Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Send Off

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“What?! You … You want to go to the Chaotic Devil Sea?”

After the great celebration, Tu You dragged Ye Yuan into a hidden chamber without delay to carry out a conversation.

But the words Ye Yuan’s threw out gave Tu You a fright.

“Yes. I have important things and must make a trip to the Chaotic Devil Sea!” Ye Yuan nodded and said.

“But … But …”

Ye Yuan suddenly mentioning that he wanted to leave thoroughly threw Tu You’s tempo into confusion. He actually did not know what to say for a moment.

Only after thinking for a long time, did Tu You say, “Then … will you still be coming back?”

At present, Tu You was already aware that the Crimson Afterglow, this temple, was too small, and simply could not accommodate Ye Yuan, a great deity.

It was just that Tu You never expected that this day would actually arrive so quickly.

Ye Yuan was naturally aware of Tu You’s concerns and said smilingly, “Rest assured, Holy Lord. No matter where I go, I’ll always be the Crimson Afterglow’s Young Lord. But I probably can’t make it back for a short while.”

This sentence represented Ye Yuan’s promise to Tu You.

When Ye Yuan soared in the future, he would absolutely pull the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land along.

It was just that right now, Ye Yuan was unable to stay in the Crimson Afterglow anymore. Ye Yuan was carrying too many things on his shoulders. He had more things to do.

A measly little Crimson Afterglow was not his stage.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Tu You’s expression became complicated. He finally gave a sigh and said, “Ever since that Lord appeared, I knew that you’d leave sooner or later one day. But didn’t expect that it was so soon. Since your mind is made up, I won’t hold you back anymore. This life of mine was given by you. If you have any needs, feel free to speak.”

“That’s not right, Holy Lord. The Crimson Afterglow’s foundation, the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, was ruined by me. Ye Yuan is seized with fear! Just a measly little Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill, Holy Lord don’t have to worry about it,” Ye Yuan said.

The value of the primeval dragon bone was far above that of the Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill. Its significance to Ye Yuan was absolutely not what a Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill could compare to either.

If not for so, how could Ye Yuan possibly utilize such a huge favor to make the Soul Martial Divine King of the Ten Great Divine Kings, Zhong Zizhen, take action to refine this Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill?

Ye Yuan could feel that Tu You was truly planning on grooming him as the successor, so he had quite a favorable impression towards Crimson Afterglow as well.

But Tu You shook his head and said, “The Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool’s significance was actually already not great to Crimson Afterglow. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have kept on going downhill too. Forefather, that sort of peerless genius, is not so easy to show up. You being able to walk to the seventh level of the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool was already a miracle to the Crimson Afterglow.”

The Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool was good, but not everybody could walk to the seventh level region.

Except that this time, the Crimson Afterglow really produced several fine saplings. Especially Ye Yuan, he actually walked to the final level. This was already a tie with Forefather’s record.

If there were no accidents, Ye Yuan breaking through to the Divine King Realm was no issue at all!

One had to know that the forefather was an existence comparable to the Ten Great Divine Kings. His strength was unfathomable.

Furthermore, no matter which aspect one looked at, Ye Yuan’s talent was heaven-defyingly scary. His future accomplishments might not be lower than Forefather’s.

“Oh, right, with that guy’s temperament, seeing that I’m not in the Crimson Afterglow, he shouldn’t take the initiative to make an appearance. How did you detect that fellow’s existence?” Ye Yuan suddenly thought of something and asked.

Tu You’s heart was slightly apprehensive. Ye Yuan’s tone when talking was very casual like he was old friends with that Lord.

Tu You was shrewd with age and could naturally tell that Ye Yuan was not putting on an appearance. But this involuntarily made him become even more curious, just what kind of person was Ye Yuan, to actually be able to become friends with that kind of existence?

A person who was able to think nothing of Vastsun City, no matter how one racked their heads, he was not an ordinary Divine King powerhouse either.

Seeing Ye Yuan inquire, Tu You naturally would not hide it either, giving a recount of the situation that happened that day.

