Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Overbearing Attitude

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“Zhou Yu, what are you still stoning there for? Continue counting down. After ten breaths, if I don’t see Ye Yuan, you all will have to be buried with him! No, wait, another breath of time passed just now, it should be eight breaths,” the young man said coldly.

This young man was none other than precisely the Zhou Yan who came all the way here!

Zhou Yan’s attitude was overbearing right now, not giving Tu You a chance to speak at all.

His objective was very simple, that was in order to capture Ye Yuan!

Tu You’s expression was very ugly. His attitude was already placed subserviently, but the other party did not go for it in the slightest.

His appearance clearly already utterly shattered the false impression that he constructed for many years. But right now was already the Crimson Afterglow’s most critical moment, Tu You could not care that much anymore.

Tu You gritted his teeth and said, “Not hiding from this Little Brother, but Ye Yuan isn’t in the Holy Land at the moment.”

“Seven!” Zhou Yu still counted down unhurriedly.

Zhou Yan darted Tu You an indifferent glance and said with a cold smile, “Holy Land? A First Level Dao Profound on the verge of death also dares to call this place a Holy Land? Heh heh, whether he’s here or not, I don’t care. I only know that he is your place’s young lord. Finding you guys is definitely not wrong! Also, little brother is not what you can call.”

Tu You’s face fell, angered by Zhou Yan until his entire body trembled.

This Zhou Yan was completely unreasonable. Ye Yuan’s life and death was uncertain right now, where on earth would he go to find Ye Yuan?

Even if Ye Yuan were really here, he would not hand Ye Yuan over either!

But this Zhou Yan was too unbridled, thinking nothing of the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land at all.

“Pushing others too far! Do you think that by bringing a Third Level Dao Profound expert here, this Emperor will really be scared of you? Humph! We won’t hand Ye Yuan over. If you really want to pester unreasonably, this old man will cut you down right here even if I risk my life too!” Zhou Yan was clearly not giving Crimson Afterglow a way out. Tu You finally exploded.

Although he was already an expiring lamp without oil at present, using all of his power, cutting down a Phaseless Realm martial artist was still achievable, even if the other party brought along a Third Level Dao Profound Realm powerhouse!

Zhou Yan raised his eyebrow slightly and gave Tu You a disdainful look as he laughed, “Oh? With just the likes of you, an old fellow halfway buried into the dirt, you dare to talk drivel too? Huhu, fine, this young master will give you this opportunity! If you can touch me even a little, what’s the harm if sparing you all?”

Tu You’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Are you challenging me one-on-one here?”

“Dealing with trash like you, how is there a need for Zhou Yu to take action? If not for the sake of making provisions for contingencies, I wouldn’t even bring Zhou Yu here,” Zhou Yan said nonchalantly, his words filled with contempt towards the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

“You’re the one who said it!”

Although Tu You was very displeased with Zhou Yan’s disdain, this guy’s arrogance gave the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land a chance.

Without the slightest hesitation, Tu You sent a palm straight towards Zhou Yan.

The seemingly ordinary palm encompassed the might of heaven and earth. It was as if the entire world was crushing towards Zhou Yan.

This was a strength of a Dao Profound Realm powerhouse. They did not need to deliberately maneuver heaven and earth essence energy at all. Each and every move encompassed the strength of Heavenly Dao.

In this present era where Divine Dao dwindled to zero, Dao Profound Realm was hailed as the realm closest to Heavenly Dao. Even if it was a First Level Dao Profound, their strength was terrifyingly powerful too.

“Tch, I thought what ultimate move there was. Turns out it’s such a move. Wasting this Young Master’s time! Break for me!”

Zhou Yan just stood where he was, both eyes glaring. The air in front of Tu You suddenly exploded, emitting extremely scorching power.

Tu You was taken by surprise and hit flying out directly by this attack.


Tu You immediately spewed out a mouthful of blood. The death qi on his body was getting increasingly heavier, virtually possible to lose his life at any moment.

He was originally an expiring lamp without oil already, and he could not maneuver heaven and earth essence energy at all. Forcefully taking action, he already brought out the last trace of vitality.

In his state, even just moving would make vitality flow away, let alone attacking with such great intensity like this.

Even if he could cross this hurdle today, Tu You probably could not survive past half a year either.

Receiving this blow, Tu You’s expression changed dramatically and he said, “It’s actually an ocular art, furthermore, the power of flames. You … You’re people of Vastsun City!”

“What?! They are actually Great Xiang Region’s Vastsun City’s people! That’s a Rank One Holy Land!”

“This … Isn’t Young Lord an ascender? How did he provoke Vastsun City, this kind of leviathan?”

“It’s over, this time! It’s utterly over! With Vastsun City’s strength, we wouldn’t even be sufficient to fill the gaps between their teeth! No wonder this youth is so arrogant. Turns out that he really has the capital to be arrogant!”

Great Xiang Region’s Vastsun City and Bright Moon City were too distinguishable; both renowned throughout the Divine Realm for rarely seen ocular arts. Practically no one did not know these two great cities.

In front of a Rank One Holy Land like this, Crimson Afterglow was completely lacking.

“Heh heh, you old man’s strength is lacking, but you have some experience and knowledge. That’s right, we came precisely from Vastsun City. If you don’t want Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Dao teachings to be eradicated, I advise that you guys better hand Ye Yuan over!” Zhou Yan said smugly.

Tu You shook his head and said, “Ye Yuan he really isn’t in the holy land. Forgive this old man for not being able to hand him over!”

Zhou Yan’s expression turned cold, and he said in a solemn voice, “Humph!Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit! Looks like you want to use the entire Crimson Afterglow to be buried together with him! Forget it, this Young Master will fulfill your wishes!”

At this point, Tu You did not have any more thoughts of getting lucky either.

Although he did not know how Ye Yuan offended Zhou Yan, Zhou Yan’s hatred towards Ye Yuan, he could feel it distinctly.

This grievance of Zhou Yan’s was probably not that easy to resolve.

“Crimson Afterglow’s people listen up! Today, Crimson Afterglow has encountered a foreign enemy! This old man beseeches everybody in the name of the Holy Lord; unity of will is like a fortress, repel the foreign enemy!” Tu You suddenly said to everyone in a clear voice.

This shout was to have a last-ditch battle.

For so many years, Tu You managed Crimson Afterglow firmly like a metal bucket. Even though he had not shown face for many years, his prestige was still there.

Adding in Zhou Yan’s merciless tone, everyone was already long aware in their hearts that there was no way to escape by sheer luck. So they flashed their weapons one after another, planning on taking a final plunge.

Seeing this kind of situation, Zhou Yan’s expression was as dark as water. He did not expect that this lousy Rank Nine Holy Land would actually rather the whole army be completely annihilated and also not be willing to hand over a young lord who had just ascended not long ago.

What capabilities did Ye Yuan have? Why did everyone all want to revolve around him?

The present Zhou Yan was already on the brink of rampaging. He snapped, “A bunch of thick-headed things! Since you guys are seeking death, then this Young Master will send you on your way! Zhou Yu, kill for me! Don’t leave even a fragment of armor behind!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

After Zhou Yu voiced his assent, a powerful pressure instantly enveloped the entire holy land.

Third Level Dao Profound strength was exhibited without holding back in the slightest.

“Mighty Heaven Vastsun Palm!”

Zhou Yu stood in the air and smacked a palm down. Only to see an enormous palm formed from flames slap downwards directly.

This enormous palm was seemingly an apocalyptic divine palm to Crimson Afterglow. That horrifying energy undulation made everyone give up all hope within.