Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Sentence You to Death!

Although he coughed up blood, Ye Yuan's aura was steadily rising!

With the Eight Layer Wave to neutralize the impact of the Ten-Directional Lightning Movement, Ye Yuan's injuries were actually not that serious.

Under everyone's astonished eyes, Ye Yuan's cultivation realm swiftly broke through to the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm!

Reaching the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm meant stepping into the final minor stage in the Essence Qi Realm. Ye Yuan's strength would definitely have a huge spike!

However, the astonishment that Ye Yuan brought to the crowd had not ceased.

After breaking through to the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm, Ye Yuan's aura did not weaken. He continued charging to the peak of the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm.

In one breath, Ye Yuan reached the peak of the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm.

And then, he easily crossed the threshold of the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Only then, did Ye Yuan's aura gradually stabilize, stopping at the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm.

"Holy crap! What medicinal pill did Ye Yuan eat? To actually directly breakthrough two minor realms!"

"What the f*ck! If one had this sort of medicinal pill, then wouldn't jumping ranks to battle be like playing?"

"Hehe. Looks like Senior Apprentice Brother Lin put himself on the spot! Just now, Ye Yuan's cultivation realm was too low, so even if he used the Eight Layer Wave, he could not threaten him. But now, Ye Yuan's Eight Layer Wave will be terrifying!"

"Yeah. If they clashed again, the victor would be hard to determine!"

A Five Elements Spirit Link pill was a medicinal pill that belonged to the Divine Realm. A mortal country naturally had not heard of it before.

This type of medicinal pill was indeed very powerful, but it was not without its drawbacks.

After the medicinal effects fade, the martial artist's body will collapse because it could not handle a strength that did not belong to their realm.

And the medicinal effects of the Five Elements Spirit Link Pill could only be sustained for the period of time it takes to burn one stick of incense.

Once an incense of time is up, Ye Yuan would no longer have any combat ability, and could only let people carve him up.

Hence, Ye Yuan must finish this swiftly now.

"Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm! Now, there's a good show to watch! How could there be such a medicinal pill? I've never heard of it before. It's too shameless! Ah! My Spirit Essence Pill! My Sharp Horned Beast inner core!" Zuo Bugui recovered from his shock and pounded his chest in anguish.

Long Tang, on the other hand, was staring as clearly as if gazing at a blazing fire. He frowned and said, "This medicinal pill definitely has a time limit. If Ye Yuan can't finish off Lin Tiancheng quickly, then he will really be dead!"

Zuo Bugui exclaimed in surprise, "So that's the case! Like I said if eating one medicinal pill could raise two minor realms, then what's the point of cultivating? But even if there's a time limit, this medicinal pill is also very terrifying. It's seriously a necessary medicinal pill for jumping ranks to battle!"

Long Tang said in agreement, "That's right. Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm coupled with the Eight Layer Wave. Ye Yuan truly has the capital to battle with Lin Tiancheng now. However . . . they're at best on par. None of them can do anything to the other. If Ye Yuan doesn't have any other hidden cards . . . chances of victory aren't great."

"Doesn't this mean that your Spirit Essence Pill is going to enter my pockets again?" Zuo Bugui laughed loudly.

Long Tang smiled and kept silent.

On the other side, Su Family's uncle and nephew were repeatedly shocked by Ye Yuan's actions.

"These medicinal pills are definitely not refined by Ye Hang. Otherwise, Wan Donghai would have been chased out of the capital long ago! There's definitely an extremely powerful alchemist behind Ye Yuan!" Su Yubai said gloomily.

Su Yishan's face did not look good either. "If that's the case, wouldn't we have to spare the rat to save the dishes? What if . . ."

"There is no what if! No matter how powerful that alchemist is, can he be stronger than the Tranquil Cloud Sect? With our Su Family's power in the Tranquil Cloud Sect, who dares to provoke us?" Su Yubai directly cut Su Yishan's off.

"Second Uncle is wise! Since that alchemist let him enter the Dan Wu Academy, he would have nothing to say if Ye Yuan was sentenced to death after violating the academy's rules."

