Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Observation

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Master Wu’s roar startled everyone. Quite a number of people all put down the work in their hands and ran over to watch.

The moment Ding Shiyu heard Ye Yuan, she immediately ran over.

The moment she saw, she could not help jumping in fright.

Ye Yuan was bustling about on the Tier 9 array formations and was actually repairing the array formations!

“Come, men! Quickly come, men! Capture that punk for me!” Master Wu roared.

Ding Shiyu beautiful eyes swiveled around, staring fixedly at Ye Yuan.

Several city guards hastily rushed over when they heard Master Wu’s yell.

Master Wu ordered, “Capture this brat for me. Break his legs first before talking!”

Several city guards received the order and were just able to go forward, when they heard Ding Shiyu say, “Calm your anger, Master Wu. Look closely, that small-scale array element in Ye Yuan’s hand is almost finished repairing!”

Master Wu was stupefied. Only then did he carefully observe the movements in Ye Yuan’s hands and could not help getting a huge shock.

“Hold your horses! Hold your horses! W-Wait a while more!”

Ye Yuan seemingly did not hear the racket below at all. He just restored the array formation at his own pace.

Very soon, that array element in his hand was fully repaired finish. He did not remain and ran over to another array element place to start repairing.

The expression on Master Wu’s face became incomparably fascinating. He looked at Ye Yuan’s back view like he saw a ghost.

Although he could not repair Tier 9 array elements, whether the array elements were repaired or not, he could still discern it at one glance.

Ye Yuan, he actually repaired the Tier 9 array element?

“W-What kind of joke is this? This boy is merely at the Heaven Enlightenment Realm. He can actually repair Tier 9 array elements?”

“Too impressive! This guy is simply a genius! How old is he only? To actually have such heaven-defying attainments in the Formations Dao!”

“Heaven-defying! Too heaven-defying! Likely, even Grand Yan Divine King did not have such terrifying strength when he was at this age too, right? Could it be that this boy will be Grand Yan Divine King’s successor?”

Ye Yuan repairing a Tier 9 array element struck these array masters dumb with amazement.

This kind of breathtaking performance made them involuntarily think of the Grand Yan Divine King, Lu Linfeng, and carry out a comparison between the two of them.

Ding Shiyu bit her red lips lightly, her eyes were big and moist as if about to drip water out.

“This guy, turns out that he completely feels it beneath his dignity to compete with me! He says that he didn’t know how to repair Tier 8 array formations was also because he was too disdainful to repair Tier 8 array formations. The goal for coming in was totally for the Tier 9 array formations!”

At this point, how could Ding Shiyu still not understand Ye Yuan’s objective?

Ye Yuan was definitely in a hurry to leave too. So he deliberately sneaked inside for the sake of restoring this super transmission array.

He, a Heaven Enlightenment Realm, saying that he wanted to repair Tier 9 array formations would definitely make people laugh their heads off. So he deliberately says to help, then take the chance when everyone was not paying attention to repair the Tier 9 array formations himself.

This guy was truly too hateful!

His strength was clearly formidable, but he intentionally tied with her. This was an insult to this young lady!

Ye Yuan did not know that he had already been inexplicably hated by Ding Shiyu without rhyme or reason.

“S-Still stoning there for what? All get your asses back for this old man! If you delay the restoration of the array formation, this old man will give you all a good one!” Master Wu boomed.

Those array masters watching the show dispersed with a single command, each returning to their stations.

When Master Wu looked at the Ye Yuan with his hands full, his gaze was filled with astonishment.

After an hour, Ye Yuan finally could not hold on anymore and backed down.

He wiped the sweat on his forehead and said helplessly, “Restoring Tier 9 array elements really consumes essence energy! Even with my essence energy recovery speed, it’s actually a bit too much for me.”

Setting up the grand array naturally needed to expend massive amounts of essence energy too. Otherwise, with Ye Yuan’s strength, wouldn’t setting up Tier 9 array formations be easily accomplished?

Even if it was a measly little Tier 9 array element, the essence energy expended was rather considerable too.

“Ah! Master Wu, really sorry about it! This Ye is in a hurry to leave too, so that’s why I resorted to this plan. Please don’t take offense!” Ye Yuan said with an apologetic look.

Master Wu’s face flushed crimson red. Being called a master by a person who could repair tier 9 array elements, how could he live up to it?!

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, in … in front of you, how can I dare to be ‘master,’ this word? That … M-Master Ye, this Tier 9 array formation …” Master Wu hurriedly said.

Ye Yuan naturally understood his meaning. Nodding, he said with a smile, “This Ye’s cultivation realm is too low. The repair speed is a little slow. Give me a day’s time, these Tier 9 array formations should all be able to be repaired finish.”

Master Wu’s eyes became wide-saucers as he muttered, “A … A day?”

What kind of joke of was? Even if Tier 9 Array Emperors were invited over from Dawn Heavenly Palace, it was also not possible for them to finish repairing these Tier 9 Array formations within a day.

Ye Yuan actually said that he only needed a day’s time?

And this … was even slow?

Master Wu was really speechless. The words that a monster say would really make ordinary people breakdown!

“En, a day’s time, should be about there. Master Wu, I’ll recover for a while first.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan swallowed a medicinal pill and went to one side to recover essence energy.

Before long, Ye Yuan was brimming with essence energy once more and returned to repairing the array formations.

Master Wu followed in Ye Yuan’s footsteps, seemingly having some words that he found hard to speak out.

Ye Yuan said in puzzlement, “Does Master Wu have something you want to tell this Ye?”

“P-Please stop calling me master. This old man is Wu Junran. Master Ye, you just call me by my name directly will do. That … That … Master Ye, when you’re repairing the array elements, can you let this Wu observe by the side?” Master Wu said bashfully.

Formations were the same as alchemy, both with secretly learning from a master being a taboo.

Observing the repairs of array elements at the sides undoubtedly had some suspicions of stealing secrets.

Ye Yuan was stunned, but he said magnanimously, “No harm. If Master Wu wants to look, just observe by the sides.”

“Ah! T-Thank you so much, Master Ye!” Wu Junran gave a deep bow to Ye Yuan.

The martial artist world, those who reached first served as teachers.

Wu Junran’s formations attainments could not compare to Ye Yuan’s. Learning from him was also something very natural, nothing to be ashamed about.

On the contrary, Wu Junran’s strength being lacking, that would be looked down upon by people!

To a Tier 8 array master, he wanted to become an Array Emperor powerhouse even in his dreams. Such a splendid opportunity, how could he miss it?

Even the Array Emperor powerhouse who hailed from the Dawn Heavenly Palace would not possibly let him observe the restoration of the array formations at close quarters too.

In comparison, Ye Yuan was much more generous.

Ye Yuan did not have any taboo areas regarding this. He and Wu Junran did not have any conflicts of interests at all. Even if he really succeeded in stealing secrets, with Wu Junran’s comprehension abilities, it was impossible to catch up to him in this lifetime too.

Therefore, what harm was there in allowing him to learn a little?

Cherishing one’s own old broomstick, that was all something that only those people without confidence would do.

Observing Ye Yuan repair the array elements at close-range, the shock in Wu Junran’s heart became even more intense.

When this super transmission array was being set up, he was there. When those Tier 9 Array Emperors were setting up the array formations, he had naturally seen before from far away too.

But those Tier 9 Array Emperors’ skills were actually not as proficient as Ye Yuan’s!

This Master Ye was too formidable!