Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Breakthrough for You to See!

Jiang Yunhe did not publicize the matter of Ye Yuan advancing to low-rank Alchemy Master. Hence, only Feng Ruoqing and those students forced to swear the Heavenly Dao Oath knew that he obtained the Alchemy Master badge within the academy.

Initially, this badge was not indispensable to Ye Yuan. But this was something that Lu-er used her life to protect, so it naturally became extraordinary to Ye Yuan.

After Ye Yuan handed Lu-er over to Feng Ruoqing, he put on the badge seriously in earnest.

He had no intention of showing off, but it was currently causing a huge commotion.

Ye Yuan and Lin Tiancheng faced each other from a distance. After adjusting for a short while, they recovered to their optimal condition.

He did not interrupt Lin Tiancheng's breakthrough because it was useless.

Lin Tiancheng had long comprehended the Spirit Condensation Realm and could have crossed this threshold at any time. He had only been suppressing his cultivation realm all along and did not complete the step of compressing essence energy into a liquid state.

Even if Ye Yuan launched a surprise attack on Lin Tiancheng right now, he also could not stop his breakthrough. So he might as well make use of the time to adjust his condition.

. . . . . .

Following the dissipation of the essence energy storm, Lin Tiancheng's aura suddenly soared, and essence energy spread out wildly.

"Hahaha! This is the Spirit Condensation Realm! Ye Yuan, you asked for this! Now, let's see how you'll kill me!"

After breaking through, Lin Tiancheng felt his body bursting with power as if a floodgate had opened up.

At this moment, he even felt like he was invincible.

Breaking through a major realm was an extremely extraordinary thing no matter who it was.

However, Lin Tiancheng failed to see any sort of panic on Ye Yuan's face, which made him somewhat disappointed.

"This is what you relied on upon? Do you feel that after breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, you got me?" Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

"Humph! So what if that's the case? What do you have to fight me now that we are separated by a major realm? You'll definitely die today!" Lin Tiancheng smiled icily.

"Immature!" Ye Yuan spat out this word coolly.

"What did you say?!" Lin Tiancheng erupted.

"Isn't it just breaking through cultivation realm? I will breakthrough for you to see!"

Listening to what Ye Yuan said, it was like breaking through realms was as simple as eating and sleeping.

Lin Tiancheng roared with laughter. "You've just broken through to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm and haven't even consolidated your cultivation realm, yet you still want to breakthrough cultivation realms? Fine, I will see just how you breakthrough cultivation realms!"

"Then watch closely!"

After saying that, Ye Yuan retrieved a medicinal pill and swallowed it. It was precisely the Five Elements Spirit Link Pill!

Seeing this, Lin Tiancheng's face changed, and he suddenly had a bad premonition.

Initially, he thought nothing of it. But seeing that Ye Yuan actually wanted to use a medicinal pill to breakthrough cultivation realms, he could not help but regret his words earlier.

Although Lin Tiancheng did not think that there was any medicinal pill that could directly breakthrough realms, he still reacted right away.

This was a deathmatch. Lin Tiancheng could not be bothered with going back on his words and whatnot. Seven Star Steps activated in full force as his fist with lightning flashes around it smashed towards Ye Yuan.

His actions drew a wave of jeering. Clearly, it was met with everyone's disdain.

Just now, he was still talking about wanting to see him breakthrough. But now, he 'smacked his own mouth' and sneak attacked him.

Simply shameless to the extreme!

"Senior Apprentice Brother Lin is at the very least a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist. How could he be so shameless?"

"Sigh. If a person is shameless, they would be invincible. What to do if their skin is thick?"

"Don't talk crap. This is a deathmatch! If Ye Yuan was just bluffing, then it's all good. If he can really break through cultivation realms and reach the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm, that would be advancing another minor stage. The threat would increase greatly! If he unleashes the Eight Layer Wave then, just how horrifying would the power be?"

"You're right. But I still feel that this is too shameless. A living person needs a face like a living tree needs bark. If you can't do it, then don't talk so much. There are so many people looking!"

"I've never heard of any medicinal pill that could directly raise cultivation realms. Don't know if Ye Yuan is putting on a false show of strength. If he's really putting up a bold front, then it's really going to be serious this time."

