Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Fleeing In Defeat

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“Brother Ye!”

“Young Lord!”

“Big Brother!”

Everyone was greatly shocked when they saw this scene.

The current Ye Yuan was swathed by a cloud of black qi all over his body, his entire person seemingly controlled by something, frozen stiff there.

“This brat is indeed rather peculiar. To be selected by Lord Jia Lan as his new fleshy body, it’s his honor too,” said a Holy Follower.

“En, this brat’s fleshy body realm is even higher than his essence energy cultivation realm. Furthermore, his methods emerge in endless streams; it is indeed conforming to Lord Jia Lan’s requirement. It’s just that his cultivation realm is a little too low,” the other Holy Follower said.

“Cultivation realm is not an issue to Lord Jia Lan. Right now, Lord Jia Lan has already broken free and found a suitable fleshy body too. In a few years’ time, he’ll recover to his peak state.”

The two people did not seem to be surprised about Jia Lan choosing Ye Yuan to be his new fleshy body. They all saw Ye Yuan’s battle earlier. He was indeed most suited for Jia Lan.

When the group of martial artists saw this scene, their eyes were filled with despair.

Unknowingly, Ye Yuan already became their backbone.

Although Ye Yuan’s cultivation was the lowest among them, his means emerged ceaselessly. Even such a powerful existence like Jia Lan suffered losses at his hands repeatedly.

Without any doubt, if there was anyone able to help them defeat the fiendgod, that was only Ye Yuan!

But now, Ye Yuan was actually seized to be possessed!

“It’s over! This time, it’s utterly over!”

Sheng Jun shut his eyes painfully. Regarding what was about to happen next, he already did not need to think anymore.

But right then, a cloud of black qi suddenly flew out from within Ye Yuan’s body.

“AHH! Soul Suppressing Pearl! It’s actually the Soul Suppressing Pearl! How can this brat have such a thing?!”

The fiendgod shrieked as if seeing something terrifying.

Exceeding everyone’s expectations, Jia Lan’s current state was actually even weaker than before he seized possession. Clearly, he suffered heavy injuries once more during this period of time that he was seizing possession!

With a swoosh, Jia Lan actually tunneled into Wei Cheng’s body directly.

Just a slight struggle for a short while and Wei Cheng did not move anymore.

Everyone did not expect that Jia Lan actually chose Wei Cheng as the target for possession in the end.

The pitiful Cloud Watchtower Holy Land’s Young Lord was obliterated by Fiendgod Jia Lan just like that.

He abruptly raised his head, his gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was actually filled with fear!

A fiendgod of his generation actually experiencing fear towards Ye Yuan!

And currently, Ye Yuan actually fell into a slumber after Jia Lan’s possession.

All of this happened too suddenly. Everyone had not figured out what on earth happened. But one thing was certain, Jia Lan failed to take possession of Ye Yuan!

The current Wei Cheng was already no longer Wei Cheng; it was Fiendgod Jia Lan.

He looked at the Ye Yuan who had fallen into a slumber with an expression as dark as water and a conflicted look.

Suddenly, he released powerful fiendish qi once more, directly devouring all of the several dozen martial artists that those two holy followers controlled!

But this time, his recovery was not as quick as last time.

“Damn it! Being severely wounded by the Soul Suppressing Pearl, wanting to recover my strength this time will have to expend even more effort! Luckily, that brat is unable to control the Soul Suppressing Pearl. Otherwise, I would really fail miserably at a simple task this time! The two of you, kill this brat for me! This boy has the Soul Suppressing Pearl. We absolutely can’t let him walk out alive!”

Jia Lan’s words were said to the two Holy Followers.

Those two holy followers clearly had baffled looks too and did not know what happened at all.

Although they did not know what the Soul Suppressing Pearl was, to be able to severely wound Fiendgod Jia Lan, it was clearly some incredible thing.

Hearing Jia Lan’s order, the two people’s hearts went cold.

Ye Yuan could actually even seriously injure Jia Lan. The two of them were really quite fearful now.

“Don’t worry, that boy’s divine soul suffered a serious injury from me just now and has already thoroughly fallen unconscious, without any strength to retaliate anymore. Now is precisely the opportune moment to kill him!” Jia Lan also urged when he saw that the two people were somewhat hesitant.

Hearing Jia Lan’s words, the two people calmed down slightly in their hearts. Their figures moved and attacked Ye Yuan.

“Don’t think about harming Master!”

Even though Blackwind was already an arrow at the end of its flight, he used the last bit of strength at this time too, wanting to stop the two.

But these two people’s strengths were too powerful. The already severely injured Blackwind was clearly not the duo’s match.

Blackwind knew that these two people were very powerful and was already prepared to die.

But right then, an enormous pagoda dropped from the sky, directly crushing the two holy followers into pancakes with a momentum as swift as a sudden peal of thunder that left no time for covering the ears!

When Blackwind saw the situation, he was pleasantly surprised as he said, “Lord Throne! Many thanks to Lord Throne for lending a helping hand!”

A black-robed person appeared in front of everyone. Who could it be if not Long Teng?

Looking at this huge pagoda that suddenly appeared, Jia Lan’s eyes became wide saucers!

“Vast Heaven Stele! It’s the aura of the Vast Heaven Stele! This … This …”

Jia Lan felt like his brain was a little lacking to comprehend it. He never would have thought that on the first day he came out of the Unparalleled Ancient Fiend Sealing Grand Array, not only was he severely wounded by the legendary Soul Suppressing Pearl, he even saw the Vast Heaven Stele which suppressed him back then!

Even though he had never seen before this Vast Heaven Pagoda in front of him, the Vast Heaven Stele’s aura, he recognized it at a glance.

“Fiendgod Jia Lan, right? To actually dare have designs on Ye Yuan. Today, I’ll use this Vast Heaven Pagoda to kill you!” Long Teng’s cold voice transmitted out from the black robes.

Jia Lan’s expression changed several times, his figure abruptly burst out, and actually ran frantically over towards the entrance of the cave, virtually vanishing from everyone’s sights in a blink of an eye.

After Jia Lan left, the Long Teng within the black robes also slightly spat a mouthful of turbid air, seemingly breathing out a sigh of relief.

This series of unforeseen events happened too abruptly, making it too much for Sheng Jun and Wu Siyuan they all to take in.

Until now, they also had not figured out what was going on.

But this black-robed person in front of them saving them was an indisputable fact.

Sheng Jun led the remaining few people, hurriedly came forward to give a bow to Long Teng, and said, “Many thanks for Senior’s life-saving grace! Please accept a bow from Sheng Jun!”

“En, the events that happened here today, you all had best forget all of it. Otherwise … bear the consequences yourself!” Long Teng said coldly.

Sheng Jun and the others, their hearts went cold. He hurriedly said, “Rest assured, Senior. Even if I die, this Junior won’t say a single word!”

“Alright, you guys can go already,” Long Teng said indifferently.

Sheng Jun was stunned and said somewhat hesitantly, “Then Brother Ye he …”

“Ye Yuan naturally have this old man to keep an eye on. You guys just leave!”

Long Teng already said it until like this, Sheng Jun they all naturally did not dare to defy. Giving another bow to Long Teng, they left.

Even though they were unclear about the origins of this black-robed person, his relationship with Ye Yuan was clearly very close. With such a powerful existence like this guarding, Ye Yuan should be fine.

But Sheng Jun looked at his group of people and also had a bitter look.

When coming in, it was in a mighty formation of over a hundred people. Now, there was only around 10 left. The losses actually exceeded 90%.

But he also knew that if not for Ye Yuan, they would probably be completely wiped out long ago.