“What? These zombies are all refined artificially? This … How many lives does this have to slaughter? Could it be that those super Holy Lands all don’t care?” Sheng Jun was utterly shocked by it.

The number of zombies underground here was probably more than 100 million. To refine so many zombies, wouldn’t it have to kill this many people?

Just what kind of faction could do it to such a degree?

“Martial artists under Tier 6 don’t count for anything in the Divine Realm. As long as it’s done a little covertly, gathering this sum was not something hard. I’m just curious, just what kind of force can accomplish this unbeknown to gods and ghosts,” Ye Yuan said with a grim expression.

From the Medicine King Hall’s destruction to various sorts of bizarre incidents happening in the Divine Realm, then to this Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array presently, the Divine Realm that was calm on the surface was likely already surging with undercurrents long ago.

It was just that this faction concealed too deeply. Everyone had yet to become aware of its existence.

“This … Then we’re just going to watch them go offer up a sacrifice passively?” Sheng Jun said unresignedly.

With these many zombies, they could not kill all. After people died, evil qi would coalesce. And this area of extreme yin land was filled with powerful extreme yin qi. These zombies could fuse these two kinds of qi into evil yin qi.

The corrosive nature of evil yin qi was extremely strong. Using it to corrode array formations was most suitable.

Even though the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array was an ancient top-tier grand array, along with the passing of time, its power was already greatly discounted.

Adding in the erosion of these evil yin qi, under the simultaneous attack from the fiendgod within and outside, the grand array was already teetering on the verge of collapse.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “It’s already too late! Unless there are still Deity Realm powerhouses in this world, there will be no way to reinforce this Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array. Otherwise, even if we kill finish these zombies, it’s of no help to the matter too. The fiendgod coming into being is an unstoppable trend!”

Sheng Jun sucked in a breath deeply and could not help becoming worried about the Divine Realm’s situation in the future.

In the Divine Realm, regarding the descriptions of the fiend race, it merely existed in legends. Only in some ancient records would it occasionally mention the fiend race.

This stretch of boundless and limitless continent had always been under the rule of the human race and demon race.

“Legend has it that in the desolate era, the human race and the fiend race once fought an earth-shaking great war. Originally thought that these were merely just legends, didn’t think that they were actually true! If it’s in accordance with how ancient records narrate it, the human race and fiend race are still mortal enemies. Most likely, the human race is really going to plunge into misery and suffering!” Sheng Jun said.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “The fiend race is not just a legend. They have always existed in the Divine Realm. It’s just that they were not known to people. 50 thousand years ago, there was a fellow who proclaimed to be a Heavenly Fiendgod that came roaring into existence. Unfortunately, he ran into a genius martial artist from the human race and was beaten until he fled with heavy injuries.”

Sheng Jun was taken aback from shock. Only now did he know that the Divine Realm actually still had such secrets.

It was just that with Ye Yuan’s age, how did he know this kind of secrets? This Ye Yuan really made people unable to fathom!

“Brother Ye, then are we just going to stare blankly right now? Are we going to wait the fiendgod to come into being?” Sheng Jun said.

“How can that be? You rest and rehabilitate here for a moment, I’ll go set up the formation!”

Ye Yuan leaped and started bustling about inside this cave.

Before long, a large-scale array formation gradually had an elementary form.

When Sheng Jun saw the elementary form of this array formation, his expression could not help changing slightly, and he asked Wu Siyuan, “Elder Wu, could this array formation that Brother Ye is laying down be the Crimson Afterglow’s undisclosed secret? How can a mere Tier 6 array formation be so complex?”