Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 860

Chapter 860 Crows Mouth

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“Since Madam knows that this trip is dangerous, why would you still want to do this transaction with Owner Yan?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

Even though travel trading like them carried their heads on their waistbands in the first place, it was actually not as dangerous as others imagine in normal times.

Bribe what was expected, and they could live. Unless they really offended those people badly, otherwise, they would not viciously kill.

Especially Yan Jun this kind, he was even more of a veteran of this route. His connections and resources naturally need not be said. Or else, it would be very hard to hire the Green Sea Mercenary Group too.

If this trip was truly dangerous, Yan Jun did not have the need to wade into this messy situation.

No matter how the goods were, it was not as valuable as one’s life either.

Lin Shuang’s expression dimmed when she heard that and said, “Since we’re going on this trip, we naturally have a reason for making this trip. Don’t ask anymore, Master Ye.”

Ye Yuan said, “Like this huh, it was this Ye Yuan who was rash.”

Since Yan Jun was delivering these goods and even brought his whole family, this trip was definitely even more important than their lives.

“Master Ye, Lin Shuang beseech you. If we encounter any danger, can you bring Ling-er and leave first? Don’t worry, even if us husband and wife die, we’ll also carve out a bloody road for you and Ling-er,” Lin Shuang said resolutely.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Maybe Madam is worrying too much. There wasn’t much danger this trip? But since Madam said so, this Ye will comply with your wishes.”

Innate Woodspirit Physique, that was an extremely rare spirit physique.

Even Ye Yuan had his heart moved due to the appreciation of talent.

Lin Shuang was overjoyed when she heard that and said, “Then Ling-er will be entrusted to Master Ye!”

After Lin Shuang left, Ye Yuan’s expression darkened slightly too.

Everyone’s atmosphere was rather odd. Ye Yuan had clearly detected it long ago.

More importantly, Ye Yuan’s perception was much more acute compared to ordinary people. In truth, ever since they entered the Chaotic Devil Sea’s area, Ye Yuan had become aware that there was someone staring at them.

Such a large caravan team entering the Chaotic Devil Sea, not being targeted by people was impossible. But the strength of the person shadowing was a bit too high.



Two crashing sounds came from outside one after another. Following that, it became a mess.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed and he also got down the carriage.

Not far away, two dead bodies laid on the ground. Liu Yusheng and Yan Jun, the two of them revealed solemn expressions on their faces.

“Master Ye came! Quickly let Master Ye take a look. The two of them died so oddly, without any wounds on their bodies. How did they die?” seeing Ye Yuan come over, someone hurriedly said.

When Yan Jun saw Ye Yuan, he hurriedly came forward to give a bow as well, saying, “Master Ye, these two brothers had no illnesses or diseases. Just now, they were walking perfectly fine, how come they passed away?”

Ye Yuan did not speak. Going up and inspecting the two dead bodies a little, he said with a sigh, “The two of them were hit by other people’s ambush long ago. Only all the way until now did it show effect.”

These two people were members of the Green Sea Mercenary Group. Ye Yuan naturally would not diagnose each person once.

Yan Jun’s expression changed when he heard that and said, “This … These two brothers ate and lived together with us. When did they get hit by an ambush?”

Along the way, the vast majority of the time was spent in the wilderness. Everyone was together too. To be able to ambush these two people without a sound, how formidable did their strength have to be?

Liu Yusheng frowned and said, “These two brothers were sent out for a period of time yesterday. Is it possible that … they were stabbed in the back by someone during that period of time?”

This sort of delivery journey was not much different from fighting in a war. Sending two people out to scout for a path, and to see if there were any movements, this was something perfectly normal.

But they did not expect that the excursion caused them to lose their lives.

“These two brothers’ strengths were not weak. They were both Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists. If they were ambushed by people, it’s not possible to have zero reaction, right?” Yan Jun’s expression was slightly grim as he said.

“Only two kinds of possibility! One is that they were poisoned by people unknowingly. Second is that the strength of the person who ambushed them was way higher than theirs!”

While talking, Liu Yusheng looked towards Ye Yuan, clearly seeking his opinion.

Ye Yuan was the only alchemist in the trading caravans. He naturally had the greatest right to speak.

But he saw Ye Yuan shake his head and said, “Neither!”

Seeing everyone’s puzzlement, Ye Yuan squatted down and lightly pressed a few times on one of the dead bodies. Then his palm force abruptly spat out. A black color little thing suddenly tunneled out from the skin.

Seeing this scene, everyone could not help being struck with terror.

At this point, how could everyone still be unaware that what made these two people lose their lives was this black color tiny thing!

After the small black bug crawled out from the skin, it turned into a stream of light with a whiz, wanting to escape.

“Where are you running!” But Liu Yusheng was long prepared. A burst of force suddenly fired out and just happened to score a hit on the small bug.

Liu Yusheng extended a hand and clutched, grabbing the small bug in his hand.

Looking closely, this small bug was merely the size of a soybean. It did not appear to have any extraordinary aspect, but it actually claimed two lives.

“What the hell kind of bug is this? To actually be so formidable?” Liu Yusheng said with a grave face.

“This bug is called Heart Devouring Bug, specially raised with martial artists’ blood and essence. It can bore into the body through the martial artist’s skin and arrive straight at the heart through the meridians, infesting within the martial artist’s heart and devouring the heart’s blood essence. And this process, the martial artist would only have some pain like being bitten by a mosquito; extremely hard to discover. If one were careless, they would succumb to it,” Ye Yuan said.

Everyone’s expressions changed when they heard that. This small bug was totally impossible to guard against!

Even if the martial artist heightened their vigilance, it was also not possible to focus attention from morning till night either.

As long as one slightly relaxed a little, wouldn’t they die without rhyme or reason?

“This tiny bug is actually so formidable?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “It’s even more incredible than you imagine! Leader Liu, better throw it away. Your blow just now shouldn’t be sufficient to cause death! It’s currently in a state of suspended animation. When you loosen up, it might just come and give you a bite.”

Liu Yusheng’s countenance suddenly changed, his entire person nearly jumped up, and he instinctively threw away the Heart Devouring Bug in his hand.

Right then, a cold light flashed. Ye Yuan drew his sword directly to split the Heart Devouring Bug into two-halves.

With this, it was deader than dead.

“Although I didn’t use full strength just now, I also used 30%-40% power. This little bug can actually still survive?” Liu Yusheng said with lingering fear in his heart.

Ye Yuan said, “I already said, it’s even more impressive than you imagine! The most terrifying thing about Heart Devouring Bugs is not that it kills people imperceptibly, but … Heart Devouring Bug Swarm!”

Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Hearing the meaning in Ye Yuan’s words, the matter was not as simple as imagined!

“This Heart Devouring Bug can not only devour blood essence, but it also has extremely high immunity towards essence energy attacks as well. Therefore, that move of Leader Liu’s just now is completely unable to cause death. Can’t feel anything with just one or two, but if the numbers go up, that would really be called truly impossible to guard against,” Ye Yuan said.

As if confirming Ye Yuan’s words, everyone suddenly heard a series of buzzing sounds.

Immediately after, tiny black bugs that blotted out the skies and covered the earth swarmed over towards the trade caravans from all directions.

[0] The title of the chapter is Crow’s Mouth. It is a phrase to describe a person with a wicked fortune-telling mouth; inaccurate when saying good stuff, accurate when talking about bad stuff.