Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 859

Chapter 859 Yan Ling

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Yan Yusheng was a Ninth Level Heaven Enlightenment martial artist. Speaking in terms of this tiny little Luo Ding City, he was already very powerful.

Apart from him, the Green Sea Mercenary Group’s martial artists were all veterans of a hundred battles too. All of their strengths were not ordinary.

Luo Ding City’s mercenary groups’ primary missions were to escort trade caravans into the Chaotic Devil Sea.

Accumulating year after year, mercenary groups able to survive were all those with very formidable strength.

But for so many years, the trade caravans that frequently take this path, they would generally bribe some of the major and minor forces on the way.

These small forces in the Chaotic Devil Sea were also merely in order to seize some cultivation resources.

As long as these trade caravans were generous enough, they would not exterminate everyone either.

To these small forces, the trade caravans were like chives they were growing. After growing for some time, they would cut some to eat.

It was just that the situation recently seemed to have had some changes. Two or three trade caravan teams previously disappeared on this route incomprehensibly, without leaving behind even a trace.

Therefore, the merchants were all on tenterhooks during this period of time.

Yan Jun took on a huge deal this time. In order to earn this sum of money, he did not stint to spend a very high price on hiring the Green Sea Mercenary Group.

At present, in a horse carriage of the trade caravans, a woman was holding a five to six years old little girl in her arms, her eyes filled with lovingness.

“Master Ye, really thank you so much this time! My daughter’s ailment has constantly been tormenting her since birth. We’ve invited many alchemists before who were all unable to treat her illness. If not for running into Master Ye, my little girl probably wouldn’t be long for this world!” the woman said gratefully.

This woman’s name was called Lin Shuang. She was precisely Yan Jun’s lawfully wedded wife. And that little girl in her arms was naturally their daughter.

The Master Ye in Lin Shuang’s words was obviously the Ye Yuan who came far away from Yi Sea City.

Passing through several places, Ye Yuan finally went to Luo Ding City.

The outside world did not have transmission arrays that led directly to the Chaotic Devil Sea. So, wanting to enter the Chaotic Devil Sea, one must enter by foot.

In places like the Chaotic Devil Sea, moving alone drew too much of people’s attention. Those martial artists did not care who you were. Murdering and seizing treasures was a frequent thing.

Although the Chaotic Devil Sea’s borders did not have many high-level martial artists either, Ye Yuan did not fear those people. But this way, it would be a lot more troublesome.

As it happened, Yan Jun’s trade caravan needed an alchemist and just happened to be recruiting from the outside world. Ye Yuan came forward of his own accord to offer his services.

Even though Yan Jun’s remuneration was very high, nobody accepted the offer at all.

Alchemists’ combat strengths were very weak. Following trade caravans into the Chaotic Devil Sea was no different from committing suicide.

Alchemists’ statuses in Luo Ding City was very high. But those who genuinely dared to enter the Chaotic Devil Sea were a scant few.

Ye Yuan did not have a high-level alchemist’s badge. When he came to accept the employment offer, it could not dispense with a series of eye-rolling. But with his strength, after he displayed his skills slightly, it thoroughly convinced Yan Jun.

Yan Jun’s daughter was called Yan Ling. When she was still in swaddling clothes, she was once captured away by a Chaotic Devil Sea’s expert, who used special means to injure her meridians.

Back then, Yan Jun spent an enormous price before ransoming his daughter back from the other party’s hands.

But he never would have thought that his daughter, who was ransomed back, would actually end up like this.

But that martial artist who abducted Yan Ling was well-renowned in this border-zone of the Chaotic Devil Sea. Even Liu Yusheng did not dare to provoke either.

Helpless, he could only invite alchemists with a king’s ransom to come and extend his daughter’s life.

Except, that person’s methods were extremely profound. These few years, the earth essence crystals Yan Jun expended went beyond tens of millions. But Yan Ling’s body went steadily downhill.

This time, because of some special reason, Yan Jun husband and wife had no choice but to bring their daughter along. But no alchemist was willing to follow their trade caravan. With no other choice, Yan Jun was forced to recruit an alchemist in Luo Ding City.

Coincidentally, Ye Yuan just happened to be thinking of ways to enter the Chaotic Devil Sea at this time. After seeing the recruitment, he took the initiative to join in.

“Big Brother Ye Yuan, you’re really remarkable! When I grow up, I want to be an alchemist like you too, and become a master looked up to by tens of thousands!” Yan Ling looked at Ye Yuan in admiration and said.

Under Ye Yuan’s treatment, Yan Ling’s mental state was already much better. Compared to the pale and sickly appearance from before, it was simply akin to two different people.

Ye Yuan rubbed Yan Ling’s small head fondly and said with a smile, “Ling-er is naturally gifted with exceptional intelligence. In the future, you’ll definitely be a remarkable alchemist!”

Yan Ling’s bright eyes lit up, and she said in delight, “Big Brother Ye Yuan, are you telling the truth?”

“Of course it’s true. When has Big Brother Ye Yuan lied to you before?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Ye Yuan was really not teasing Yan Ling to make happy. This little girl was of the Innate Woodspirit Physique, a natural alchemist.

To alchemists, the most important was fire control and soul force. And the Innate Woodspirit Physique had a natural affinity with flames, possessing an inherent advantage in the path of fire control that others were unable to compare to.

But Yan Ling’s family was just passerby in his life. He naturally would not express too much.

However, when Yan Ling heard it, she jumped up happily. “Yay! Yay! Wait until Ling-er is as incredible as Big Brother Ye Yuan, I’ll definitely treat everybody’s sickness and not let them be tormented like Ling-er.”

Ye Yuan was slightly stunned. He did not think that a little child could actually say this kind of words.

Although these words were very childish, it was a noble aspiration. It should also be the life-long goal of an alchemist.

For a five-year-old little girl to be able to say this kind of words, it could be seen how painfully she was tormented these few years.

Even Ye Yuan got a huge shock when he first laid eyes on Yan Ling. A little girl like this could actually live to five years old. This was simply a miracle.

One had to know that an infant’s meridians had yet to form and were also very fragile.

Although that person’s methods were extremely profound, it also virtually ruined Yan Ling’s vitality.

Logically speaking, it was even considered a miracle for Yan Ling to be able to live for a year.

Along with the increase in age, Yan Ling’s meridians would slowly grow. But this process intensified Yan Ling’s agony even more.

If not for running into Ye Yuan, Yan Ling would be dead for sure.

Even Ye Yuan was very cautious when treating Yan Ling too, not daring to make the slightest mistake.

“Huhu, Ling-er can definitely do it!” Ye Yuan encouraged with a laugh.

Lin Shuang patted Yan Ling’s back and said with tender lovingness, “Go find your father to play. Mother still has some words to say with your Big Brother Ye Yuan.”

“En!” Yan Ling nodded her head obediently and crawled out of the carriage.

After Yan Ling left, Lin Shuang’s expression became solemn as she said, “Master Ye, I know that it’s rather brusque, but I still have a matter that I wish to request of you!”

Regarding Lin Shuang’s behavior, Ye Yuan was not very surprised. He said, “Madam Yan is worried that this trip won’t go smoothly and want to entrust Ling-er to me?”

Lin Shuang froze. She did not think that Ye Yuan actually saw through her thoughts already. She nodded her head at once and said, “The owners of those two trade caravans who went missing, us husband and wife are very familiar with them. They were both very cautious people. They’ve already traveled on this route for many years and had never gotten into any trouble. Didn’t expect that this time, they finally …”