Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 850

Chapter 850 Chaotic Devil Sea

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Hearing Blackwind telling the situation on that day, Ye Yuan’s expression was very ugly.

After he went into a coma, Long Teng actually forcefully deployed the Vast Heaven Pagoda and slew the two holy followers.

Actually, regarding Long Teng’s identity, Ye Yuan had some surmises long ago.

However, Long Teng did not tell him, so e did not go and expose it either.

Even if the dragon race’s lifespan was a lot longer compared to the human race, it was absolutely impossible for Long Teng to live for 50 thousand years either.

As for what Long Teng said before, Fang Tian letting him survive until now through altering the flow of time, that was even more absurd.

Forget about Long Teng, even Fang Tian himself, as long as he did not break through to Deity Realm, it was absolutely impossible for him to live until now either.

Even if Fang Tian had heaven-defying attainments in the Dao of Time.

If Ye Yuan’s conjectures were right, Long Teng should be the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s artifact spirit!

Although Ye Yuan refined the Vast Heaven Stele, due to his cultivation realm being too low, he was completely unable to unleash the true power of the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

Ye Yuan reckoned that even if the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s grade did not reach divine artifact, it was probably not far off either.

However, Long Teng’s condition being poor was true.

Ye Yuan estimated that during the great monumental battle 50 thousand years ago, Long Teng probably suffered considerable injuries too, resulting in him not recovering until now.

Forcefully deploying the Vast Heaven Pagoda was overly forceful to the Long Teng in this kind of state.

Blackwind said that after Long Teng returned to the Vast Heaven Pagoda, he never came out again either.

Even though Blackwind could not make head or tail of the situation, Long Teng’s weakness, he perceived it.

Ye Yuan’s heart stirred, and he immediately entered inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

At present, Ye Yuan already broke through to Heaven Enlightenment Realm. After entering the Vast Heaven Pagoda, he distinctly sensed that it was somewhat different from before.

Ye Yuan came before the Vast Heaven Stele and sunk his divine sense inside. Some of the hidden space he previously could not sense actually surfaced in his mind vividly.

“That Fang Tian was indeed a monstrous genius, to actually still have such attainments in the Dao of Artifact Refining. Vast Heaven Pagoda is a marvelous creation excelling nature. It’s probably not far from the divine artifact of the legends either.” Ye Yuan sighed with admiration.

Ever since Deity Realm powerhouses vanished, divine artifacts had never appeared in the Divine Realm again.

For Fang Tian to refine the Vast Heaven Pagoda with his own ability, it could be seen how formidable his strength was.

His heart stirred. Ye Yuan’s figure appeared inside a secret space in the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

In here, Ye Yuan could distinctly sense that the flow of time became much slower.

In front of a black silhouette. It was precisely the Long Teng whom he had not met for a long time.

Regarding Ye Yuan’s arrival, Long Teng did not have any reaction at all. He was still sound asleep. If it were normally, Ye Yuan’s appearance would surely have startled Long Teng.

“Senior Long Teng!”

The Long Teng in his slumber slowly opened his eyes, clearly very low-spirited. When he saw Ye Yuan, he could not help revealing a relieved expression.

“Ye Yuan huh, I knew that your, this brat’s, life is tenacious and won’t die that easily! En? You broke through to Heaven Enlightenment Realm? Not bad! Not bad!” Long Teng forced a laugh.

Ye Yuan bowed deeply and said, “Many thanks for Senior’s grace of saving my life!”

“Huhu, you’re the owner of the Vast Heaven Pagoda. Naturally, you can also be called as my master. I obviously can’t watch you be killed by that Jia Lan passively.”

Long Teng saying this was equivalent to tacitly acknowledging his identity as the artifact spirit.

Ye Yuan’s intelligence, he had long bore witness before and knew that Ye Yuan definitely guessed his identity long ago. It was just that Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was still low at that time and did not obtain his true approval. Ye Yuan could not even control the Vast Heaven Pagoda, how could Long Teng easily acknowledge him as his master?

