Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Imminent Danger!

This cry was too unexpected. Nobody managed to react in time.

By the time everyone reacted to it, a shadow had already flashed past the crowd like lightning, arriving in front of Ye Yuan.

Being locked on by this aura, Ye Yuan nearly passed out from suffocation.

This aura was too strong!

Ignoring the fact that Ye Yuan was currently completely drained like a lamp without oil, even if he were at his peak condition, it would be impossible to survive this blow.

Ye Yuan also did not expect that someone would be so utterly shameless as to ambush him!

Could it be that an Alchemy Emperor of his generation would die so miserably like this?

In reality, Ye Yuan had already planned things through. Even if he killed someone, he would at least have to go through the higher echelon's trial before he would be given the death penalty.

And during all that was a period for him to turn things around!

Which force would not wish to pull him over just based on the alchemic and martial talent that he displayed?

However, no matter how much Ye Yuan calculated, he did not expect that such a powerful opponent would be lying in ambush to launch a sneak attack on him right after he killed Lin Tiancheng.

Ye Yuan acknowledged that his greatest enemy in the academy was Wan Yuan. He had already broken through to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm now, so even if he jumped out, he could easily crush him.

What Disciplinary Hall's First Elder? Ye Yuan did not even know him!

Who would have thought that he would harbor such a huge killing intent towards him, and directly attacked to kill?

Ye Yuan knew that he was no match for him and already closed his eyes to await death.

Seeing Ye Yuan close his eyes and wait for death, a cruel smile involuntarily flashed across the corner of Su Yubai's mouth.

The timing he chose was perfect. Right when everybody was stunned by Ye Yuan's strength, he already unleashed his attack right away, all so that other people would not have the chance to react.

As the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder, Su Yubai was already at half-step Crystal Formation Realm. Was it not effortless to capture Ye Yuan who was already like a lamp without oil?

A lion will use all its might when hunting a rabbit. Su Yubai was very clear on this logic, so he used his full power for this blow!

He was only a few steps away from Ye Yuan. Many people closed their eyes as if they did not wish to see Ye Yuan's blood splattering everywhere.

After all, he was a rising genius. Everyone could already confirm that as long as Ye Yuan was given enough time, he would sooner or later surpass Head Senior Apprentice Brother Long Tang!

Now, a genius like that was going to plummet so quickly!

Su Yubai was extremely fast and arrived in front of Ye Yuan in a blink of an eye.

But right then, another abnormality occurred!

Ye Yuan suddenly felt a strong gale sweep past from behind. By the time he reacted, a shadow had already circled past him.


A violent collision occurred that was many times greater than when Ye Yuan and Lin Tiancheng fought.

Ye Yuan was also baffled by this sudden change, but this was not the time for him to be dazed.

He was closest to the two of them, so the impact he received was obviously the greatest.

A massive blast swept over. Even though that figure helped him withstand the majority of the attack, the aftershock was still very powerful.

No time to do anything else, Ye Yuan swiftly raised his protective shield.


Ye Yuan was sent flying by the shockwave and spat out another mouthful of blood in midair.

The full power blow of a half-step Crystal Formation Realm, even with most of the attack being neutralized, was sufficiently powerful to the current Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan fell heavily to the ground, and his internal organs shifted places, leaving him in agony. 1

That figure also fell back greatly, only stabilizing himself after backing up more than 20 steps.


That figure also spat out a mouthful of blood. It was clear that he also suffered internal injuries.

But Su Yubai remained still where he stood without moving. One could see just how great his strength was!

But currently, Su Yubai was looking at that figure with a very solemn face.

"Huyan Yong! You actually dare to oppose your superior? Do you think that my Disciplinary Hall is just for decoration?!" Su Yubai questioned in a deep voice.

Only now, did Ye Yuan clearly see that figure. It was actually Teacher Huyan!

But . . . why did Teacher Huyan help him?

Judging from this blow, Huyan Yong's strength was likely a level lower than Su Yubai's. He undertook a huge risk for this blow!

Ye Yuan could not help but become confused. However, he was more touched.

Without Huyan Yong throwing himself forward courageously, he would already be a corpse.

Huyan Yong spat out the remaining blood in his mouth, and he said coldly, "Opposing my superior? Just who is the one going against his superior? Since when can the Disciplinary Hall execute students without going through the approval of the dean? As the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder, you ambushed a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm student. Do you still want face?"

"Humph! Ye Yuan violated the academy's rules and killed his fellow students. Whether the dean is here or not, he's dead! Also, I just learned that before Ye Yuan killed Lin Tiancheng, he already killed the student manager in charge of the medicinal garden, Zhang Heng. Such a vicious homicidal maniac deserves to die!" Su Yubai's face did not change as he responded coldly.

As expected, when Su Yubai's words came out, it caused a huge commotion!

Killing Lin Tiancheng alone was still not so bad. But killing two people consecutively in one day made some people unwittingly think that Ye Yuan was indeed a vicious homicidal maniac.

"No way. Did Ye Yuan's brain develop a problem after his sudden rise in strength, and he becomes a savage and cruel person?"

"I heard that training demonic path cultivation laws allowed one's strength to suddenly soar, but the martial artist would lose his mind. Don't tell me that Ye Yuan really secretly trained in some demonic path cultivation laws?"

"Very likely! He was still First Level Essence Qi Realm a month ago. One month passed, and he's already at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, and he can even kill a Spirit Condensation Realm! This goes against all logic!"

"I heard that demonic path cultivation laws have incredible power, much stronger than the average martial artist!"

"If that's really the case, then Ye Yuan really deserves to die!"

Su Yubai's words were very provocative. Initially, there were still many people sympathizing with Ye Yuan. Now, there were already quite a few who felt that Ye Yuan cultivated demonic path cultivation laws and deserved to die.

Listening to the crowd debating, Su Yubai chuckled to himself.

As long as he was standing on the side of justice, nobody could say anything even if he forcefully killed Ye Yuan today.

"Do you hear that? I currently suspect that Ye Yuan cultivated some demonic path cultivation laws, and I'm going to carry out the execution on the spot. Does anyone else have any objections?" Su Yubai had an awe-inspiring righteous appearance.

Huyan Yong gave a cold laugh and said, "Regardless of whether Ye Yuan trained in some demonic path cultivation law, it has to wait until the dean returns to decide! Are you trying to challenge the dean's authority by making a unilateral decision?"

Huyan Yong was also not someone stupid. Pushing a 'large hat' down gave Su Yubai a huge headache.

"Humph! Everyone has the right to punish those from the demonic and unorthodox path! Ye Yuan has already killed two fellow students. Is this not enough for the death penalty yet? Huyan Yong, what intentions do you have for shielding someone from the demonic path?"

Su Yubai had the momentum and was unwilling to spare them. He continued to use words to exert pressure. The way he spoke, Ye Yuan had already been determined to be someone from the demonic path.

Huyan Yong naturally would not fall for it. "Someone from the demonic path? What right do you have to say that Ye Yuan is someone from the demonic path? You didn't ask why Ye Yuan killed people, and indiscriminately pinned labels onto him. You, Disciplinary Hall's First Elder, is truly so awe-inspiring!"

"Humph! You're still stubborn! If he isn't someone from the demonic path, then how do you explain his sudden increase in strength? If he isn't someone from the demonic path, how do you explain his combat power which stands head and shoulders above all others? Everyone has the right to punish those from the demonic path! Huyan Yong, if you don't make way, I will take you down first, and then exterminate this scoundrel!" Su Yubai shouted with an imposing aura.

  1. I know, shifted places >.<