Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Life And Death Uncertain

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“Cough, cough, cough …”

After everyone left the underground cave, Long Teng suddenly started coughing violently.

Blackwind’s expression changed, and he said, “Lord Throne, you …”

Long Teng waved his hand and gasped for air as he said, “Forcefully deploying the Vast Heaven Pagoda greatly damaged my vitality. If that Fiendgod Jia Lan didn’t leave, I would really be helpless against him.”

Turns out that earlier, Long Teng cutting down the two Holy Followers with the momentum of a thunderbolt was just for the sake of scaring away Jia Lan.

And he himself merely just had the power of one attack. The composure from before was all feigned.

Blackwind still found it odd previously. Since Long Teng had such formidable strength, why didn’t he come out earlier?

Looks like, deploying this Vast Heaven Pagoda was also an immense burden on Long Teng.

“Lord Throne, is Master … okay?” Looking at the unconscious Ye Yuan, Blackwind said worriedly.

Long Teng’s brows furrowed and he shook his head and said, “I can’t tell either. Maybe he can wake up, maybe … he’ll never wake up again. Sigh, earlier, Fiendgod Jia Lan’s actions were too swift. Even I didn’t react to it as well. Jia Lan’s fiendish sense was too powerful, virtually tearing Ye Yuan’s divine soul into shreds instantly.”

Blackwind’s expression changed as he said, “What? His divine soul was torn into shreds? Doesn’t that mean that Master is already a dead man now?”

Long Teng hesitated for a moment before saying, “Logically speaking, it’s indeed so! But I don’t know why, Ye Yuan’s torn up divine soul did not dissipate, but it retained a hint of lifeforce without extinguishing. That Jia Lan also said before previously, Ye Yuan obtained a Soul Suppressing Pearl. Looks like it’s some incredible treasure. Perhaps that Soul Suppressing Pearl really can bring Ye Yuan back to life, who knows.”

Talking until here, he was secretly alarmed too.

From the Endless World to the Divine Realm, Long Teng already followed Ye Yuan for a very long time and had always been observing Ye Yuan in the dark.

He thought he already knew Ye Yuan like the back of his palm. But looking at it now, Ye Yuan actually still had many secrets on him which he did not know.

Long Teng boasted of having extensive knowledge and experience, but this whatever Soul Suppressing Pearl, it was still his first time hearing of it.

A thing which even Fiendgod Jia Lan was extremely fearful of was bound to not be an ordinary item.

“Then … when will Master wake up?” Blackwind calmed down slightly in his heart, but he still asked worriedly.

“Now, that is uncertain. Maybe three days, maybe a month, maybe … he’ll never wake up again. But Ye Yuan is a person possessing great destiny. He shouldn’t die young. This place should already have no dangers. You keep guard over him,” Long Teng heaved a sigh and said.

Finished talking, Long Teng leaped, and entered inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, while the Vast Heaven Pagoda became small once more and enter inside Ye Yuan’s body.

In a wink, two months passed. From the White Valiant Region’s seven great Holy Lands, there were six Young Lords who perished in the boneyard. This caused a massive upheaval in the White Valiant Region.

Through the Soaring Rainbow Holy Land and the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, two great Holy Lands’ exaggeration, the boneyard already became the White Valiant Region’s restricted area. Nobody dared to step foot in it anymore.

In fact, the one who suffered the greatest loss was probably the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

Tu You finally managed to find a successor. Now, his life and death were uncertain. This was a tremendous blow to him.

Two months without news, clearly, hope for Ye Yuan to return alive was already very bleak.

Tu You already did not have many good years left. This period of time, he could be said to pass each day as if it were a year. Every day was spent in the midst of torment.

On this day, he seriously could not sit still anymore and finally went to get Chen Qi.

“Chen Qin, I plan on making a trip to the boneyard to investigate what’s going on! Even though Wu Siyuan repeatedly said that I can’t go down, not going to take a look at Ye Yuan’s fate, I still can’t set my mind at ease,” Tu You said.

Chen Qin’s face revealed a complicated expression. About Tu You’s condition, he saw it clearly too, but he was at a loss on what to do.

These two months, Tu You’s entire person aged considerably again. At this rate, Chen Qin reckoned that it would be very hard for Tu You to even make it through next year.

Chen Qin took it into his sights, was anxious in his heart, but could not do anything at all.

“Holy Lord, Wu Siyuan said before, there’s a senior with unfathomable strength guarding Ye Yuan. It should be fine, right? He exhorted over and over again, that Senior forbade people from going to the boneyard. Holy Lord going there, what if you offend him? What to do then?” Chen Qin said.

“I don’t care anymore! At most, just kill me and be done with it! This body of mine already can’t last for much longer. Finally managed to find Ye Yuan, this fine sapling, I’m not reconciled to it!” Tu You said.

Chen Qi was helpless and could only say, “Holy Lord, I’ll go! This Crimson Afterglow Holy Land still needs Holy Lord to take charge of the overall situation!”

But Tu You said firmly, “No, this time, I’ll go personally! With my current condition, I can’t last for much longer anymore. If I die, then I die, no big deal. After I’m gone, this Crimson Afterglow Holy Land will temporarily be administered by you! Understood?”

“Holy Lord!” Chen Qin said anxiously.

Tu You waved a hand and said, “My will is set, no need to say anymore!”

Finished talking, Tu You prepared to get up and leave.

Right at this time, a voice transmitted throughout the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

“Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s members listen up! I limit you all to hand over Ye Yuan within ten breaths of time! Otherwise, kill without mercy!”

Tu You and Chen Qin exchanged glances, both seeing the serious looks in the other party’s eyes.

“The person outside is clearly threatening us, making no attempt to conceal his strength in the slightest! The arrival’s strength is so strong, likely … Third Level Dao Profound strength!” Tu You said solemnly.

Chen Qin frowned and said, “When did Ye Yuan provoke such a powerful enemy? This kind of adversary, our Crimson Afterglow Holy Land isn’t a match at all! Holy Lord, what should we do?”

“Ten!” The powerhouse outside already started counting down.

Tu You looked up and heaved a long sigh as he said, “Could it be that the heaven wants my Crimson Afterglow dead?”

“Holy Lord, we’d better go out and take a look first. Perhaps … there’s still room for maneuver.” Chen Qin said.

Tu You nodded slightly and said, “There’s only this as well!”

Facing such an expert, the two people did not dare to dawdle. This time, Tu You personally took the field.

Tu You flew into the air, but he discovered that the enemy only had two people. He slightly breathed out a sigh in relief inwardly too.

One was a middle-aged man. This person’s strength was unfathomable, it was that Third Level Dao Profound powerhouse, while the other was a young man, also Ninth Level Phaseless Realm!

“I wonder how did Ye Yuan offend milords, I’ll offer an apology on his behalf to you gentlemen, is that good?”

Tu You this Dao Profound Realm expert already lowered his attitude very low.

A large group of martial artists already gathered outside at this time. Each and every one with an appearance as if facing a great enemy.

But when they saw Tu You, they were stupefied.

“Isn’t that the Holy Lord? He … Why is he like this?”

“No way, right? That old man at the end of his life is really Holy Lord Tu You? This … How is this possible?”

“Turns out the rumours were true! Even though Holy Lord Tu You is still around, he … is already not far from passing away while in meditation.”

When the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s martial artists saw Tu You, they all did not dare to believe their own eyes.

However, that young man did not care so much. He just nonchalantly said one sentence, “Not good!”