Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Burning Of The Linked Camps

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“This … This … This is a Heart Devouring Bug Swarm?”

Yan Jun’s gaze revealed a look of despair. The Heart Devouring Bugs already surrounded them up. Even immortals could not possibly fly out either.

Liu Yusheng was used to seeing grand spectacles too. But at this time, his scalp could not help tingling.

Such numbers of Heart Devouring Bug Swarm, even if he had three heads and six arms 1 , he had no way of warding them off either!

Ye Yuan currently had his gaze fixed on the Heart Devouring Bug Swarm, but suddenly felt someone hug his leg. Lowering his head to take a look, it was little girl Yan Ling.

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Ling-er, are you scared?”

Ling-er shook her head cutely and said, “With Big Brother Ye Yuan around, Ling-er isn’t scared!”

“Good girl!” Ye Yuan gently rubbed Ling-er’s small head and said dotingly.

“I don’t believe that a swarm of tiny bugs can eat us! 2 Brothers, get into formation and exterminate this group of damn bugs for me!” Liu Yusheng shouted angrily.

Sea Green Mercenary Group martial artists were all veterans of a hundred battles.

Experiencing the initial-most panic, they calmed down very quickly.

Dealing with such a large swarm of bugs, it was naturally the effects of array formations that was the best. Otherwise, being besieged separately by these bugs and getting routed one by one, that would be terrible.

Ye Yuan did not have the intention of stopping. If Liu Yusheng could really deal with these Heart Devouring Bugs, he would naturally be disinclined to make a move again.

The Green Sea Mercenary Group was clearly very familiar with array formations. Only using several breaths of time, the array formation was already formed.

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up slightly and started to look at this Green Sea Mercenary Group in a completely different light.

This set of array formation was called Spirit Profound Unity Formation. After forming the formation, a kind of fantastical resonance would form between the martial artists, and let each of their strengths increased immensely from there. Furthermore, the group of martial artists could join hands to lay down an enchantment, letting the power of the array formation increased greatly.

Ye Yuan observed for a while. This set of array formation being set up, even if Phaseless Realm martial artists wanted to break it open, they had to expend quite a bit of effort too.

No wonder the Green Sea Mercenary Group was called the strongest in Luo Ding City. Looks like it was not without reason.

Indeed, once the enchantment activated, it immediately isolated those Heart Devouring Bugs outside.

Quite a number of Heart Devouring Bugs all crashed into the enchantment like moths into the fire. But the moment they touched the enchantment, a large swarm was killed by a blinding light.

Seeing this scene, Yan Jun’s heart finally fell back into place. Heaving a long sigh in relief, he praised, “Elder Brother Liu is indeed impressive! Hiring the Green Sea Mercenary Group here on this trip is really too worth it!”

Liu Yusheng was proud of himself too as he said, “Hehe, that goes without saying. For our Green Sea Mercenary Group to be able to make it to our current status, how can we not have any ultimate trump card ability? With us, this group of brothers here, it’s also useless no matter how many of these damn bugs there are!”

The might of the Spirit Profound Unity Formation was extraordinary. It killed large swathes of Heart Devouring Bugs very quickly.

But these bugs were too many. It completely could not be killed finish.

These bugs were clearly not intrepid and fearless towards death either. Seeing that they were unable to breach the enchantment, they stopped the attacks very quickly and started circling around outside the enchantment.

Suddenly, those bugs seemed to have suffered some kind of stimulation and actually started biting each other.

When the martial artists saw this scene, they could not help being astounded.

“Haha, these bugs are indeed savage in nature. Not able to breach our enchantment, they actually started killing each other!” someone said with a jeer.

When these bugs started to chomp down, they did not show the slightest hint of mercy towards their companions. Very soon, a large swarm of Heart Devouring Bugs died under the gnawing of their own companions.

But when Ye Yuan saw this spectacle, his gaze turned grim.