"Something's not right. Senior Apprentice Brother Lin's martial technique doesn't seem to be the Thunderous Fist anymore!"

"Sss . . . It's true! That's . . . the upgraded version of the Thunderous Fist, the low-grade Tier 2 martial technique, Ten-Directional Lightning Movement!"

"The Seven-Star Steps plus the Ten-Directional Lightning Movement. isn't this simply bullying people?"

The low-grade Tier 2 martial technique, Ten-Directional Lightning Movement, was the upgraded version of the Thunderous Fist that descended from the same origin!

It had not been one or two days since Lin Tiancheng cultivated the Ten-Directional Lightning Movement. He had long reached the small success stage!

Wishing to pass through the Illusionary Spirit Tower with the strength of a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm, Lin Tiancheng could only work on his martial techniques.

Very clearly, a Tier 1 martial technique like the Thunderous Fist was unable to achieve that effect from the start.

Unless it was some sick Tier 1 martial technique like the Stacking Waves Layered Palm or the Absolute Yang Finger, the threat to Spirit Condensation Realms was virtually zero.

It was just that Lin Tiancheng's perception was lacking, and he was ultimately unable to comprehend the great success stage of the Ten-Directional Lightning Movement. Hence, he kept failing the Earth Rank Advancement test.

In the past, he used the strength of half-step Spirit Condensation Realm to activate the Ten-Directional Lightning Movement, so the power was naturally greatly reduced.

Presently, Lin Tiancheng was already a genuine First Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Unleashing the Ten-Directional Lightning Movement could not be mentioned in the same breath!

Ye Yuan laughed coldly.He had read countless people before and knew that a despicable person like Lin Tiancheng would not keep his word. So he had long been ready.

The Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Eight Layer Wave, versus the Ten-Directional Lightning Movement!

One fist and one palm collided once more!


This time around, the commotion was greater than any of the previous time. Huge explosive sounds occurred where the two people clashed.

Lin Tiancheng and Ye Yuan flew out once again!

However, Lin Tiancheng only retreated a few steps this time, while Ye Yuan lost his center of gravity and fell to the ground.


The moment he fell, Ye Yuan's innards quivered, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

This was the suppression of cultivation realm!

Unleashing a Tier 2 martial technique using Spirit Condensation Realm had extraordinary power.

Even if Ye Yuan had 16 times the unleashed power, he still received heavy injuries!

If in the past, Lin Tiancheng was only a little bit away from passing the Earth Rank Advancement test, then if he went to participate now, he would be able to advancement easily!

The difference in between was not just an iota!

No matter how strong Ye Yuan was, he was just a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm.

The difference between the two people's realms was large to begin with. Now, they were even separated by a major realm!

Ye Yuan only vomited a mouthful of blood after the two clashed. This was already damn sick!

"F*ck! I can't look on anymore. This is too shameless!"

"Yeah! A Tier 2 movement technique coupled with an extremely high attack power Tier 2 lightning-attribute martial technique. Ye Yuan's is at such a disadvantage!"

"If the Stacking Waves Layered Palm was complete, Ye Yuan might still have a chance to win. Sigh. Such a pity. A genius like Ye Yuan actually fell just like that!"

"Aiya! I'm dying over here! Is there any effect from the medicinal pill Ye Yuan ate? Quickly breakthrough!"

Ye Yuan's injury aroused the sympathy of many people. Lin Tiancheng's actions just now had already made him completely inhuman.

The strong would always be admired by others!

Ye Yuan used his Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm cultivation to fight a Spirit Condensation Realm to such an extent. One had to say, it was a miracle.

After all, Spirit Condensation Realm battling Essence Qi Realm represented absolute suppression!

Even if it was Long Tang, he could pass through the Earth Rank Advancement test back when he was at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. But now he was certainly not the current Lin Tiancheng's match!

Yet, Ye Yuan had subverted this sort of absolute!

He won everyone's admiration!

"Your sister. This Ye Yuan was really bluffing. Gave me a scare! I thought the Spirit Essence Pill that had already landed in my hand had . . ." Up in the pavilion, Zuo Bugui was talking halfway when he suddenly stopped.

Because Ye Yuan's aura was soaring non-stop currently!