Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Battling The Fiendgod

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Within the void, there were countless virtual sword images suspended.

This was the fifth-stage supreme true intent Ye Yuan displayed by merging his sword intent into the Asura Confounding Formation and borrowing the power of the grand array!

This Asura Confounding Formation after Ye Yuan improved it, the power of the killing formation was even stronger than the original version!

Sharp swords hung high above, even someone as powerful as the fiendgod turned pale with fright too.

“Asura Confounding Formation, Myriad Sword Piercing the Heart! Kill!”

Ye Yuan roared, countless long swords streaked through countless streams of flowing light in the grand array, rushing towards the all-powerful fiendgod!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ye Yuan himself did not have such boundless essence energy, but the grand array did!

In an instant, the Asura Confounding Formation extracted the essence energy within all of the earth essence crystals dry. The power could be imagined!

The place the fiendgod stood at was immediately blasted to residue by countless streaks of sword light, stirring up clouds of dust.

“So … So powerful! Just a Tier 6 grand array, this power … is also too terrifying, right?” Sheng Jun muttered.

This scene was too shocking, resulting in him not thinking whether or not the fiendgod was finished off right away, but astonishment at the might of the grand array.

“Young Lord Ye is mighty! Such a terrifying attack, there’s no way that fiendgod can survive, right?”

“Hahaha, what bullshit fiendgod, I think it’s nothing more than this! Wasn’t he still finished off all at once!”

After the shock, the martial artists were all incredibly excited.

Originally thought that doomsday was arriving, didn’t expect that this fiendgod was merely nothing more than this.


Ye Yuan’s figure slowly landed in front of everyone, saying with a serious expression, “Everybody, be on guard. The fiendgod isn’t so easy to be disposed of! Without the grand array’s protection, we’re going to have a direct confrontation with him!”

Everyone’s excited expressions could not help choking up. Even such a terrifying attack could not kill the fiendgod?

This … No way, right?

Whoosh … Bang!

There was a blur before everyone’s eyes. They had yet to recover to their senses when a dark shadow already arrived in front.

A streak of black light smacked directly onto a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist’s body. He immediately exploded into a cloud of blood mist!

All of this happened too suddenly. Everyone was still half-dubious about Ye Yuan’s words, and the fiendgod actually attacked again!

Without the grand array’s shielding, a martial artist instantly died on Ye Yuan’s side.

Everyone turned pale with fright and hastily retreated.

The fiendgod did not have the intention of following up either. He just greedily absorbed that cloud of blood mist.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed. The fiendgod’s aura was actually getting strong!

Without a doubt, that attack earlier proved effective. The fiendgod’s aura was weakened substantially compared to before. But at this time, he was actually in the midst of gradually recovering!

“This fellow can actually absorb the essence and blood of martial artists to recover strength! Everybody be careful!” Ye Yuan said with a solemn expression.

If it was like this, Ye Yuan’s side absolutely must not have casualties appear again. Or else, the fiendgod would grow stronger with battle.

“I-Is this guy a monster? Fully withstood such a terrifying attack and he’s actually completely fine!” Somebody said in despair.

The current fiendgod was a mass of dark shadow. Only two eyeballs were left in his entire body that could be seen.

But at this moment, the fiendgod’s pair of eyeballs looked towards Ye Yuan and opened his mouth to say, “A little interesting. A measly little Tier 6 martial artist can actually injure this Seat! However, even Daoist Absolute Heaven couldn’t kill this seat. With just the likes of you, this brat, what can you do to me? All obediently become this seat’s blood feed. This is your honor!”

Ye Yuan’s expression was grim as he said, “Phaseless Realm martial artists, assist Blackwind to launch attacks. Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists support with coordinated actions by the side. This guy’s speed is peculiar, be careful!”

Everyone slowly nodded, their faces all had unspeakable solemness. The might of the fiendgod far exceeded their imaginations.

One had to know, this was still the state after the fiendgod was sealed for countless years!

“Heh heh, looks like you still won’t give up hope! Forget it, this seat will fulfill your wishes!”

The fiendgod gave a weird laugh and vanished with a whoosh.

“Be careful!”

Ye Yuan suddenly pushed a palm out, pushing away a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist. A black shadow dashed right through the place he stood at.

Being pushed aside by Ye Yuan, that martial artist finally recovered his senses and involuntarily broke into a cold sweat.

“M-Many thanks, Young Lord Ye!”

That martial artist was even kind of stuttering when talking. Just now was really a very close shave. If not for Ye Yuan making a move, his outcome would already be the same as that person from before.

“Origin Magnetic Field? Couldn’t tell that your tricks are really plentiful!” said the fiendgod, slightly surprised.

Just now, it was clearly going to succeed in a moment. At the crucial juncture, it was like someone dragged him a little, making his figure drop down abruptly, stagnating that tiny bit. That was how that martial artist barely avoided his attack.

First was the Asura Confounding Formation, then the Origin Magnetic Field. The fiendgod actually suffered two hidden losses in a row at the hands of a puny little Tier 6 martial artist. This made him rather surprised.

“It’s actually an Origin Magnetic Field!”

Hearing the fiendgod’s words, everyone could not help looking at Ye Yuan in shock.

This Crimson Afterglow young lord’s methods were truly inexhaustible!

With Boundless Realm cultivation, he could actually dance around with an existence like the fiendgod. Truly remarkable.

If not for Ye Yuan, probably in a single exchange, they all would be completely wiped out by the fiendgod.

“Lord Fiendgod’s methods are quite a few too! Being suppressed for so countless tens of thousands of years, your strength is actually still so powerful!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Heh heh, looks like you still have quite a bit of understanding about this seat! That’s right! If this Seat is at my peak, a little finger can pinch you all, this bunch of trash, to death. How could I tolerate you, this brat, to be cocky in front of this seat?”

“A hero won’t mention past glories. Lord Fiendgod is not a person of this era in the first place, better to sleep eternally in this place!” Ye Yuan’s face fell, killing intent overflowing instantly.

The fiendgod was slightly stunned when he saw the situation and immediately burst into laughter and said, “Hahaha, since this seat came out, then it’s the time of arrival for the doomsday of your human race! You, a measly little Tier 6 martial artist, actually wants to kill this Seat! An utter joke! Don’t you know that this Seat has an undying body?”

“Little Lord, I, don’t believe that there’s really any undying body in this world! Today, I want to give it a try and see! Blackwind, I’ll coordinate with you with the Origin Magnetic Field, go!”

“Yes, Master!”

Under Ye Yuan’s command, Blackwind’s body suddenly expanded several times, waving his claws as he attacked towards the fiendgod.

The fiendgod was just about to evade when a bizarre forcefield appeared once again, delaying his figure that tiny bit.


Blackwind’s palm force spat, immediately slamming together with the fiendgod. The two people each retreated several steps!

“Everybody attack!” Ye Yuan said solemnly.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s spirits were roused, each wielding a weapon and going forward!

Ye Yuan interfered with the fiendgod’s traces from time to time with the Origin Magnetic Field, resulting in him being attacked in front and from the rear.

For a moment, Ye Yuan’s side actually firmly took the upper-hand!

Especially Blackwind’s attacks that were full of power. Even someone as powerful as the fiendgod was beaten until he screamed in pain too.

“Damn it! You trash, taking advantage of when this Seat is at the weakest to sneak attack! What capability does that count as?!” howled the fiendgod.