Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Seizing Possession Again?

Chapter 843: Seizing Possession Again?
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“Hahaha! Boy, didn’t you want to seal me? Bring it on!”

After devouring a dozen over martial artists all at once, Jia Lan’s aura recovered considerably in no time.

Ye Yuan had a solemn look. He had a feeling of shooting himself in the foot.

He originally thought that bringing more people in would mean he had more helpers. He did not expect that they actually all became Jia Lan’s blood feed in the end, boosting the enemy’s strength instead.

“Wei Cheng, you really are a pig! We went all out before scarcely beating the fiendgod to heavy injuries. You bunch of idiots actually helped him recover so much in a short while!” Sheng Jun seriously could not hold it in anymore and let loose a torrent of abuse.

Wei Cheng had his dantian sealed currently. His hands and legs were restricted too, completely unable to move.

He did not take in Sheng Jun’s cursing at all. His entire person was currently trembling, a look of despair showed in his eyes once more.

Earlier, the scene of Jia Lan gobbling up the rest, the shock it gave him was too intense.

At the thought of himself about to become a meal in this fiendgod’s stomach, Wei Cheng’s collapsed internally.

“L-Lord Fienggod, I … I’m willing to become a dog of yours! I beg you … beg you not to kill me!” Wei Cheng struggled, kneeling down towards Jia Lan.

Seeing this scene, Sheng Jun was utterly speechless. He knew that the scolding just now was completely playing music to a pig.

He seriously could not figure out how this kind of spineless moron was selected to become the Young Lord by the Cloud Watchtower Holy Land.

“Oh? You want to serve me as your master?” Jia Lan slowly came in front of Wei Cheng.

Wei Cheng sweat profusely and hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, yes! Lord Fiendgod, I’m willing to serve you as my master! As long as you don’t kill me, you can make me do anything!”

“Wei Cheng, you’re the Young Lord selected personally by the Holy Lord! What kind of price did the Cloud Watchtower Holy Land expended in order to groom you?! You actually dare betray the Cloud Watchtower Holy Land now!” shouted a Cloud Watchtower Holy Land’s elder. He reproached Wei Cheng with boundless rage.

But Wei Cheng said without any shame, “Fine birds select their roosts! Lord Fiendgod is an existence who’s going to unify the Divine Realm! What difference is there in me following Lord Fiendgod and being at the Cloud Watchtower Holy Land?”

“You!” That elder was angered by Wei Cheng’s shamelessness until he shook all over.

But his essence energy was sealed and completely could not do anything to Wei Cheng.

“Hahaha, good! Good that you have this heart. I’ll give you an opportunity! Capture this punk for me, and I’ll naturally take you in to be my fiend servant!” Jia Lan said with a big laugh.

Wei Cheng was overjoyed and kowtowed to Jia Lan fervently as he said, “Thank you, Lord Fiendgod! Thank you, Lord Fiendgod!”

“Remove the seal on his body! Jia Lan said to the two Holy Followers.

The two Holy Followers nodded their heads to acknowledge his instruction and cast a spell to remove the seal on Wei Cheng’s body.

Recovering his freedom, Wei Cheng’s face made people abhor even more. He slowly arrived in front of Ye Yuan and said with a smug look, “Ye Yuan, didn’t expect it, right? You finally still landed in my hands! Today, I’ll make you die very horribly! Without that black flood dragon’s help, I see how you still swagger before others!”

Prior to this, Blackwind was also wounded considerably under Jia Lan’s blow.

At this time, there were another two Holy Followers glaring like ravening tigers by the side. They would not give him the opportunity to make a move at all.

Therefore, Ye Yuan had to face the Ninth Level Heaven Enlightenment Wei Cheng all alone.


As the servant, Blackwind obviously could not passively watch Ye Yuan get captured.

“Don’t come over! Dealing with this kind of shameless guy, it’s enough by myself!” Ye Yuan said very disdainfully.

“Hahaha, truly shameless boasting! I want to see how you’ll deal with me! Wei Cheng laughed wildly and said.

