Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 852

Chapter 852 Double Happiness

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On the Crimson Afterglow streets, a group of people clustered around a young man, all incredibly excited.

“Young Lord, it’s great that you’re alright! You have no idea, we were all worried sick about you in this one year!”

“Yeah, Young Lord. Elder Wu came back and said that your situation was very bad. We were all worried to death. You’re the hope of our Crimson Afterglow’s future, nothing must happen!”

“Yii, Young Lord, you, you, you … broke through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm already?”

One could tell that these young men truly took Ye Yuan to be like an idol. They were very worried about him this period of time.

Although the time Ye Yuan became the Young Lord was not long, his series of methods still brought everyone into submission.

Even Wu Siyuan yielded, let alone the rest.

Furthermore, Soul Martial Divine King, Zhong Zizhen’s appearance the previous time made Ye Yuan’s prestige in the youngsters’ hearts rise to an impossible height even more.

To have relations with such a terrifying existence, this Young Lord was truly remarkable!

Tu You gaining a new lease on life and breaking through to the Second Level Dao Profound Realm, people coming from all around to pay respects, these were all intricately linked to Young Lord Ye Yuan.

If there were no Ye Yuan, those six holy lords would probably not be here to pay respects but sending out an army to attack instead.

But when they discovered that Ye Yuan actually broke through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm, each and every one of them was so astonished that they could not close their mouths.

Didn’t Wu Siyuan say that Ye Yuan was badly wounded and that his life was in critical danger? Why did he directly break through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm after a year of not appearing in public?

Reality seemed to be entirely different from Elder Wu’s version of things.

Ye Yuan saw through everyone’s doubts, but said smilingly, “What Elder Wu said was right, when he left, I was indeed on the verge of dying. But later, I obtained some good fortune. Not only did my injuries recover fully, I even broke through cultivation realms consecutively.”

Wu Siyuan was at loggerheads with Ye Yuan, this was something that was known to all in the Crimson Afterglow. These youngsters having doubts, that was within reason.

In reality, Wu Siyuan also suffered considerable skepticism in this one year.

They did not know what happened in the boneyard. There were even people who suspected whether or not Wu Siyuan struck a vicious blow against Young Lord.

But the Holy Lord did not seem to look into this matter excessively.

In this one year, Wu Siyuan had constantly lived in the seclusion of his own home and rarely came out. He himself withstood tremendous pressure too.

If not for Wang Zan supporting Wu Siyuan fervently, probably even Tu You would not believe Wu Siyuan either.

Thanks to Ye Yuan, Wang Zan also returned alive this time. And this Wang Zan was First Elder Chen Qin’s trusted confidant.

“Ye Yuan! You … It’s great that you came back!”

A figure flashed, Tu You revealed his figure, his appearance extremely agitated.

Ye Yuan returning safe and sound, a huge rock in his heart finally landed on the ground.

Seeing Tu You appear, the others all gave a bow, then withdrew in succession.

The Crimson Afterglow’s people all understood why Tu You would be so agitated.

Ye Yuan smiled as he cupped his fists and said, “Congratulations to Holy Lord for breaking through to Second Level Dao Profound!”

Those youngsters chiming into the conversation, Ye Yuan also figured out what was going on in the Crimson Afterglow today.

For Tu You to be able to break through to the Second Level Dao Profound Realm indicated that Zhong Zizhen already came by before.

Tu You was originally peak First Level Dao Profound. Except, he had always been stuck at this bottleneck and was unable to break through.

In proportion to the difficulty of refining, the Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill’s medicinal effects were extremely strong too. Tu You breaking through to Second Level Dao Profound was within Ye Yuan’s expectations.

It was just that Ye Yuan did not expect that he would actually be gone for a year’s time.

“What’s there to congratulate about? Any greater joyous occasion can’t match up to your safe return too!”

Tu You went up agitatedly to pull Ye Yuan into his arms, rather like old friends who had not met for many years.

