Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Transformation

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Black bead!

What saved him must be the black bead!

This black bead was truly miraculous. His divine soul was already heavily wounded by Fiendgod Jia Lan, and the black bead actually brought him back to life!

Then what confined him inside the dark space was also the black bead?

“Just what the hell is this black bead, to actually be so miraculous!” Ye Yuan muttered.

“What bead is master talking about? Oh, right, when that Fiendgod Jia Lan came out from master’s body, he mentioned before about some Soul Suppressing Pearl,” Blackwind suddenly recalled something and said.

“Soul Suppressing Pearl?” Ye Yuan was stunned but had never heard this name before.

Back then, when he obtained this black bead from the Grand Yan True Sect’s ruins, it entered his sea of consciousness incomprehensibly.

And it also saved him several times at critical junctures.

This time, it even forcefully dragged him back from an extent from impending death, fully restoring his tattered divine soul.

“En? You said just now … one year? I’ve already slept here for a year’s time?” Ye Yuan suddenly recalled something and said in surprise.

“Yes, Master. In the beginning, Blackwind was very worried about Master’s safety. But later, although Master did not wake up, you continuously broke through cultivation realms in your sleep, making Blackwind endlessly amazed. Only then did I set my mind at ease. Just earlier, Master actually directly broke through to Heaven Enlightenment Realm in your sleep and didn’t even trigger any heavenly tribulation. It’s seriously too incredible!”

After Ye Yuan fell into a coma, his aura had always been vague and fleeting, looking very frightening, as if he might pass away at any time. Blackwind was also anxious but could not do anything by the side, completely at a loss on what to do.

But after this kind of state kept persisting for a period of time, not only did Ye Yuan not die, he directly broke through a minor cultivation realm instead, breaking through to the Fifth Level Boundless Realm.

This discovery made Blackwind unbelievably shocked.

He was already going to die and could actually still break through?

Then, around a month’s time passed again, Ye Yuan actually broke through once more!

In one year, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm actually soared rapidly, breaking through all the way to peak Ninth Level Boundless realm.

From the initial-most worry, Blackwind became astonished.

Ye Yuan’s situation was too strange. Blackwind had no way of understanding at all.

But one thing was certain, Ye Yuan was already fine!

Which dying person could still break through continuously?

But recently, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm already reached the nodal point of breaking through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm. Blackwind became worried again.

This heavenly tribulation from Middle Three Realms to Upper Three Realms was not that easy to transcend.

But just now, Ye Yuan directly broke through to Heaven Enlightenment Realm, and he did not even trigger the heavenly tribulation!

Breaking through the Middle Three Realms, one must experience a major heavenly tribulation once. With Ye Yuan’s strength, this heavenly tribulation’s power was bound to not be small.

But right now, he already finished breaking through, and even a hint of the heavenly tribulation could not be seen. This really made Blackwind’s jaws drop.

Ye Yuan also could not quite make head or tail of it but recalled his experiences inside the dark space.

Could it be that the will devastation in the dark space was actually cultivation?

Ye Yuan immediately examined his own divine soul and discovered that between the eyebrows of his divine soul, there was indeed an additional eye!

This was the hallmark of breaking through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm, opening a heavenly eye!

Upper Three Realms gained enlightenment on Dao. The so-called Heaven Enlightenment Realm was the divine soul unlocking a heavenly eye and could have a preliminary glimpse into the secrets of Heavenly Dao.

This heavenly eye was a kind of resonance between the divine soul and Heavenly Dao. Martial artists could see the power of laws that they could not see in the past through the heavenly eye, and comprehend these power of laws and use them for themselves from there.

Wanting to reach this step was a tremendous test to Middle Three Realms martial artists.

One must comprehend sufficiently profound concepts before breaking through to Heaven Enlightenment Realm to be able to open up the heavenly eye easier.

And after opening the heavenly eye, martial artists’ speed of comprehending concepts would be dozens of times faster compared to before!

Especially those genius martial artists, their comprehension speed could increase hundreds, thousands of times. Heaven Enlightenment Realm was the realm where one truly soared to the skies in one move.

Therefore, reaching Heaven Enlightenment Realm, martial artists’ strength would have a qualitative leap. Boundless Realm, martial artists were completely inadequate to look at in front of Heaven Enlightenment Realms.

However, precisely because comprehending concepts before Heaven Enlightenment Realm was more difficult, it was even harder to come by for Ye Yuan to be able to comprehend a supreme true intent to the fifth-stage before Heaven Enlightenment Realm.

In terms of concepts comprehension, Ye Yuan did not choose the easy way in the least bit. He relied on his comprehension abilities to understand it step by step.

Ye Yuan examined his essence energy sea again and discovered that his essence energy sea already reached a horrifying circumference of one million feet unknowingly.

This level was as many as dozens of times of ordinary Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists.

Solely in terms of essence energy sea, Ye Yuan could compare to middle-stage Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists now too.

“Truly inconceivable! My soul force actually already reached middle-stage Alchemy Saint!”

What surprised Ye Yuan more was still his soul force.

In the past, Ye Yuan’s divine soul realm always followed his cultivation realm. Even if his soul force already reached the level of great circle of perfection, it was also not possible to break through the body’s fetters.

But now, he actually smashed these fetters!

Ye Yuan had never heard before that someone’s divine soul realm could actually break through the body’s limits.

Even if your divine soul cultivation method was cultivated any more fearsomely, it was also impossible for initial-stage Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists to cultivate to middle-stage Alchemy Saint.

But now, Ye Yuan did it!

“What? Master just broke through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm and your soul force actually already reached middle-stage Alchemy Saint? This … How is this possible?” Blackwind was shocked to the core.

Ye Yuan gave a bitter laugh. A surge of powerful soul force was released.

Sensing Ye Yuan’s soul force, Blackwind’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Really middle-stage Alchemy Saint! My God, how can such a miraculous thing happen in this world?”

Blackwind was already unable to use words to describe his astonishment. This sort of impossible to happen thing actually really happened in front of him.

No matter what divine soul cultivation method one cultivated in, it was not possible to break through to the next level at a corresponding cultivation realm. This was common sense.

But the current Ye Yuan shattered this common sense.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, “I don’t know what’s going on either. Looks like the problem still occurred with the Soul Suppressing Pearl. Seems like I still have to find Jia Lan when there’s a chance and inquire about this Soul Suppressing Pearl’s matters from him.”

Jia Lan coming into being should originally be a matter that made the Divine Realm fall into immense terror, but he was severely injured by Ye Yuan.

Especially the time where he seized possession, Jia Lan’s fiendish sense probably injured his foundations. He completely had no way of recovering to his peak state within a short time.

If Ye Yuan met Jia Lan again, Ye Yuan believed that he should have sufficient strength to deal with him.

“Master breaking through the body’s limits, this kind of thing, you must take care not to expose it in front of people. Otherwise, it will stir up huge problems,” Blackwind said with a solemn face.

Once this sort of thing was revealed, Ye Yuan was surely be treated as a lab rat, drawing countless people’s covetous eyes.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “You don’t need you to remind me about this. I naturally got it. Oh, right, I remember that there were still two Holy Followers at that time. Those two people’s strengths were extremely formidable. Why didn’t they attack us?”

Blackwind’s expression dimmed as he said, “Lord Throne, his … condition seems to be very bad!”