Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 848

Chapter 848 One Year

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In the holy hall, all of the Crimson Afterglow’s elders were shockingly present.

Inside the holy hall at present was dead silent. Each and every one of them did not know how to start talking.

Too many things happened today. Everyone had yet to digest it.

Finally, it was still Tu You who was the first to speak up.

“Gentlemen, these few years, this Emperor was also compelled against my will to linger on with my final breath of life until today. It’s just that didn’t expect Ye Yuan could actually invite such a major power to specially refine a Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill for this Emperor. Honestly speaking, I don’t know what to say right now as well.”

Tu You was indeed very complicated in his heart. His original intent was to groom Ye Yuan to take over.

But little did he think that Ye Yuan actually secretly requested that level of existence to refine the Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill, this kind of heaven-defying medicinal pill, for him.

This favor was owed too great.

Even throwing in the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land could not match this medicinal pill’s value either!

Ye Yuan was clearly just a Lower Realm martial artist who had ascended not long ago. His cultivation realm was merely Boundless Realm. But he actually had enemies like the Vastsun City and also had friends like that mysterious person.

This level of connections was completely not what a Rank Nine Holy Land like the Crimson Afterglow could stick a foot in.

Putting aside that Zhou Yan only brought along Zhou Yu, even if Zhou Yan came by himself, eradicating the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was also plenty to spare.

Dao Profound versus Phaseless indeed had an overwhelming advantage.

But this kind of advantage was not absolute.

To Zhou Yan, this level of genius, he could rely on powerful concepts comprehension to heaven-defyingly defeat a First Level Dao Profound.

Moreover, the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil, this kind of ocular art’s lethality was extremely formidable. Crossing realms to battle was even more like having a common meal.

These made Ye Yuan’s identity become even more mysterious.

Making Ye Yuan become the Crimson Afterglow’s Young Lord seemed to have become a joke. Because Ye Yuan was someone on a completely different level from them.

When Chen Qin saw the situation, he hastily said the reason for Tu You’s great loss in longevity. Everyone felt lingering fear after hearing it too.

But after Wu Siyuan heard it, his expression changed drastically and said, “Holy Followers! We ran into two very powerful opponents in the boneyard! They called themselves Holy Followers!”

Tu You’s expression changed. He did not think that such an incident even happened before in the boneyard.

After Wu Siyuan returned, he always had carefully avoided mentioning the boneyard matters. This was still his first time opening his mouth to mention about the matters that happened underground.

It was just that Tu You never thought that Wu Siyuan actually ran into Holy Followers at the boneyard. Furthermore, it was two at once!

“What?! You guys ran into two Holy Followers? No wonder the casualties were so severe! It’s just that … those Holy Followers all had extremely formidable strength, you guys … how did you guys escape?” Tu You said in puzzlement.

He himself had exchanged blows with a Holy Follower before and was naturally aware of a Holy Follower’s prowess.

If not for the Crimson Afterglow’s forbidden art being powerful, he would have long been killed by the other party already. Even so, Tu You still lost the Crimson Afterglow’s most valuable treasure before considering it spending money to get rid of a calamity.

“This … They … They were killed by Ye Yuan!” Wu Siyuan ruminated for a moment before saying.

“What did you say?! The … The two Holy Follower were both killed by Ye Yuan? How is that possible?” Tu You said in disbelief.

“Holy Lord, the specific circumstances, I can’t tell you. Otherwise, the entire Crimson Afterglow might suffer a disastrous calamity,” Wu Siyuan said with a frown.

That black-clothed person’s might, he witnessed it with his own eyes. A pagoda slaying two holy follower experts. Too powerful!

Long Teng’s warning was still ringing in his ears. If this matter was divulged, Long Teng might really do away with witnesses to prevent divulgence of one’s secrets. Even the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was out of the question!

Tu You’s expression turned apprehensive. The matters that happened in the boneyard was clearly even more complicated than he imagined. He nodded his head straight away and said, “Forget it, this Emperor won’t make things difficult for you either. Hopefully, Ye Yuan will be blessed by heaven and can return safe and sound.”

A year’s time passed in a twinkle. But to Ye Yuan, it was an extremely drawn-out process.

He felt like he had a very, very long dream. He walked in the dark, walked and walked, but forever could not walk to the end.

“Where am I? Seems like … my divine soul is being restrained? My divine soul was clearly already torn to shreds by Fiendgod Jia Lan. Why is it still well right now? Could it be … I’m already dead?” Ye Yuan muttered to himself.

This question, he thought for very long in this dark space but failed to find an answer.

Ye Yuan could not figure it out right now, whether he was alive or dead.

“Ugh … Finally came! This will suppression seems to be getting stronger and stronger!”

In this darkness, the only thing that made Ye Yuan feel like he existed was this will suppression.

At set intervals, he would be devastated by this will suppression once. This kind of devastation practically made him had a breakdown.

But in this darkness without any hope, his breakdown meant nothing at all. Because Ye Yuan did not even know whether he was alive or dead right now.

This incomprehensible will suppression was even many times more powerful than that azure dragon will Ye Yuan cut down in the past.

Ye Yuan was wrecked utterly dog-tired by him each time before that will would suddenly disappear as if it had never appeared before.

From the very beginning hundred breaths of time, to later, a quarter of an hour, two hours, then to the current half a day, Ye Yuan felt that he was in the midst of continuously strengthening.

That will was akin to great waves washing away the sand, continuously scouring Ye Yuan’s nerves, making him wish that he was dead.

That sort of feeling was seriously too overwhelmingly depressing.

But right now, Ye Yuan was already thoroughly numb towards this sort of feeling. His endurance was goodness knows how many times stronger compared to when it just started.

“Huuu … Finally passed! Am I kind of asking for it a little right now? Why do I feel somewhat uneasy all over if this will doesn’t come? But being devastated for so long, it seems like my will suppression became considerably stronger too!”

Ye Yuan gave a self-deprecating smile but released his own will suppression. He could distinctly feel that he had grown quite a bit in this dark space.

All of a sudden, there was a blur before Ye Yuan’s eyes. It actually changed scenes!

“Master, you finally woke up! This one year, you worried Blackwind to death!”

Opening his eyes, the first thing Ye Yuan heard was Blackwind’s voice.

Ye Yuan blinked his eyes, clearly still kind of dazed.

“Ugh … Blackwind? I … I came out?” Ye Yuan said sluggishly.

“Came out? What came out? Master, you have always been underground here and didn’t go out!” Blackwind said baffledly.

“En? Underground?” Ye Yuan furrowed his brows. Memories instantly filled his entire head.

He still remembered Fiendgod Jia Lan suddenly making a move at that time, tunneling directly into his sea of consciousness, and grinding up his divine soul.

Then he knew nothing after that.

Right at that time, a burst of mysterious power blasted right onto Jia Lan’s fiendish sense, shocking him out of his sea of consciousness.

After that, darkness descended, wrapping Ye Yuan’s tattered divine soul inside entirely.

Then afterward, it was that infinite torture.