“Senior forcefully deployed the Vast Heaven Pagoda. You have likely already injured your foundation. Can you allow Ye Yuan to do a check?”

Ye Yuan did not have superfluous words of thanks. This kindness, it was enough for him to remember in his heart.

Long Teng nodded his head slightly. Ye Yuan’s soul force crept up and started investigating Long Teng’s situation.

Long Teng trembled slightly and exclaimed in surprise, “You … Your cultivation is at the First Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm, so why would you have middle-stage Alchemy Saint soul force?”

“I can’t make head or tail of this either. But it should be the effect of that whatever Soul Suppressing Pearl, right? Senior, don’t resist, wait for me to check a little while.”

Ye Yuan carefully swept over Long Teng’s body, but his brows knitted together.

Artifact spirit, this kind of existence, was very special. As long as the Vast Heaven Pagoda was not destroyed, Long Teng could survive for an extremely long time.

But for Long Teng, as a proud member of the dragon race, to willingly become the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s artifact spirit, it could be seen that his relationship with Fang Tian was not ordinary.

Although becoming an artifact spirit, he could obtain a long life, the price was to never enter samsara!

The existence of artifact spirits was somewhat similar to divine souls but had differences.

Under normal circumstances, it was very hard for artifact spirits to get injured. But once injured, it was extremely troublesome.

“Looks like that great battle 50 thousand years ago, Senior injured your foundation! Forcefully deploying the Vast Heaven Pagoda, Senior’s wounds added injuries on top of injuries,” Ye Yuan said solemnly.

Long Teng said smilingly, “Looks like you guessed it since long ago. That’s right. During that great battle 50 thousand years ago, the Vast Heaven Pagoda once withstood a heaven-quaking blow from the Heavenly Fiendgod head-on before. The Vast Heaven Pagoda itself suffered tremendous damage, while I also damaged my foundation under that blow. Originally, in these 50 thousand years, my injuries already improved quite a bit. But forcefully deploying the Vast Heaven Pagoda this time aggravated my injuries again. But you don’t have to worry either, I won’t die.”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed slightly when he heard that too. To be able to severely wound the Vast Heaven Pagoda comparable to a divine artifact, that Heavenly Fiendgod’s strength was truly daunting until it made people’s hair stand on its end!

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “Senior, you don’t need to feign composure anymore. Although artifact spirits’ longevity is long, they are not of undying bodies. Your injuries have never gotten better because you injured your foundation, and your self-recovery abilities weakened greatly. If it continues to deteriorate like this, you’ll probably thoroughly perish before long! Looks like I’ll have to make a trip to the Chaotic Devil Sea!”

“Chaotic Devil Sea?” Long Teng said in puzzlement.

The era when Long Teng roamed the Divine Realm unhindered, the factions were already completely different from presently. The name Chaotic Devil Sea, it was still his first time hearing it.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “En! The Chaotic Devil Sea is formed by seven great regions. These seven great regions don’t belong to any forces. In the Chaotic Devil Sea, the strong reigns supreme, going on a killing spree at the word of disagreement. There is no order to speak of whatsoever. It’s a haven for those wicked people and people who aren’t willing to be restricted by rules. In the Chaotic Devil Sea, they don’t look at the background, only strength!”

To the Divine Realm, the Chaotic Devil Sea was a very special place.

That place was utterly chaotic. Killing people to seize treasures was common occurrences. As long as you had sufficient strength, you could live very comfortably there.

Outside martial artists entering, they were completely unable to adapt at all.

Wanting to sit around and do nothing, waiting to die, was totally impossible.

Want to survive, one had to become stronger!

In the Chaotic Devil Sea, there was no lack of some targets wanted by major forces. But as long as they enter the Chaotic Devil Sea, those forces would not be able to do anything about them at all. Even super Holy Lands could not either!

Putting it bluntly, this was a world where the strong feasts and the weak were prey. In that place, it was teeming with the flavor of primitiveness.

“Going to that sort of place for what? Even though you broke through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm, going to that kind of place is too dangerous, right?” Long Teng’s countenance changed as he said.