Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 851

Chapter 851 Young Lord Returning

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Although Long Teng had not been to the Chaotic Devil Sea before, hearing Ye Yuans simple description, he knew that place definitely had a large group of murderous and wicked villains.

That kind of place, experts were probably in abundance.

Experts that were able to survive there, their strengths should definitely be incomparably formidable.

Even those Great Holy Lands geniuses might not be stronger than them.

As for such a place, there were definitely a large group of Dao Profound Realm experts too. That went even more without saying.

Even those Phaseless Realm martial artists might not be people that Ye Yuan could easily cross realms to battle with.

The White Valiant Region was just one of the Divine Realms most remote regions. The martial artists here, their strengths were not very strong. But in the Chaotic Devil Sea, that kind of place could be said to be a place where countless Divine Realm powerhouses gathered.

The two could not be mentioned in the same breath at all.

Therefore, Long Tengs concern was not utterly unjustifiable.

Ye Yuan just smiled and said, "If I cant even handle a Chaotic Devil Sea, my great vengeance dont need to be avenged anymore either. Senior, rest assured. A mere Chaotic Devil Sea, I, Ye Yuan, still wont place in my sights. Seniors injuries cant be delayed. Only by going to the Chaotic Devil Sea can it be treated!"

Long Tengs expression became slightly austere as he said, "Just what does the Chaotic Devil Sea have that you insist on going?"

"Skandha Divine Stone!"

Ye Yuan nonchalantly uttered three words but made Long Tengs expression change drastically.

"What did you say? That Chaotic Devil Sea actually has Skandha Divine Stones?"

"Thats right. What I know at present, in the Divine Realm, only the Chaotic Devil Sea has Skandha Divine Stones. Only Skandha Divine Stones can aid senior to consolidate your foundation and nurture your essence, to recover to your peak condition," Ye Yuan said.

Skandha Divine Stone was a type of extremely rare wondrous item. It had extremely great nourishing effects towards divine souls, primordial spirits, artifact spirits, these types of existences.

Since Long Teng was an artifact spirit, Ye Yuan had no way of refining medicinal pills for him at all. Only the Skandha Divine Stone, which was a kind of heaven and earth wonder, could treat his injuries.

Long Teng gave Ye Yuan a glance with a complicated expression, but he shook his head and said, "This place that produces Skandha Divine Stones is probably exceedingly dangerous, right? With your current strength, its likely too dangerous. And I already dont have strength left to spare to control the Vast Heaven Pagoda one more time again!"

Ye Yuan just smiled when he heard and said, "Senior just have to care about recuperating in this place. Other things, leave them to me."

Finished talking, Ye Yuans mind stirred, and he exited the Vast Heaven Pagoda directly.

Watching Ye Yuans departing back view, Long Teng was slightly dazed. Only after a long time did he scold with a smile, "Stinking brat!"

Although Ye Yuan inherited the Vast Heaven Pagoda, for such a long time, he had always been testing Ye Yuans character.

Therefore, Ye Yuan actually did not truly obtain much help after acquiring the Vast Heaven Pagoda for a long time.

Without his, this artifact spirits, approval, Ye Yuan could not even find this secret space.

But this time, Ye Yuan entering the boneyard without a single backward glance, wanting to slay Fiendgod Jia Lan, finally made Long Teng thoroughly accept Ye Yuan.

This recent period of time, an extremely major incident happened in the White Valiant Region.

The Crimson Afterglow Holy Lands Holy Lord, Tu You, actually gained a new lease on life. After secluding for 10 months, he miraculously broke through to Second Level Dao Profound!

This incident shocked the entire White Valiant Region.

The Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was filled with exultation from top to bottom. The depressing air amassed these few years was instantly swept clean!

The other six Holy Lands Holy Lords all issued greeting cards to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, wanting to come to the White Valiant Region to express felicitations to Tu You.

Helpless, Tu You could only organize a grand ceremony to welcome guests from all over.

"Holy Lord, the six Holy Lands Holy Lords are all already waiting in the great hall," Chen Qin entered and said.

