Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Asura Confounding Formations True Power

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Wu Siyuan shook his head blankly and said, “I’ve never seen this Tier 6 array formation before. But this array formation … gives my heart a feeling of palpitations!”

Sheng Jun shared the same feeling and said, “Indeed! Although I’m a major realm higher than him, I feel that if I enter this array formation, I’ll probably never come out again! I truly didn’t expect that Brother Ye actually had such high attainments in the Dao of Array Formations!”

This array formation that Ye Yuan laid down was precisely his pinnacle work in the Formations Path at present, the Asura Confounding Formation!

Along with the increase in cultivation, Ye Yuan could already fully set up this array formation.

Back then, when he was still at the Sea Transformation Realm, he blocked the entire Purple Mansion Sect’s attack by relying on this array formation, playing the Purple Mansion Sect’s late-stage Soul Sea experts in the palm of his hands.

Now, Ye Yuan was already God knows how many times stronger than back then. The array formation set up naturally could not be mentioned in the same breath.

This array formation was also his greatly killing tool in the Formations Path!

What Ye Yuan set up back then was merely the Greater Confounding Formation which was not equipped with the functions of a killing formation.

But now, Ye Yuan was already able to integrate the killing formation inside and could unleash this array formation to the limits!

As for whether or not it could stop the fiendgod, that was unknown.

Following the passing of time, the fiendish qi in the cave became increasingly vigorous. That horrifying pressure made everyone have a feeling of wanting to escape.

On that sacrificial altar in the middle, fiendish qi erupted like a volcano, causing the entire cave to tremble.

Right then, Ye Yuan finally finished setting the formation. He was hit with exhaustion at this time too.

This array formation being set up till the end, he expended tremendous physical strength and mental strength too. He consumed several medicinal pills on the spot and started recovering his strength.


An enormous tremor reverberated throughout the entire cave.

Ye Yuan opened both eyes abruptly and said with a solemn expression, “It’s coming!”

Everyone’s expression became fearful, looking at that sacrificial altar in the center without shifting their eyes.

Countless black gas spouted out, finally condensing to form a fiendish black shadow!

“Hahaha … How many tens of thousands of years has it been! This Seat finally broke free! Damn humans, be prepared to receive this Seat’s wrath! Yii? There are still some small fries here. Didn’t expect that right after coming out, there are people taking the initiative to deliver themselves to the doorstep to become this Seat’s blood feed!”

The black shadow emitted a low and deep voice, akin to waves of muffled thunder.

The black shadow actually allowed no explanation, heading straight for Ye Yuan’s direction in a surprise attack!


A ball of black gas directly smashed onto everyone’s bodies, smashing Ye Yuan’s group of people into a cloud of blood mist!

“Hahaha … I absorb! En?”

The fiendgod was just planning to absorb the mass of blood mist when he suddenly discovered something amiss.

“Looks like I underestimated this bunch of trash, to actually let this Seat fall for an illusionary array imperceptibly! Hehe, playing hide and seek? This Seat’s mood today is excellent. I’ll accompany you all to play!”

The fiendgod surveyed the surroundings and started to find the figures of Ye Yuan and the rest.

In the array formation, everyone had a lingering fear.

Sheng Jun was somewhat shuddering in retrospect as he said, “Brother Ye, all thanks to your array formation! Otherwise, we’d probably be killed by this fiendgod in one exchange!”

Ye Yuan said with a grim expression, “Truly didn’t expect that this fiendgod can still preserve such strength after being trapped for several tens of thousands of years by the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array! Just how powerful was he at his peak period?”

Although everyone avoided the fiendgod’s attack just now by relying on the Asura Confounding Formation, the might of the fiendgod was still deeply imprinted in everyone’s mind.

“Brother Ye, what should we do now?” Sheng Jun said.

“In a while, everybody, listen to my arrangement. I’ll manipulate the array formation and continuously expend that fiendgod’s strength … understood?”

Ye Yuan carried out arrangements for each person. Borrowing the truth and deception of the array formation could bring to play their strength to the limits.


The fiendgod demolished an illusion with an attack again.


An attack came out from the void, rumbling straight for the fiendgod.

But the fiendgod just lightly waved and directly wiped out that attack.

“Not having a physical body is indeed very troublesome. Looks like I still have to seize possession of a human’s body first! That damn Daoist Absolute Heaven, he actually used the Vast Heaven Stele to destroy my physical body!” the fiendgod said slowly.

The surroundings continuously had Ye Yuan and co.’s attacks transmitting over. But these attacks could not cause any threat to the fiendgod.

He obliterated these attacks with a wave of his hand.

Regardless whether was it Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists’ attacks or Phaseless Realm martial artists’ attacks.

“Surging Floodwaters!”

After a concentrated series of attacks, a peerlessly powerful attack pierced right through the void, landing heavily on the fiendgod’s main body!

“ARGHHH … !”

The fiendgod gave a miserable cry, his body flying out backward.

After a round of indiscriminate bombardment, Ye Yuan’s plan finally succeeded!

“Excellent! I even thought that this guy is invincible. Turns out he will sustain injuries too!”

“It’s still Lord Black Flood Dragon’s attack that’s powerful. This move, even I’m scared when I see it. The fiendgod suffering this attack, he will be heavily wounded if not dead, right?”

“Young Lord Ye’s array formation is indeed miraculous, to actually be able to let attacks shuttle through the void and directly attack the fiendgod’s main body.”

The crowd of martial artists was all incredibly excited to see Blackwind’s attack succeed.

But Ye Yuan said with a grave expression, “It’s still early! If the fiendgod is so easy to deal with, it wouldn’t be a fiendgod! With the strength of a major ancient power, it could only suppress him here too. How can he be so easy to take care of?”

Ye Yuan’s voice had yet to fade when a series of intense quaking sounds echoed. The grand array was actually shaking!

“Little tras, congratulations! You’ve successfully infuriated this Seat! Even the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array couldn’t trap this Seat. Just a lousy illusionary array, I want to see how many times it can withstand this seat’s attacks!”

The fiendgod’s voice transmitted into each person’s ears, startling everybody.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fiendgod went seemingly insane, bombarding the grand array non-stop. And the Asura Confounding Formation started trembling violently under his attacks too.

“Not good, if we let him carry on attacking like this, the grand array will be breached sooner or later!” Ye Yuan said with a solemn look.

It was still Ye Yuan’s first time encountering such a troublesome opponent. Even the Asura Confounding Formation could not trap him.

Luckily, this fiendgod’s strength was already very debilitated from being sealed for too long a time. Or else, he could probably destroy the Asura Confounding Formation with a wave of his hand.

“What to do, Brother Ye? Once the grand array is breached, we’ll be without any barriers at all! This fiendgod is truly formidable. We … are probably not his match!”

Through a round of probing, these martial artists had long seen the fiendgod’s might already.

Facing the fiendgod head-on, they felt rather fearful just thinking about it.

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and said, “The Asura Confounding Formation probably can’t be preserved anymore. Since that’s the case, I’ll let him witness the truly formidable aspect of the Asura Confounding Formation!”

Ye Yuan sent everyone out of the array formation and mustered up all of the essence energy in his body to deploy the array formation!

All of a sudden, the entire grand array started flashing!

Above the firmament, countless sword lights actually condensed!

“What?!” The fiendgod stopped his attacks, incomparably shocked as he looked at the sword lights in the air.