Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Earth Carnage Proclamation Expert

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Ye Yuan’s voice had yet to fade when a man appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

Yan Jun said with a bitter smile, “Master Ye, can we not say anymore? If you keep talking, you might provoke some kind of existence out.”

Liu Yisheng grumbled too, “Master Ye, can we keep our mouths shut for a while? Whatever you say, everything will come true. At this rate, we can forget about reaching the place for the rest of our lives.”

Ye Yuan was stupefied. Only then did he recover to his senses too and could not help saying embarrassedly, “H-Huhu, I’ll just stop talking.”

Starting from when the enemy appeared, it seemed like all of the direction of the plot was planned by Ye Yuan. And he became a seer; whatever he said, everything came true.

Yan Jun and Liu Yusheng had clearly become aware of it already and could not help complaining to Ye Yuan.

They naturally did not know that if it were not for Ye Yuan, they would already not have the life to complain here.

This man who suddenly appeared had a sinister and ruthless gaze. There was even a knife scar on his face. One look and it was obvious that he was not some good person.

But this guy was merely Eighth Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm. This made Liu Yusheng and the rest feel much more at ease.

Against a Eighth Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm, Liu Yusheng sized himself up that he would not lose to anybody.

Moreover, in his view, this man should be more formidable in controlling bugs. His combat strength should not be strong.

“To dare burn all of my, Blood Saber Tan Si’s, Heart Devouring Bugs to death, are you all prepared for a reckoning?” the scar-faced man said in a cold voice.

The moment these words came out, Liu Yusheng and Yan Jun’s expressions changed drastically.

“You … You’re the Blood Saber Tan Si who massacred Luo Ding City’s entire Zhang Family ten years ago!” Liu Yusheng was incomparably astonished. His hand holding the sword tightened unnaturally.

Clearly, this Blood Saber Tan Si’s fierce name made Liu Yusheng produce fear.

Ye Yuan was very curious when he saw the situation too. Liu Yusheng appeared like he feared nothing and no one. He was actually so fearful of this scarred man in front of him.

“Is this scarred man very impressive?” Ye Yuan asked a Green Sea Mercenary Group’s martial artist.

That person’s expression was not too good as well. He said in a solemn voice, “Ten years ago, Blood Saber Tan Si was only Sixth Level Heaven Enlightenment, but massacred Luo Ding City’s entire Zhang Family of 200 over people! One has to know that the Zhang Family was a great family second to none in Luo Ding city. Just the Ninth Level Heaven Enlightenment Realms were as many as two people. There were even several people in the Eighth Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm! Tan Si killed all of them with his strength alone. Would you say that’s impressive or not?”

That martial artist even thought that Ye Yuan would get a huge shock after hearing it. Who knew that Ye Yuan just nonchalantly gave an ‘oh,’ then there was no more follow up.

This Tan Si should have comprehended a supreme true intent, that was why he would be so formidable.

Now that ten years had passed, Tan Si already cultivated to Eighth Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm, his strength was bound to have scaled new heights.

If Liu Yusheng matched up, it was indeed quite troublesome.

Supreme true intents were not cabbages that anyone could comprehend. Although Liu Yusheng was strong, he was still a little away from comprehending a supreme true intent.

Under the circumstances of being at the same cultivation realm, Liu Yusheng was absolutely not Tan Si’s match.

But seeing this Tan Si also made Ye Yuan have a direct understanding of the Chaotic Devil Sea’s martial artists’ strength.

This place was merely just at the border regions of the Chaotic Devil Sea, and there was already an expert like Tan Si. Continuing deeper, he might run into some formidable characters.

“Heh, looks like my, Tan Si’s name, is still not weak! Since you know my name, you should know that I never leave survivors behind, right? Are you guys taking action yourselves, or are you letting me do it?” Tan Si said with a cold smile.

