Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 863

Chapter 863 In High Spirits

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“Brothers! Keep your chins up! This guy isn’t easy to deal with!” Liu Yusheng said with a solemn face.

Earth Carnage Proclamation’s expert, however seriously they took him was not being overboard.

If he did not have the Spirit Profound Unity Formation to assist, he would definitely turn around and run right now.

Of course, whether he could escape or not was another matter.

The Green Sea Mercenary Group members were naturally also aware of what Earth Carnage Proclamation meant. Each and every one all plucked their spirits up 120% to deal with Tan Si’s lightning-like blow.

For a moment, the enchantment radiated a brilliant splendor. Its power seemed to be even greater than before.

Tan Si looked at Liu Yusheng and co.’s actions indifferently and was not anxious at all either.

“This array formation is rather interesting. However … want to deal with me with just the likes of it?”

Tan Si gave a cold laugh. A short blood-colored small saber appeared in his hand.

“Blood … Moon … Slash!”

Tan Si said it word for word. A horrifying half-moon blood-colored saber light chopped down at the grand array!

Liu Yusheng’s expression was incomparably solemn. He poured all of the essence energy in his body into the array formation without holding anything back.

The aura of Tan Si’s move was completely different from that slash previously. The power was more than several times stronger!

He knew that just by relying on this Spirit Profound Unity Formation, he probably could not withstand this move at all.

But at this moment, he did not have a second option either. There was only meeting the enemy with all his power!

But right at this time, the Spirit Profound Unity Formation erupted with rays of brilliant light once more. A stream of violent flames gushed out once again, colliding together with Tan Si’s saber light.

Evenly matched!

Liu Yusheng looked at this scene in front of his eyes disbelievingly. Tan Si’s saber light was actually blocked by them!

“Wah … Big …”

Yan Ling suddenly cried out, clearly very excited. But her words had yet to be uttered when she saw Ye Yuan shake his head slightly, indicating to her to not speak.

The little girl was very sharp, and she hurriedly covered her mouth.

“Ling-er, this is our little secret. Don’t tell others, okay.” Ye Yuan transmitted.

The little girl nodded her head excitedly, as if guarding some earth-shaking secret, exceedingly pleased with herself inwardly.

Other people all did not notice Ye Yuan’s actions. Only Yan Ling this little girl noticed it.

Yan Jun did not know what it meant and shouted fiercely, “Yan Ling, what are you messing around here for? Quickly go back to the carriage!”

The lass stuck out her mouth and ran away swiftly.

After Yan Ling left, Yan Jun let out a long sigh and said to Liu Yusheng, “Elder Brother Liu is indeed formidable. This array formation, even an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert is actually powerless against it!”

“H-Haha! What Earth Carnage Proclamation expert! I think it’s merely nothing more than this!” Liu Yusheng said with a big laugh.

What’s going on today? Could it be that I was performing abnormally well and made the power of the array formation rise to a greater height? Liu Yusheng thought to himself, secretly.

One time could still be said to be a coincidence. If it was twice in a row, that it was him breaking through unknowingly!

He was the entire array formation’s core. Only he could unleash such a swift and fierce attack.

Tan Si’s expression was incomparably livid. He did not expect that this lousy array formation could actually block his attack.

Especially that flame attack which suddenly appeared just now. The process from beginning to end was unbelievably intimidating. It was actually almost on par with his Blood Moon Slash!

But he did not believe that a measly little mercenary group could possess the power to contend with him.

If the other party really had this strength, that slash earlier would absolutely not attain that kind of an effect.

Among these people, there must be an expert!

It was just that this person did not want to expose himself, so he made use of Liu Yusheng’s hand to deal with him.

Looks like earlier, it was this person taking action too. That was how it burned the Heart Devouring Bugs he nurtured painstakingly cleanly in one go.

Tan Si looked at Liu Yusheng and said with a cold smile, “Just based on the likes of trash like you are also fit to be my opponent?”

Liu Yusheng said without fear knowing that he had something to fall back on,“Heh, our mercenary group has never upheld individual strength! Everybody tiding over the difficult hurdles together, that’s a victory! Even if I’m not your match, you can’t do anything to us either!”

“Leader is mighty!”

“We’re the strongest!”

“Leader, we love you!”


Liu Yusheng’s words greatly encouraged all of the mercenary group.

Even though it made no sense, these members were brimming with confidence at this time too. The fear towards an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert previously already melted away into thin air at present.

An Earth Carnage Proclamation expert of the legends did not seem impossible to beat.

Ye Yuan secretly found it hilarious in his heart. This guy really knew how to take the opportunity to win over people’s hearts.

But to be able to make the Green Sea Mercenary Group cultivate the Spirit Profound Unity Formation to this sort of extent, this Liu Yusheng was indeed not someone simple.

If not for running into an expert like Tan Si, there should not be too much of a problem for Liu Yusheng to go in and out of the Chaotic Devil Sea’s border-regions.

Tan Si was angered until his face turned black. The scar on his face appeared even more savage.

But Tan Si did not quibble over anything. At the Chaotic Devil Sea, this kind of place, strength was all of the capital to talk.

He could not do anything to this mercenary group. Saying any other big talk was also of no help to the matter.

His gaze swept over the faces of everyone in the mercenary group, wanting to find that hidden expert.

When his gaze swept to Ye Yuan, it paused for a bit. So many years of lingering between life and death made his strength improve by a large margin. It also made his perception become extremely keen.

When Tan Si first laid eyes on Ye Yuan, he felt that Ye Yuan was different from the rest.

But very soon, he himself denied his thinking.

Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was too low, and his age was too young as well. It was completely impossible to be that hidden expert.

But apart from Ye Yuan, he could not find any other suspicious person at all.

“What are you looking at? Are you fighting or not? If you’re not fighting, we still have to hurry on with our journey!” Liu Yusheng said haughtily.

Tang Shi gave Liu Yusheng a glance and said with a cold snort, “Consider yourselves lucky today. Pray that you don’t land in my hands!”

Finished talking, Tan Si’s figure moved, and he vanished before everyone’s eyes.

“Hahaha! An Earth Carnage Proclamation’s expert was sent packing by our Green Sea Mercenary Group! Returning to Luo Ding City this time, our Green Sea Mercenary Group’s status will probably become transcendent!” Liu Yusheng said with a big laugh.

Yan Jun also clasped his hands and congratulated him,”Congratulations, Elder Brother Liu! For Elder Brother Liu to be able to drive an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert away, the Green Sea Mercenary Group is fully deserving of being the number one mercenary group in Luo Ding City! From hereafter, no one else will be able to surpass!”

“Haha, that doesn’t matter! This time, it’s still all thanks to Owner Yan. If not for you hiring us this time, we wouldn’t have this chance” Liu Yusheng was unbelievably high-spirited and enthusiastic at this time.

Earth Carnage Proclamation’s expert. They were all legendary existences to them.

One had to know that somewhere as large as the Chaotic Devil Sea, how many millions of Heaven Enlightenment Realm experts there were?

But the Earth Carnage Proclamation merely just recorded 500 people!

These 500 people were the most powerful existences among Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists.

Rumors had it that Earth Carnage Proclamation experts crossing realms to defeat ordinary Phaseless Realms was nothing difficult. From this, one could tell just how formidable the strengths of Earth Carnage Proclamation experts were!

To be able to drive away such an expert, it was sufficient to let the Green Sea Mercenary Group become famous all over the world!

“That … Not that I want to pour cold water, that person probably …” Ye Yuan’s words were spoken halfway.

He was stopped by Yan Jun.