Tu You darted Chen Qin a glance and said,"Sigh,you also know that my lucky breakthrough this time was all thanks to Ye Yuan. Now that Ye Yuans life and death is uncertain, were hosting some grand ceremony in Crimson Afterglow. I cant get past this psychological hurdle!"

Chen Qin said helplessly, "This is also something that cant be helped. Holy Lord breaking through to the Second Level Dao Profound this time, not only does your strength reign supreme in the White Valiant Region, but your longevity also increased several hundred years out of thin air. Although the six Great Holy Lands Holy Lords didnt say it explicitly, for them to come personally to congratulate, they are already expressing their intent to submit. If we dont accept it, it will instead cause everybody to panic. As for Ye Yuan, this subordinate also wishes for him to come back safe and sound soon. But his matters are evidently already not what we can poke our noses into."

"Be that as it may, I keep feeling like I owe Ye Yuan too much in my heart," Tu You said with a sigh.

"Talking about owing, its not a matter of just Holy Lord alone. The entire Crimson Afterglow all owe him far too much," Chen Qin said helplessly.

That Divine King powerhouse said before when giving Tu You the medicinal pill, he owed Ye Yuan a favor.

To be able to make this kind of existence owe a favor, Ye Yuans background was definitely not small.

Therefore, the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was actually very embarrassed right now, especially Tu You. He felt like he owed Ye Yuan too much, but he had no way of repaying Ye Yuan anything.

Especially now that a year had passed, and there was no news about Ye Yuan. This made Tu You feel even more fearful and in suspense.

"Say, do you think Ye Yuan can come back or not?" Tu You said.

Chen Qin could not help choking up, nodding his head, then shaking his head again. But in the end, he did not know what he should say.

According to the way Wu Siyuan said it, Ye Yuan was injured extremely severely at that time. Now, there was already no news for an entire year. The likelihood of survival was probably already very low.

In the end, Tu You gave a long sigh, but he still went out toward the great hall.

In the great hall, the Crimson Afterglow organized a grand celebration. The White Valiant Regions major and minor forces practically all gathered at the Crimson Afterglow, all here to express congratulations to Tu You.

"Congratulations, Holy Lord Tu. Soaring to the skies in one bound this time seriously made people endlessly shocked!"

"Holy Lord Tu is indeed a prodigious talent. In the future, our Cloud Watchtower Holy Land will listen only to the Crimson Afterglows orders!"

"The Crimson Afterglow is well-deserving of being a veteran Holy Land with deep foundations! Holy Lord Tu breaking through to the Second Level Dao Profound this time, you have got to take care of us in the future!"

The ones talking were all Holy Lords.

These Holy Lords had always been contending in secret between themselves to see who could be the first to break through to the Second Level Dao Profound Realm.

And among them, Tu Yous age was the oldest. His hope was naturally the bleakest as well.

These few years, it had always been widely rumored that Tu You entered closed-seclusion, wanting to breakthrough to Second Level Dao Profound, but he had never succeeded.

Not only the Crimson Afterglows own people doubted Tu You, but even these Holy Lords were also very suspicious about Tu Yous situation too.

If not for Tu Yous age being the oldest and his strength being the strongest too, they would probably have made a move long ago to probe.

But now, they never would have thought that among the seven Holy Lords, it was actually Tu You who was the first to break through to the Second Level Dao Profound Realm!

In front of people, Tu You naturally would not display dispirited emotions. He immediately said coolly, "Everybody doesnt have to be courteous. The White Valiant Region is everyones White Valiant Region, not my, Tu Yous, personal White Valiant Region. Our White Valiant Region belongs to the bottom-of-the-barrel existences in the Divine Realm. Everybody should support each other all the more so, like birds of a feather "

When making polite and insincere comments, Tu You did not even blink his eyes.

But right at this time, someone shouted at the top of voice outside the door, "Young Lord came back! Y-Young Lord Ye has returned!"

Tu Yous expression changed, and his face immediately revealed a look of wild elation as he vanished from inside the great hall with awhoosh.

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