Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Unexpected Turn Of Events Again

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“Jia Lan, long time no see!”

The skeleton’s words actually had some hint of old friends meeting again.

“You … You’re Tyrannical Saber, Xing Aotian! You actually haven’t died yet!” In the fiendgod’s words, leaked out thick astonishment.

“Dead, long dead! It’s just that you’re not dead, so how can I dare to die completely? Leaving behind a wisp of remnant soul was for the sake of today,” the skeleton said coolly.

The fiendish qi on the fiendgod’s body became increasingly thinner. Clearly, that cut earlier caused tremendous injury to him.

When he heard that, the fiendgod said in a livid rage, “You damn ghost, not being peaceful even after dying! But so what? That cut earlier was still less than one in ten thousand of your heyday! What can you do to me? Even Absolute Heaven couldn’t kill me, just like the likes of you?”

On the skeleton’s face was forever that dead person expression. There naturally would not be any changes.

But he turned to Ye Yuan and said calmly, “Of course I know that I can’t kill you. But Absolute Heaven’s will, there’s bound to be someone who inherits it. If you want to bring disaster upon the human race, it probably won’t be that easy to accomplish!”

The fiendgod looked at the skeleton, and glanced at Ye Yuan again, suddenly letting out a roaring laugh as he said, “You aren’t talking about this boy, right? He’s indeed quite capable, but he’s far too lacking compared to Absolute Heaven! Give him another thousand years, and he also can’t reach Absolute Heaven’s height. Furthermore, do you think that I will give him a thousand year’s time to grow?”

The skeleton said indifferently, “Karma is all destined. I’ve already returned to dust. This is no longer something I can be worried about. As for what extent he can grow to, it will depend on him.”

He turned to Ye Yuan again and said, “Young man, you’ve done very well, far exceeded my expectations. This dignified self has nothing valuable on me. With these countless years, what I’ve learned during my lifetime is already forgotten for the most part as well. These remaining few comprehensions will be imparted to you then.”

Finished talking, the skeleton extended a finger and tapped on Ye Yuan’s glabella.

Ye Yuan’s entire body shuddered, many information instantly appearing in his head. Seeing this information, Ye Yuan was unbelievably shocked, because this information was none other than precisely the divine inscriptions that Ye Yuan were very familiar with!

Except, these divine inscriptions, Ye Yuan was not familiar with them. There was actually not one duplicate with the ones Father imparted him!

But this Tyrannical Saber Xing Aotian’s divine inscriptions were not many; there were only a scanty few several dozen words.

He previously said that his memories before his death were already incomplete, it was most likely this reason.

“Young man, the matters hereafter will be handed to you!” After saying this sentence, the skeleton no longer made a sound.

A peerless powerhouse of his generation finally had even this final strand of consciousness in this world dissipate away.

These countless years, what was frittered away was not just Fiendgod Jia Lan’s strength, but also depleted Xing Aotian’s residual thought.

Until today, he was already like a dying lamp without oil. Otherwise, there was no way he would not have any movements at all with people secretly laying down this sacrificial altar forces.

Presumably, he also knew that Jia Lan coming into being was already unstoppable. Hence, he held back a burst of energy to leave behind this final cut, in order to severely wound Jia Lan.

However, Ye Yuan judged that Xing Aotian should still have the ability to unleash a saber cut. Except, this cut did not have great significance to Jia Lan.

Coincidentally, he ran into the Vast Heaven Stele’s successor here.

In the end, he chose to impart the divine inscriptions in this final trace of residual thought to Ye Yuan.


The long saber in the skeleton’s hand fell to the ground. His skeleton frame also fell apart thoroughly, without even a trace of essence energy on it anymore.

Ye Yuan revealed a complicated expression but was filled with great respect towards Xing Aotian.

Even though it was just two encounters of fate, Xing Aotian’s pride and loyalty left a deep impression on him.

A trace of residual thought guarded the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array for several tens of thousands of years. This persistence and unswerving will were not what the average person could have.

And all of his actions were for the sake of the human race’s righteous cause!

Ye Yuan knelt on the ground and gave a kowtow to Xing Aotian’s bone remains most respectfully, saying deferentially, “Senior, have a safe trip! Many thanks to Senior’s grace of teaching. What Senior has yet to accomplish, let Ye Yuan finish it!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan lightly formed an incantation with his hand and put away Xing Aotian’s bone remains.

Finished doing these, Ye Yuan slowly walked in front of Jia Lan and said icily, “Fiendgod Jia Lan, right? I know that I can’t kill you now, but the taste of the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame, you’ve sampled it too! I’m going to seal you now and let Fiery burn you every hour every minute! There will come a day when I’ll utterly burn you into nothingness!”

Jia Lan suffered Xing Aotian’s blow, at this time, the fiendish qi on his body was very faint, and he did not have the ability to resist Ye Yuan’s sealing at all anymore.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Jia Lan cried out shrilly, “Brat, you dare to seal this Seat? Do you know what kind of existence this seat is? Let me tell you …”

“Huhu, do you think I dare or not?” Ye Yuan smiled coldly, but his hands already started to cast and lay down the formation.

“Don’t, don’t! Young man, as long as you can let me go, we can become sworn brothers! I can let you possess unbelievably powerful strength. In the future, this Divine Realm, if there’s half for me, there will be half for you!”

Jia Lan was finally afraid. The proud fiendgod actually lowered his noble head to plead for mercy from Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan did not pay any attention and was still setting up the formation and casting spells.

Right at this moment, all the hair on Ye Yuan’s body stood on its end. An immense sense of danger hit him.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Yuan raised his speed to the limits, fleeing from the area just now.


The region Ye Yuan was standing at previously was blasted until dirt scattered everywhere at this time.

“Tsk tsk, this brat indeed has some skill, to actually be so vigilant.”

“We expended such a huge effort before releasing Lord Jia Lan. How can we allow you to seal him again?”

Two black-clothed people appeared in front of Jia Lan. They were precisely those two Holy Followers!

After the two of them landed, they turned to Jia Lan and saluted as they said, “Congratulations to Lord Jia Lan for descending upon the human world anew!”

“Hahaha! Good! Very good! Turns out that it’s you two who aided this seat to break the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array. However … why did you take so long to come?” Jia Lan’s tone suddenly changed as he said in a solemn voice.

Those two Holy Followers hurriedly said, “Lord Jia Lan, forgive our sins. The two of us left in order to prepare for Lord Jia Lan’s blood feed.”

One of the black-clothed Holy Followers casually waved a hand. A bunch of martial artists appeared in front of everyone. They were precisely Wei Cheng and the others who had already left.

Wei Cheng’s and the others’ dantians were sealed presently, unable to use even a trace of essence energy. They were like lambs awaiting slaughter.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, his expression could not help changing greatly.

If Jia Lan absorbed them as blood feed, he would probably soar greatly in strength immediately.

The moment Jia Lan heard, he was immediately overjoyed. The black qi on his body directly extended out, engulfing a dozen over martial artists right away.

“Ahh … Help! Young Lord Ye, help!”

That group of martial artists let out shrill cries and were actually begging Ye Yuan for help.

But those two black-clothed men, their strengths were clearly very formidable. Even Blackwind might not be a match either, let alone him.

Gulp … Gulp 

The fiendgod seemed to be digesting. Very soon, those dozen over martial artists fell silent …