Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 856

Chapter 856 Secretly Making A Move

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“What?! You guys already finished repairing? The two of you weren’t slipshod with the task, right?”

Hearing Ye Yuan duo report completion of the task, Master Wu was startled until he raised his voice.

“Tch, how can a mere Tier 7 array formation stump this miss? If you don’t believe me, you can go and take a look,” Ding Shiyu said disdainfully.

Master Wu really did not believe and immediately went to inspect the array formation the duo repaired.

With this look, he could not help being greatly astonished once more. This Tier 7 child-formation was really restored perfectly.

He looked at the duo somewhat not daring to believe it. Wasn’t this efficiency a little too high?

“Tier 7 array formations are too simple. I say, Master Wu, can you give us more complicated array formations? This miss is still in a hurry!” Ding Shiyu said.

“This … Can you repair Tier 8 array formations?” Master Wu said, rather uncertain.

“Of course! Initial-stage Tier 8 array formations are definitely not a problem!” Ding Shiyu said with a proud look.

Restoring array formations and setting up array formations was different. As long as one understood the principle and structure of Tier 8 array formations, Tier 7 Array Masters were able to do it.

Ding Shiyu’s basics were very solid. Tier 7 array formations should have been thoroughly memorized in her heart long ago. She might really have dabbled in Tier 8 array formations.

Master Wu thought about it, nodded his head, and said, “Fine then, Tier 8 Array Masters’ helpers are just kind of short right now. You go over there and help them.”

Ding Shiyu smiled sweetly when she heard that. Giving Ye Yuan a smug look, she went over in the direction of that group of Tier 8 Array Masters.

Ye Yuan could not help shaking his head and chuckling. This lass was clearly secretly contending with him. This was insisting on competing with him.

That glance earlier was clearly saying: I can repair Tier 8 array formations, can you?

After Ding Shiyu left, Master Wu asked rather weakly, “Can … you repair Tier 8 array formations too?”

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a smile, “I can’t repair Tier 8 array formations. Master Wu, you go and work first. I’ll walk around and see where needs help.”

Master Wu sighed in relief and said with a nod, “Alright, then you go around and take a look. There are still quite a number of Tier 7 array formations that require people to help. You see which place needs it, then go ahead yourself.”

If Ye Yuan could repair Tier 8 array formations too, Master Wu would really have to find a hole in the ground to crawl into.

Two little brats had this kind of strength. His many years of life was really wasted away.

But regarding Ye Yuan’s strength, Master Wu was still very certain. Helping to repair Tier 7 array formations, Master Wu felt very safe, he did not plan on bothering about him either.

Ding Shiyu already started work on this side. Tier 8 array formation, it was clearly much more strenuous on her.

However, she still paid very close attention to the situation on Ye Yuan’s side.

Seeing Master Wu come over alone, she still felt slightly disappointed.

Since young, she had yet to encounter before an Array Master in the same age group who could contend with her. Therefore, meeting Ye Yuan today, her desire to prevail over others was stirred up too.

Although she was rather confident in her formations ability, no idea why, she kept feeling that Ye Yuan held back to some extent.

“Master Wu, why isn’t that Ye Yuan coming over?” Ding Shiyu could not help going forward to ask.

Master Wu said, “He says that he can’t repair Tier 8 array formations, so I let him walk around by himself and see which place needs help, then he can go for it. With his strength, repairing array formations under Tier 8 shouldn’t be a problem.”

Logically speaking, Ding Shiyu should be very happy right now. But don’t know why, Ding Shiyu felt that her interest was somewhat waning.

The opponent must be comparable in strength and skill for it to be interesting. Finally managed to encounter an opponent, but it was this kind of conclusion. This made Ding Shiyu feel dull and bored.

“Like that huh, then I’ll get to work,” Ding Shiyu said dejectedly.

After Master Wu left, Ye Yuan started strolling all around by himself. Occasionally, when he saw that people needed help, he would go over and lend a hand.

It was obviously not that he could not repair Tier 8 array formations, but what he wanted to repair were the Tier 9 array formations!

It was just that rashly mentioning that he wanted to repair the Tier 9 array formations, Master Wu definitely would not agree. Therefore, he drove away Master Wu, but he himself slowly moved over towards the Tier 9 array formations there.

“Really impressive, Little Brother! I’ve been doing for a long time here and didn’t figure it out either. You solved the problem the moment you came,” said a Tier 7 Array Master, raising a thumbs up to Ye Yuan.

“This array formation’s array element is a bit confusing. Actually, figuring it out isn’t hard. You carry on, I’ll go over there and walk around,” Ye Yuan said.

“Little Brother, over there is the Tier 9 array formations region already,” warned the Array Master.

“En, I know. Tier 9 array formations are not so easy to encounter. I’ll go over and take a look,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

That Array Master nodded his head but was filled with admiration towards Ye Yuan in his heart.

Look at that young man, so studious. No wonder he has such strength at a young age.

The Tier 9 array formations’ area did not have a single person. Everyone was busy with their own work, and no one noticed Ye Yuan’s actions either.

Apart from Ye Yuan, there would not be people overestimating their own strength to come and repair Tier 9 array formations either.

A super transmission array’s Tier 9 array formations, speaking in terms of Formations Dao, it was not considered very hard. Initial-stage Array Emperors could repair them already.

After comprehending the Array Formations Three Volumes, Ye Yuan’s attainments in formations Dao scaled new heights. Repairing this kind of array formations was naturally nothing difficult.

Observing one round around the array formations, Ye Yuan already had a score in his heart about the structure of these array formations.

Tier 9 array formations’ stability was still very strong. So the damage was not too severe.

This super transmission array, the most serious damage were still those low-level array formations.

This set of Tier 9 array formation, only a section of some small-scale array elements was ruined. It was just that these array elements’ structure was very complex and belonged to the scope of Tier 9 array formations. It was very hard for Tier 8 Array Masters to understand.

But these were not a problem to Ye Yuan. Setting up such a large-scale array formation, he could not do it. But repairing this kind of small-scale array formations, it was still not a problem to him.

Ye Yuan did not delay much either and directly started to repair these small-scale array elements.

“Have you all seen Ye Yuan? Oh, he’s a young man, a little over 20 years old,” Master Wu asked.

He encountered a troublesome Tier 7 array formation over at his side, but he could not handle it alone, so he thought of Ye Yuan.

Even though Ye Yuan was very new to everyone, he was too young. Placed among this group of people, it was very obvious.

“Oh, he said that he wanted to study Tier 9 array formations and went over there,” the Tier 7 Array Master that Ye Yuan helped previously said.

Master Wu’s face turned black, and he said, “What nonsense! He, a measly little Tier 7 array formation, learning what Tier 9 array formation?”

Master Wu’s figure moved, and he arrived at the Tier 9 array formations area very soon and saw a young figure bustling about over there. He immediately flew into a thunderous rage.

“Ye Yuan, what are you doing?! You actually dare to touch the Tier 9 array formations without authorization! What if you break the array base, can you shoulder the responsibility? Quickly stop for me! If you still don’t stop, don’t blame me for not being courteous anymore!”

Master Wu originally had a fiery temper. Upon seeing this sort of situation, he immediately flared up.

This was a mission the City Lord passed to him. If he screwed it up, that would be terrible.