Lou Yusheng’s expression changed, and he said, “We have never provoked your esteemed self. It was your esteemed self who took the initiative to control the Heart Devouring Bugs to come to attack our trade caravans. Why is there a need to be overbearing?”

“Your meaning is that my Heart Devouring Bugs died in vain just like that? In order to groom these Heart Devouring Bugs, this Tan expended a considerable price, virtually killing off all of the people in this area. Now, you guys actually burned them to death. Could it be that you still wish to not get involved in it?” Tan Si said coldly.

Liu Yusheng’s expression changed drastically, and he said, “This … This area’s forces were all killed off by you?”

Liu Yusheng was still curious. Originally, walking until this place, there should long have been people jumping out. But along the way, it was unusually peaceful.

“What? Could it be that you still want to take revenge for them? Alright, enough crap has been said. I’ll be sending you on your way right now!”

Tan Si made a move right away and actually did not have the slightest hesitation.

“Into formation!”

Liu Yusheng knew that he was not a match. With a loud cry, the Spirit Profound Unity Formation was instantly formed.


A blood-colored saber light slammed onto the grand array and actually struck the enchantment until it teetered shakily. Even Liu Yusheng and the others staggered unsteadily.

“This … How could it be so strong?” Liu Yusheng turned pale with fright as he said.

Just now that blow was virtually equivalent to Tan Si overpowering their entire Green Sea Mercenary Group with his strength alone!

This kind of strength was simply what no one could ever imagine!

Only at the Eighth Level Heaven Enlightenment realm, the disparity between Liu Yusheng and Tan Si was seriously too great.

Tan Si was also slightly surprised to see that he did not succeed in one blow and said, ” I really couldn’t tell that your little mercenary group still have a bit of capability. But the next attack, you guys have to be careful!”

Just a little surprised, that was all. No matter how powerful this Spirit Profound Unity Formation was, he, Tan Si, did not place it in his sights either.

“Elder Brother Liu, this … What should we do?” Yan Jun’s expression changed greatly as he said.

Liu Yusheng’s expression was ugly to the extreme. Gritting his teeth, he said, “No other choice! This Tan Si’s fierce name is illustrious! There have never been survivors under his hands. Want to live, we can only stake everything on a single throw!”

“Hahaha! Stake everything on a single throw? Looks like you guys have already not entered the Chaotic Devil Sea for very long. You actually don’t know that this Tan is already ranked in the latest issue of the Earth Carnage Proclamation!” said Tan Si with a laugh. It was as if Tan Si heard some ridiculous thing.

He laughed, but the others could not laugh.

Ye Yuan faintly revealed a surprised look too. The reputation of the Earth Carnage Proclamation, he had naturally heard before.

This list was published by the Heaven’s Secret Tower’s Chaotic Devil Sea branch. One issue every half a year, divided into heaven and earth, two proclamations.

What the Heaven Carnage Proclamation recorded were all Phaseless Realm martial artists. What the Earth Carnage Proclamation recorded were all Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists.

Any martial artists who made it on the list would be people with extremely formidable martial prowess in the same realm. Facing experts in the same realm, it was virtually all instant kills!

Every martial artist in the Chaotic Devil Sea took pride in being able to get on the heaven and earth dual proclamations.

Just as Tan Si said, Liu Yusheng they all had already not entered the Chaotic Devil Sea for half a year and was completely unaware that Tan Si actually slaughtered his way into the Earth Carnage Proclamation within this half a year.

Facing an expert on the Earth Carnage Proclamation, how could Liu Yusheng they all still have the mindset of getting lucky?

More importantly, this Tan Si troublesome and ruthless, completely not giving people a way out. Even if they pleaded to him, he could not possibly let go of this group of people either.

No wonder those trade caravans disappeared, bafflingly. With such a great malefic star around, how could they still have the possibility of surviving?

“This time, this Tan is not going to pull any more punches! You guys will have to bring out all of your might!” Tan Si licked his lips, revealing a cruel expression.

Clearly, the next attack would be a lightning-like blow!