Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Blinding Saber Light

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After the fiendgod came into being, he was supposed to be roaming unhindered in the Divine Realm.

Who knew that when he just came out, he was beaten by a bunch of juniors until he did not have the slightest strength to retaliate, not to mention how aggrieving it was.

“Stinking brat, you forced me! Fiendgod Transformation!”

The fiendgod suddenly shouted loudly. A vast and mighty fiendish qi suddenly erupted!

Ye Yuan’s group of people were caught off guard, being blasted until they scattered in all directions immediately.

“Puhwark …”

This time, it actually directly blasted everyone to heavy injuries!

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! To actually force this Seat to use the Fiendgod Transformation, you’re prepared to experience a fate worse than death, right?!” howled the fiendgod.

At this instant, the fiendgod’s black shadow actually enlarged several times. The fiendish qi emitting off of his body was also vast and magnificent, teeming the entire underground cavern.

The fiendgod’s aura actually skyrocketed multiple times instantaneously!

“This … Why is it like this? The fiendgod’s current strength has likely surpassed Tier 9, right? How can we still fight if it is like this?” Sheng Jun said with a bitter smile.

What skyrocketed was not just fiendish qi, but also the fiendgod’s strength in itself soared instantly. He actually leaped over and reached Tier 9 1 !

This sort of breakthrough that did not conform to common sense seriously made people incomparably despaired.

They already all suffered heavy injuries under that attack from the fiendgod just now. But the fiendgod himself had a huge increase in strength.

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and said, “He should have used some kind of method that stimulates potential. After his strength fades away, he’ll probably be even weaker than before! However …”

Ye Yuan’s words made everyone all feel a wave of despair.

He did not speak, but the meaning in his words was already very clear.

Tier 9 fiendgod, even if the Holy Lords came, it was a road that led to death as well, let alone them, these people.

“Punk, you’re indeed quite knowledgeable! Fiendgod Transformation can let this Seat’s strength skyrocket, but it’s merely able to last for around a quarter of an hour’s time! After this period of time, this Seat will be even weaker than before. However … with you guys, these blood feed around, this Seat will recover as good as new very soon! Hahaha!” The fiendgod laughed wildly.

Suddenly, the fiendgod put away his smile and swept a glance over everyone’s faces.

“Who to start with first? Hmm … You, brat, are the most troublesome. Better start with you first!”

The fiendgod’s target actually locked right onto Ye Yuan!

But Blackwind blocked right in front of Ye Yuan and said coldly, “Want to kill Master, you must go through me first!”


A streak of fiendish qi attacked and actually sent Blackwind flying with one hit. The fiendgod after displaying Fiendgod Transformation was devastatingly powerful!

Seeing this scene, everyone’s expressions changed drastically!

Too strong!

Blackwind was one of the strongest one among them. His strength was right on the fringe of entering Tier 9. But he was actually too weak to withstand even a single blow in front of the fiendgod!

“A little snake dares to be insolent in front of this seat too! If you evolved to become true dragon bloodline, this Seat would have some fear and respect towards you. But you, this half-baked guy, is completely lacking!”

The fiendgod snorted coldly and slowly walked towards Ye Yuan.

“Brat, it’s your turn!”

A mass of fiendish qi meandered out of the fiendgod’s body, heading straight for Ye Yuan. He actually wanted to capture him directly.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed. Leaping, he was about to evade.

The fiendgod gave a cold laugh and said, “Want to escape? How can it be that easy?!”

That fiendish qi extended unbelievably swiftly and actually caught up to Ye Yuan in an instant, intertwining him up tightly.


Ye Yuan fell heavily onto the ground.

All the martial artists turned their heads over, unable to bear to look at this scene.

A genius like Ye Yuan was destined to radiate splendor in the Divine Realm, but he did not expect that he was actually going to die today at the fiendgod’s hands!

“Hahaha, brat, you seem to be rather extraordinary. Killing you is such a shame. Become this Seat’s fiend servant!”

As he was talking, a trace of the fiendgod’s fiendish sense 2 invaded the Ye Yuan lying on the ground.

Then in the next instant, the fiendgod let out a terrified cry.

“Argh … It’s actually an essence fire clone! Damn brat, I’m going to kill you!” The fiendgod howled like a pig getting slaughtered, reverberating throughout the entire cave.

Everyone had yet to understand what was going on when suddenly, they discovered that Ye Yuan’s entire person started burning. Fierce flames traced along the fiendish qi and instantly besieged the fiendgod’s main body!

In a wink, the fiendgod actually caught on fire all over!

“Fiery, burn him to death!”

Ye Yuan’s voice transmitted out from the void bizarrely, revealing his figure once more.

Turns out that the Ye Yuan caught by the fiendgod earlier was actually just one of Fiery’s clones!

Being burned by the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame, the fiendgod let out wretched wails shrilly.

If it were ordinary essence fires, even if it was a Tier 9 essence fire, it might not cause any damage to the fiendgod.

But the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame purified all things on earth. Dealing with the fiendgod, this kind of demonic thing, was the most effective!

But Ye Yuan knew that Fiery’s level was still a little low and could not cause any substantial injury to the fiendgod at all.

This action, it was only in order to buy time. Wait until after the Fiendgod Transformation’s power, it would be the fiendgod’s hour of doom!

“ARGH! Devilflame, come out for me!”

All of a sudden, a black-colored flame actually erupted on the fiendgod’s body, and it started to confront the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame!

The grade of this devilflame was clearly a great deal higher. Very soon, it repelled the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame in its entirety.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed. This devilflame’s degree of troublesomeness was outside of his expectations still.

In order to deal with the fiendgod, he could be said to have used all of his trump cards. It actually could not even accomplish delaying for a short while!

The fiendgod’s pair of eyes stared fixedly at Ye Yuan, saying with a furious roar, “Brat, forcing this seat to such an extent, you can be sufficiently proud! Now, go to hell!”

With this, Ye Yuan thoroughly infuriated the fiendgod. He decided to kill Ye Yuan straight away.

The fiendgod came in with a howl, instantly arriving in front of Ye Yuan.

Facing the fiendgod under the state of Tier 9, Ye Yuan was truly at the end of his rope at this moment.

“I didn’t think that this fiendgod is actually so powerful. Could it be that I … can only reach this step?” Ye Yuan shut his eyes, filled with unwillingness as he thought.

Right at the critical moment, a powerful to the extreme saber light tore right through the void. That blinding saber light lit up the entire underground cavern with a glaring light!

The power of this saber made all the martial artists feel asphyxiated.


The saber light bombarded directly onto the fiendgod’s main body without deviation!


The fiendgod gave a miserable cry, flying out backward immediately. That boundless fiendish qi actually dissipated a great deal instantly. Furthermore, it gradually showed a trend of weakening.

Clearly, this cut caused immense injuries to the fiendgod, resulting in his fiendish qi to weaken substantially.

The crowd of martial artists was struck dumb with amazement looking at this scene. The fiendgod who used Fiendgod Transformation was a true-blue Tier 9 powerhouse!

What kind of cut was this, to actually be able to chop him until like this?

Crack … Crack 

Everyone looked over in the direction the saber light came from and discovered a skeleton currently walking over here step by step.

Everyone’s faces changed. They all had an impression of this skeleton. Wasn’t this that skeleton that was in a stalemate with Ye Yuan earlier?

The skeleton carried a saber, slowly walked in front of the fiendgod step by step, and said coolly, “Jia Lan, long time no see!”