Ye Yuan frowned hard when he heard that. He did not think that there was still such a thing in-between this.

This was really an accident arising from many causes. Otherwise, when he returned now, the Crimson Afterglow would probably be a wasteland already. Thinking about it, he was filled with lingering fear after the event too.

Ye Yuan really did not expect that Zhou Yan actually refused to give up on his evil designs, and he even came to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

Looks like not teaching him a bit of lesson, this fellow would really go from bad to worse!

Ye Yuan’s expression was as dark as water. A terrifying aura emitted very naturally.

Tu You could not help being slightly startled when he saw the situation. Ye Yuan was clearly only Heaven Enlightenment Realm, but he actually gave rise to feelings of dread towards Ye Yuan’s aura.

“Looks like after coming out from the Chaotic Devil Sea, I’ll have to drop by Vastsun City!” Ye Yuan said in a solemn voice.

Tu You was speechless when he heard that. Vastsun City was a Rank One Holy Land with deep foundations. Just the Divine King powerhouses were quite a few.

Even if Ye Yuan’s talent was shocking and he was already a Phaseless Realm martial artist after coming out of the Chaotic Devil Sea, it was not possible to deal with a Vastsun City too, right?

But thinking about how Ye Yuan knew that Lord, Tu You let go of his worries too.

As long as he called that Lord, presumably Vastsun City would really not dare to act rashly without careful consideration, right?

The next day morning, in front of Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s large-scale transmission array, came a dozen over figures. They were all here to send Ye Yuan off.

“Brother Ye, I didn’t expect that you’ll be leaving right after you came back. This Sheng was still planning on finding you to enjoy a cup of wine and have a nice chat. Seems like there’s no opportunity. The Chaotic Devil Sea is different from the White Valiant Region. Brother Ye got to be careful everywhere,” Sheng Jun clasped his hands and said.

Ye Yuan smiled as he said, “Rest assured, Brother Sheng, this Ye is naturally aware. Brother Sheng understands the righteousness of a cause. In the future, your accomplishments are bound to be limitless. This White Valiant Region is too small. If there’s a chance, best to go out and walk around more.”

Entering the boneyard this time, Sheng Jun’s performance made Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up.

The human race had an enormous population but was in a state of disunity. People with courage and were worthy like Sheng Jun were really not many.

Now that the Divine Realm’s undercurrents were surging and Fiendgod Jia Lan came into being, it was precisely a period of trouble. People like Sheng Jun, naturally the more the merrier.

Sheng Jun smiled and said, “Brother Ye has the same thought as this Sheng. Even if Brother Ye didn’t say, this Sheng plans to go out and walk around sometime soon too.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and fished out a small bottle, and threw it to Sheng Jun as he said, “This is a Dharma Word Pill that this Ye refined yesterday night. I believe it will be of some help to Brother Sheng.”

Sheng Jun’s entire body trembled as he received the Dharma Word Pill in Ye Yuan’s hand in disbelief.

“This … This is really a Dharma Word Pill? This Sheng has long heard before of the name of Dharma Word Pill, but nobody in the White Valiant Region is able to refine this pill. Didn’t expect that Brother Ye actually has such capability!” Sheng Jun marveled.

Dharma Word Pill was a medicinal pill that helped Heaven Enlightenment Realm medicinal pills breakthrough to Phaseless Realm. Although it was a Tier 7 medicinal pill, it was extremely hard to refine.

Even that Cloud Watchtower Holy Land’s Alchemy Venerable powerhouses could not refine it at all either.

Sheng Jun was unable to imagine that Ye Yuan actually only used a night’s time to refine a Dharma Word Pill.

Regarding Ye Yuan’s martial strength, Sheng Jun had a clear understanding long ago. But he did not think that Ye Yuan actually still had such heaven-defying attainments in alchemy.

“Huhu, Dharma Word Pill isn’t considered some incredible medicinal pill. It’s not hard for this Ye to refine. Alright, thanks so much for coming to send me off, everyone. Let’s meet again if fate wills it!” Ye Yuan said with a smile.