"That's the idea. This world has always been run by strength. As long as we are strong enough, then killing him means he's dead. What can he do to us? An alchemist's strength isn't that great, so what can he do even if he's an Alchemy King?"

. . . . . .

"Do you see it now?" Ye Yuan wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a cold smile.

Lin Tiancheng's face fell, but he remained stubborn as he said, "Humph! It's just a temporary increase in cultivation realm. Flashy but without substance. What's the use?"

"Whether it's flashy without substance or not, wouldn't you know after trying?" Ye Yuan hooked his finger at Lin Tiancheng contemptuously.

"Putting aside the fact that you are a fake Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm, what can you do even if you're a real Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm?"

Lightning danced around Lin Tiancheng's fist, and his Seven Star Steps activated once more.

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and smacked out with an Eight Layer Wave again. The aura was much stronger than before!

After crossing the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm, Ye Yuan's strength rose another minor stage, and the Eight Layer Wave's power became extraordinary.

One fist and one palm met in an instant.

But right then, an abnormality occurred.

Just as the two of them were only a few steps away from each other, Ye Yuan suddenly changed his palm into a finger. An absolutely powerful force blasted out from the fingertip.

Initially, Lin Tiancheng was full of confidence. But now, his expression changed drastically as the scent of death pounced from straight ahead!

He could feel the terror of the invisible force from Ye Yuan's fingertip. Even though the area was not large, that small radius of force was incomparably powerful.

However at this time, his speed had already reached the limits, and there was no leeway to maneuver.

The distance of a few steps was too short! There was not even time to blink.

Lin Tiancheng wanted to evade this finger with all his might, but he could not do it with his body's reaction.

Ye Yuan had long calculated the time accurately and did not give Lin Tiancheng the time to switch moves.

He aimed to kill, not to spar. How could he possibly give Lin Tiancheng the chance to turn things around?


Lin Tiancheng's protective essence energy was punched through like paper. The invisible force penetrated Lin Tiancheng's fist instantly, but the momentum did not lessen as it directly pierced through his heart!

Lin Tiancheng's body collapsed weakly on the ground. He was no longer breathing!

Absolute Yang Finger!

This was Ye Yuan's real killing move!

During this period, apart from cultivation, Ye Yuan spent the majority of the time on the Absolute Yang Finger.

Now, his Absolute Yang Finger was already cultivated to the great success stage.

This technique, the Absolute Yang Finger, was a complementary martial technique of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. It did not have a fixed grade. If one had to give it a grade, then it should belong to the boundary of Tier 1 martial techniques.

It was just that regardless of cultivating difficulty or power, Tier 1 martial techniques could not be compared to it!

The power of the Absolute Yang Finger trained to the great success stage was already not inferior to low-grade Tier 2 martial techniques.

Only Ye Yuan could train it to the great success stage in such a short time. If it were somebody else, they might not even train it to such a stage even if they were given ten, twenty years.

One had to know that Ye Yuan only used three days to cultivate the Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Eight Layer Wave!

"He . . . he really did it! Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm actually killed a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm!"

"What happened just now? The move that Senior Apprentice Brother Lin was struck by didn't seem to be the Eight Layer Wave!"

"Ye Yuan is seriously too scary! He can actually cross a major realm to do battle, and even kill his opponent!"

These students' vision prowesses were insufficient and did not see Ye Yuan changing his final move clearly.

However, the result was evident at a glance! Ye Yuan did something they found it hard to imagine!

After killing Lin Tiancheng, Ye Yuan was also exhausted. He could not even lift his finger.

Throughout this entire battle, Ye Yuan held the lower-hand all along. His body was already covered with injuries.

He even gave it his all for the final blow, which aggravated his injuries.

"Huuu . . ." Ye Yuan let out a long breath.

But right at this moment, Ye Yuan felt his scalp tingle. An aura powerful enough to suffocate people locked onto him.

"Insolent Ye Yuan! To dare kill your fellow student within the academy! As the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder, I sentence you to death!"

A towering voice suddenly sounded out, which once again made everyone's nerves that had just loosen winded up tightly again.