Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Super Transmission Array

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Yi Sea City was the Dinghe Region’s Rank Four Holy Land, and Yi Sea City was a subordinate force of Dawn Heavenly Palace, one of the Eight Great Super Holy Lands.

Yi Sea City was very prosperous because in the nearby several major regions, only Yi Sea City had a super long-distance transmission array.

In the Divine Realm, wanting to cross several major regions to go on a journey, one must pass through a super long-distance transmission array.

Martial artists likely required several years, even several decades to complete the journey if they relied solely on one’s own strength to fly.

Of course, if one’s strength reached the Divine King Realm, that was something else entirely.

“Boy, stop looking! The super transmission array is spoiled. Want to hop onto the transmission array, go queue up and register over there!”

A Ninth Level Heaven Enlightenment city guard berated and did not have any respect towards this young man in front of him at all.

And the target he was berating was precisely Ye Yuan who came far away from the White Valiant Region.

The fees required for constructing a super transmission array was an astronomical figure. Places like the White Valiant Region did not have the ability to build a super transmission array at all.

Therefore, for Ye Yuan to want to go to the Chaotic Devil Sea, he had to pass through a place with a super transmission array.

Yi Sea City’s super transmission array led to a large city in the proximity of the Chaotic Devil Sea. Hence, Ye Yuan came to Yi Sea City.

Not only did constructing a super transmission array need to cost a huge sum of resources, it even required a coalition of several Tier 9 Array Emperors before it could be completed.

Yi Sea City naturally did not have this ability. This transmission array was assisted by the Dawn Heavenly Palace to build for Yi Sea City in order to strengthen the control over the nearby several major regions.

But when Ye Yuan made it to Yi Sea City, the transmission array was spoiled coincidentally.

What made Ye Yuan depressed was that now, there was already a large group of martial artists held up in Yi Sea City. Even if the transmission array were fixed, if Ye Yuan queued up according to the protocol, it would need a month’s time before he could leave as well.

After all, a super transmission array like this, the essence crystals it needed to expend each time was a rather terrifying figure.

This transmission array could only activate once every three days. Each time it activated, it could only transport 300 people.

Ye Yuan familiarized himself with it earlier. Right now, there were already several thousand people registered. He probably could not leave Yi Sea City for a few months.

Currently, the surrounding of the transmission array was already sealed off. Far-away, some Array Masters could be seen currently carrying out repairs inside.

“This brother, I wonder when this super transmission array can be fixed?” Ye Yuan secretly stuffed a bag of earth essence crystals to that city guard and asked.

The city guard darted Ye Yuan a glance with a profound meaning. Clearly, he did not think that this young man was actually so adept. Only then did his expression ease up considerably.

Taking the money, that city guard naturally answered every question: “Maybe 10 days, maybe a year. How can I be certain about this? Repairing this super transmission array requires a Tier 9 Array Emperor to personally take action. Our Yi Sea City doesn’t have a Tier 9 Array Emperor. Right now, City Lord His Excellency already ordered people to go to Dawn Heavenly Palace to invite a Tier 9 Array Emperor. But the Tier 9 Array Emperor is in great demand. Whether he comes or not, what time he comes, it’s all uncertain.”

This … This was awkward!

Ye Yuan was very worried about Long Teng’s situation and was not willing to delay even a second. Therefore, he departed on the journey on the second day after he returned to Crimson Afterglow.

He did not expect that although he did not delay at Crimson Afterglow, he was held up in this Yi Sea City.

“Like this huh, I wonder how this transmission array spoiled?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

Upon mentioning this, that city guard immediately flared up and said, “Don’t talk about it! That heaven-damned fellow! Turns out that he was hunted down by the Dawn Heavenly Palace’s elders until here. It was also a coincidence when that fellow arrived here, our transmission array was in a state of activating. That guy killed quite a few people upon making a move and even wrecked the grand array.”

One could tell that when this city guard mentioned that person, a look of fear showed in his eyes. Clearly, that person’s strength was extremely formidable.

When Ye Yuan heard, he was shocked inwardly too. An existence who could be chased down by the Dawn Heavenly Palace was probably not a good guy.

Furthermore, one could tell that from destroying the grand array, that fellow was definitely a ruthless character.

Damaging the grand array from the interior, one could be swept into a turbulent spatial flow at any time. This was going for broke.

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said to that city guard, “This one knows about array formations a little. Why not let me lend a hand and try helping out?”

The city guard was stunned and laughed in spite of himself as he said, “Forget it! Even though our Yi Sea City doesn’t have a Tier 9 Array Emperor, we have some Tier 8 Array Masters! You take a look at those people inside, they are all master-class figures! What help can you, a little brat, offer?”

Ye Yuan stuffed another bag of earth essence crystals to him and said with a smile, “Big Brother, Younger Brother has been interested in formations since young. You look, there are so many masters inside. Younger Brother also just wish to go in and learn. You look, their age isn’t young anymore either. I can always come in handy for some manual labor, right?”

Looking at that bag of earth essence crystals, the city guard was clearly somewhat hesitant already.

Thinking about it, he said, “How about this, I’ll go and speak for you. But whether they use you or not isn’t something that I can decide! But this thing …”

His meaning was very clear, regardless whether it was a success or failure, this bag of earth essence crystals was his.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Big Brother, whether it works or not, since Younger Brother took this thing out, I’ve never thought about taking it back. Big Brother has a hard job here too. Taking it to drink a bit of alcohol to get over your fatigue is also good.”

That city guard said with a hearty laugh, “Boy, you’re very sensible! I like you! You wait here. I heard that the transmission array was damaged very badly this time. Master Wu they all are really lacking manpower.”

Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble Big Brother.”

Ye Yuan smuggling inside was naturally not in order to learn. He wanted to fix the grand array.

Rather than waiting for that whatever array emperor to come, it was not as fast as getting to work himself.

The super transmission array was not one grand array, but combined together from many major and minor array formations; very complicated.

Among these had Tier 9 array formations, Tier 8 too, and even Tier 7 array formations.

Those Array Masters inside right now were all repairing array formations under Tier 9. Tier 9 array formations, naturally only Array Emperors understood.

However, these array formations was not a difficult thing to Ye Yuan. Hence, that was why he came forward of his own accord to offer his services, saying that he wanted to go in and learn.

When Ye Yuan looked over at this time, that Master Wu was currently utterly exhausted from overwork. Managing the restoration of such a grand array was clearly somewhat forceful to him.

Ye Yuan saw the city guard went up to exchange a couple of words with him, then turned back.

Seeing Ye Yuan, the city guard smiled and said, “You, boy, are lucky. Master Wu just happen to be lacking manpower and asks you to hurry over. But Master Wu said, if you go over and cause trouble, he’ll slap you to death with one palm! Don’t blame me for not warning you. Master Wu’s temper is very bad. You have to be careful.”

Regarding this result, it was not out of Ye Yuan’s expectations. Super transmission arrays were very complicated. To Tier 8 Array Masters, it was indeed a little forceful.

He swept a glance earlier and knew that inside was really lacking manpower. So with people delivering themselves to the gate, they should not refuse.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Big Brother. Don’t look at how Younger Brother is young, my foundations are still very solid. I won’t make a mess.”