“Humph! Wouldn’t you know if you come to try it out yourself?!” Ye Yuan said scornfully.

“Reckless, blind thing! Prepare to die!”

Wei Cheng was fiercely triggered by Ye Yuan’s eyes. Ye Yuan’s talent and capabilities made him jealous until he wanted to go crazy.

With the formidable power of Heaven Enlightenment Realm, Wei Cheng attacked towards Ye Yuan.

Wei Cheng’s strength could not be said to not be strong. Unleashing it in full power at this time, it actually gave people a feeling of peerlessness.



What made everyone’s jaws drop was that this powerful blow of Wei Cheng’s had yet to touch Ye Yuan and he actually flew out backward.

An intense explosion sound rang out of the void in front of Wei Cheng, blasting him flying immediately.

When everyone came back to their senses, there was already an additional youth beside Ye Yuan. How could it be but Fiery?”

All along, Fiery was always one of Ye Yuan’s ace in the hole. Unless forced to, Ye Yuan would not expose Fiery in front of people.

But today’s situation was too difficult to handle. Ye Yuan also had no choice but to let out Fiery’s main body.

Fiery had been cultivating in the Vast Heaven Pagoda all along and had long broken through to Tier 7. Currently, he was already a middle-stage Tier 7 essence fire.

Adding in the fire controlling art Ye Yuan imparted, Fiery’s combat power was right on the brink of late-stage Tier 7.

Just now, Fiery suddenly sneak attacked Wei Cheng. Caught unprepared, Wei Cheng was directly blasted flying out.
Wei Cheng crawled to his feet with a grunt and was just about to hurl all kinds of abuse when a figure already arrived in front of him. It was precisely Ye Yuan!

What Ye Yuan wanted was this effect. How could he give him the chance to catch his breath?

His and Fiery’s cultivation realms both could not compare with Wei Cheng’s. Only by seizing the initiative could there be chances of victory.

Although Wei Cheng’s cultivation realm was high, his fleshy body was more than a grade lower than Ye Yuan’s!


A firm and solid punch smashed right onto Wei Cheng’s body. If not for Wei Cheng’s protective essence energy being too strong, this punch would absolutely blow up his fleshy body!

Even so, he was still smashed flying out by Ye Yuan.


Fiery was long awaiting eagerly for battle already. Controlling the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame behind Wei Cheng, it was another violent explosion!

Wei Cheng’s figure had yet to retreat a few steps when he was actually blasted back to Ye Yuan’s side.

“Fiery, catch well!”

Another sturdy punch smashed Wei Cheng toward Fiery.

Fiery’s figure appeared behind Wei Cheng again bizarrely. Throwing out his palm, it was another intense explosion.

Just like this, Wei Cheng was treated as a human sandbag by Ye Yuan, beating back and forth non-stop. It was incredibly wretchful.

Seeing this odd scene, everyone was staring wide-eyed, their mouths agape.

Was Ye Yuan really a Boundless Realm martial artist? This kind of strength was simply too heaven-defying!

“That … That youth is an … essence fire! My God! Brother Ye actually has a Tier 7 essence fire that gave birth to a primordial spirit! This kind of lucky encounter is simply heaven-defying!” Sheng Jun was long blank from staring.

“Young Lord is absolutely a person with a great destiny. I truly didn’t expect that he actually still has such a trump card!’ Wu Siyuan muttered under his breath too.

“This boy … Just what origins does he have? His trump cards follow one after another, simply without an end! Not only does he possess a Tier 7 primordial spirit, true dragon body, fifth-stage supreme true intent … However, it’s all too perfect to be my new fleshy body! Heh heh.”

The corners of Jia Lan’s mouth smiled strangely, and he vanished with a whoosh!

Ye Yuan and Wei Cheng were in the midst of fierce fighting. Suddenly, he felt his eyes blur. A stream of black qi tunneled right into his body.

Ye Yuan’s body turned stiff abruptly, while Wei Cheng’s body directly flew out far away.