“Everybody, don’t lower your guard! These Heart Devouring Bugs chomping down on each other is not savageness being their second nature, but because there is someone controlling them to evolve! Heart Devouring Bugs are unable to take human form, but are able to evolve through devouring their companions! Along with the increase in rank, their resistance towards essence energy would also rise dramatically!” Ye Yuan said in a solemn voice.

Ye Yuan was just like a jinx. The moment he finished explaining, after those Heart Devouring Bugs devoured many of their companions, their strength suddenly skyrocketed.

With this, the number of Heart Devouring Bugs reduced a lot, but the quality increase by a large margin!

Liu Yusheng’s expression changed, and he said, “Careful, they are going to attack! Kill them!”

This time, the Heart Devouring Bugs that had a large improvement in strength bounced back with renewed effort after a failure.

The Green Sea Mercenary Group spared no effort to control the enchantment, bombarding wantonly at the Heart Devouring Bugs. Yet, the bodies of those Heart Devouring Bugs actually just swayed a little and dropped directly on top of the enchantment.

Hiss, hiss, hiss 

The Heart Devouring Bugs actually started to devour the essence energy used to set up the enchantment!

Seeing this scene, Liu Yusheng and Yan Jun’s expression changed greatly.

Wasn’t these Heart Devouring Bugs a little too formidable?

Hiss, hiss, hiss 

More and more Heart Devouring Bugs plopped onto the enchantment. The enchantment became a black sky very quickly.

Liu Yusheng had sweat streaming down his face from nervousness. He wanted to remove the array formation, but removing the array formation at this time was no different from seeking death.


Right at this time, it was as if the entire world was lit up. A raging flame actually started burning on the enchantment.

Buzz, buzz 

At this time, virtually all of the Heart Devouring Bugs were gathered on the enchantment. This fire burned extremely suddenly, burning all of the Heart Devouring Bugs all at once.

The Heart Devouring Bugs emitted low cries, making people shudder with fear when they heard it.

This flame was very fierce, seemingly like a bone-festering maggot. No matter how those Heart Devouring Bugs struggled, they could not break free. Finally, they turned to ashes.

Even though those Heart Devouring Bugs already evolved successfully, under this flame, they did not have the slightest strength to resist.

Liu Yusheng and Yan Jun watched this scene in a daze, both somewhat out-of-sort.

The glow of the fire shone on their faces, radiating light, shaking people to the core.

“E-Elder Brother Liu, was this flame … done by your mercenary group?” Yan Jun asked slowly.

Liu Yusheng was stunned, then immediately let out a roaring laugh as he said,“Hahaha! O-Of course! Just now, I deliberately showed weakness to the enemy. It was for the sake of drawing all of them over to round them up in one fell swoop! How is it, Owner Yan? Is this fire still passable?”

Yan Jun nodded his head mechanically and sighed with praise, “Elder Brother Liu is indeed formidable! If we can return safely from this trip, your mercenary group’s reward will add another 30%!”

Although Liu Yusheng did not know what was going on, this outcome was exactly when he wanted.

This baffling fire actually directly increased their remuneration by 30%!

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan just smiled slightly and did not have the intention of stepping forward to claim the credit.

Earlier, everyone’s attention was focused on the Heart Devouring Words. He took advantage of the fact that everyone was not paying attention and quietly infused the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame into the array formation.

How could a Tier 7 Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame be what these Heart Devouring Bugs could withstand?

With this, it directly burned until nothing was left.

This kind of means, only Ye Yuan could accomplish it without drawing attention as well. He was very familiar with this Spirit Profound Unity Formation. Even though it was his first time cooperating with these martial artists, it was seamless. Even Liu Yusheng did not detect it.

“Don’t be happy too early. These Heart Devouring Bugs should be controlled by someone. Burning them down with this, the perpetrator is probably going to show up,” Ye Yuan warned.

[0] The chapter title is Burning of the Linked Camps. This is a reference to a battle in the Three Kingdoms era, soldiers ran around to set fire everywhere, causing chaos.