At this time, the other Holy Lords also followed outside. Seeing this scene, they could not help clicking their tongues in amazement.

The relationship between the Holy Lord and the Young Lord can be said to be a relationship of a master and an apprentice as well. But there would never be a Holy Lord with such an attitude towards the young lord.

The Sheng Jun following behind the Cloud Watchtower Holy Lord was rather understanding towards this scene.

He had witnessed before Ye Yuan’s methods underground. He was certain that even if these Holy Lords were present, they absolutely could not do it to Ye Yuan’s sort of extent either.

Furthermore, hearing the news of Tu You breaking through to the Second Level Dao Profound Realm, Sheng Jun’s first reaction was that it had something to do with Ye Yuan!

This was just a kind of intuition. Sheng Jun could not say why either. Tu You had always been announcing that he was in seclusion to assault the Second Level Dao Profound these few years, but he had never succeeded all along.

Now, Ye Yuan just became the young lord and Tu You successfully broke through. This was a bit too coincidental as well.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “What’s Holy Lord saying? You’re the backbone of the Crimson Afterglow. Now that you broke through to the Second Level Dao Profound, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land has at least several hundred years of glory. This is the first-rate joyous occasion for our Crimson Afterglow!”

Ye Yuan’s position in Tu You’s heart was long not what a Young Lord could be summarized with.

But today’s protagonist was Tu You. Ye Yuan obviously would not be a gate-crasher and usurp the host’s place. Furthermore, he was going to leave soon after. Coming back this time was primarily still for the sake of saying goodbye, but he did not expect to just happen to run into the grand celebration.

“Haha, this Emperor has too many things I wish to tell you! Let’s have a good chat later! There are many guests present today, so let’s not neglect them,” Tu You said.

Tu You naturally had a belly full of words he wanted to say to Ye Yuan. But these words were not appropriate to say explicitly in front of people, so he could only hold it in as well.

When those Holy Lords saw Tu You’s joyful appearance, each and every one of their expression turned dim.

Entering the boneyard this time, six out of the seven Great Holy Lands’ Young Lords perished all at once. Only Sheng Jun alone returned. This threw their hearts into turmoil.

To be able to become the Young Lord, each one of them depended on numerous resources of the Holy land. The Holy Lords definitely also expended painstaking effort.

Losing it all at once, it was hard for them to avoid feeling downcast in their hearts.

It was just that they never thought that after a time interval of a year, Ye Yuan actually survived miraculously. It touched their sore spot all of a sudden.

“Gentlemen, today, my Crimson Afterglow is blessed with two joyous events at the same time. This Emperor is very happy. Everybody, come into the great hall! Ee won’t return without getting drunk!” Tu You said heroically.

Seeing Ye Yuan return safe and sound, he was too happy in his heart. As for his current behavior, it was very different from how he usually acted.

These Holy Lords were all shrewd and astute and naturally perceived something different. Regarding this Crimson Afterglow’s newly ascended Young Lord, they all cast over curious looks.

When he was passing by Sheng Jun, Sheng Jun also said with a cheerful look, “Brother Ye being able to return safely, this Sheng is glad from the bottom of my heart! I just didn’t expect that Brother Ye profited from a misfortune this time and actually broke through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm.”

When Sheng Jun saw Ye Yuan, he was incomparably shocked in his heart too.

Having his divine soul minced by Fiendgod Jia Lan, not only did Ye Yuan’s injuries recover fully, he even broke through a major cultivation realm in a year’s time. This was simply something inconceivable.

Ye Yuan gave Sheng Jun a glance with a profound meaning and said smilingly, “Time waits for no man, Brother Sheng got to buck up too. Perhaps someday when the Divine Realm gets thrown into chaos, I still have to rely on Brother Sheng’s strength!”

Sheng Jun’s heart went cold, immediately feeling greater pressure.

The might of the fiendgod was already deeply imprinted in his mind. If Fiendgod Jia Lan really could recover to his pinnacle strength, that would truly be a great calamity to the Divine Realm!