Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 858

Chapter 858 Green Sea Mercenary Group

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For an entire day, Ye Yuan virtually spent it swamped with work.

Repairing Tier 9 array formations was also a tremendous challenge to him. His essence energy was depleted fully several times, then replenished back through medicinal pills again.

This kind of intensity made Wu Junran unbelievably speechless from watching.

But Ye Yuan did not brag. He only used less than a day’s time to finish repairing all of the super transmission array’s Tier 9 array formations!


Along with the final array element being fully restored, Ye Yuan felt rather excited too. Finally leaving this place.

“Master Ye is truly a genius! Even if a Tier 9 Array Emperor was here, it’s not possible to do it better than Master too!” Wu Junran gasped in admiration. 1

This entire day’s time, he constantly followed by Ye Yuan’s side just like an apprentice. Once in a while, he would even help as Ye Yuan’s assistant.

As a Tier 8 Array Master, how long has it been since Wu Junran had this kind of feeling?

But this one day’s time, Wu Junran learned a lot by Ye Yuan’s side. Some areas he did not understand, he would pose questions to Ye Yuan. And Ye Yuan would never keep it all to himself either, explaining these problems to him.

The more Wu Junran listened, the more terrified he got. In the end, he was even more in awe of Ye Yuan.

“Fortunately, this grand array’s core formation’s damage wasn’t severe. Otherwise, I would be at a loss on what to do as well. Master Wu, now that the grand array is already repaired finish, I wonder if this Ye can be the first group to leave or not?”

“Can, of course can! Not only can Master Ye be the first batch to leave, but the fees for passing through this transmission array can also be waived directly!” Wu Junran said.

Each time the transmission array was activated, the earth essence crystals expended was not little.

Each person who rode the transmission array had to pay a considerable fee.

But with Ye Yuan’s contributions, Wu Junran naturally could not let him pay anymore.

“Hey, hey, and me! Master Wu, this young lady contributed quite a bit of effort!”

At this time, the other damaged array formations were already repaired finish too. Probably receiving Ye Yuan’s stimulation, Ding Shiyu restored the array formations like crazy and indeed contributed quite a bit of effort.

Wu Junran laughed and said, “Huhu, that is, of course!”

Finishing with some preparation work, Yi Sea City announced to everybody that the super transmission array was opening up anew.

This news made everyone all feel very surprised. They had already made the preparations to stop over in Yi Sea City for a period of time. Did not expect that they only used a few day’s time to finish repairing.

The first batch of 300 people already entered the super transmission array one after another. When the transmission array activated, Ye Yuan and Ding Shiyu were naturally among them too.

“Didn’t they say that the Tier 9 Array Emperor had not reached Yi Sea City yet? How was this array formation fixed?”

“I heard that it was a young man a little over the age of 20 who finished repairing it!”

“A young man slightly over 20? You have got to be kidding! Hair hasn’t even grown fully yet, and he can repair a super transmission array?”

“I originally didn’t believe either. But someone personally saw Master Wu who was presiding over the array formation’s restoration following behind that young man, calling him as a master time and again.”

This first batch of people already waited for a number of days. They were naturally burning with anxiety. They also each displayed remarkable abilities to inquire about the transmission array’s restoration progress rate.

But hearing that this super transmission array was actually repaired by a youngster, each and every one of them were incomparably stunned too.

These words naturally landed in Ding Shiyu’s and Ye Yuan’s ears. Ding Shiyu involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan but discovered that Ye Yuan had a perfectly calm and collected face as if he did not have any relation with what others were talking about at all.

Ding Shiyu could not help being slightly amazed in her heart. Other people were praising him by the side, and he actually did not have even a bit of a smug look.

This sort of bearing was completely not like what a young man should have.

If it were her, she would more or less be a bit pleased with herself at this time. And this sort of feeling would naturally be shown on her face too.

Wu Junran originally planned to personally come and see Ye Yuan off but was rejected by Ye Yuan.

Wu Junran coming to see him off personally, these people would definitely know that the one who repaired the transmission array was him. He did not wish to be sized up non-stop by people with eyes like he was a freak.

Moreover, this trip to the Chaotic Devil Sea, best to prioritize keeping a low-profile above all.

After all, the Chaotic Devil Sea’s danger was far from what other places could compare to.

The super transmission array slowly activated. The array formation erupted with a dazzling light.

Right then, a wave of hubbub suddenly emitted from outside.


The guard who watched over the transmission array was directly sent flying by someone. A figure dashed inside.

“Miss, quickly come out! You running away from home secretly, Master is greatly enraged and wants you to return at once!” that person saw Ding Shiyu in the crowd with one glance and shouted loudly.

But the transmission array already activated at this time. That person was completely unable to stop it.

Ding Shiyu made a funny face at that person and said delightedly, “Humph! You tell grandfather, I, Ding Shiyu, can also make my mark without relying on the family!”

Finished talking, the transmission array erupted with rays of brilliant light. The 300 people inclusive of Ding Shiyu and Ye Yuan instantly vanished from sight.

When that middle-aged man saw Ding Shiyu leave just like this, he stomped his feet in anger.

“Didn’t they say that Yi Sea City’s super transmission array was broken? Why was it fixed so quickly! No matter how I rushed, I was still a step late! Sigh!”

Once the transmission array activated, the next activation required waiting until three days after.

In three days, Ding Shiyu would have run to goodness knows where long ago.

Ten days later, a group of trade caravans with dozens of people were advancing along a narrow, winding trail.

Each and every one among the trade caravans was fully armed to the teeth, akin to facing a great enemy.

These martial artists among the trade caravans, each and every one looked very intrepid. Looks like their combat power were all not weak.

At this time, the trade caravans already entered the Chaotic Devil Sea’s boundary. Starting from here, they would have to deal with dangers coming from all sides at any time.

“Elder Brother Liu, I heard that this route isn’t very peaceful recently. There are already quite a few trade caravans that were gobbled up until not even bones remained. This trip, we got to be more careful!”

“Don’t worry, Owner Yan. Our Green Sea Mercenary Group is Luo Ding City’s strongest mercenary group, not one of! With us around, you can feel at ease!”

“With the Green Sea Mercenary Group, this Yan naturally feels safe. If not for so, I wouldn’t have spent a large sum to invite Elder Brother Liu either. It’s just that the things being transported this time is too important. This Yan has no choice but to be more careful!”

“Owner Yan is overthinking it! The other trade caravans being annihilated was either because the strength of the mercenary groups they employed were lacking, or the trade caravans were unable to see through an obvious situation. Our two families have cooperated for many years. We naturally won’t make that kind of mistake.”

These two people talking, one was the owner of the trade caravans called Yan Jun. The other was the leader of Luo Ding City’s Green Sea Mercenary Group called Liu Yusheng.

Luo Ding City was the nearest city away from the Chaotic Devil Sea, and also a communication bridge between the Chaotic Devil Sea and the outside world.

The Chaotic Devil Sea needed large quantities of goods and materials. All of it flowed into it from places like Luo Ding City.

Due to the Chaotic Devil Sea being very chaotic, it had its own set of survival rules. Therefore, some merchants did this sort of high-risk transactions like Yan Jun this kind.

But the Chaotic Devil Sea was very dangerous. These merchants would naturally hire some mercenary group as well to ensure safety.

The Green Sea Mercenary Group was a powerful mercenary group second to none in Luo Ding City.