Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Suddenly Turning Back

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“My Master Ye, don’t make any more divine prophecies!” Yan Jun was filled with terror after the incident.

The moment Ye Yuan spoke just now, it immediately gave everyone a huge fright. Said whatever, it would come. If Ye Yuan’s crow mouth kept on talking, they would even worry whether or not it would draw a Deity Realm powerhouse over.

Ye Yuan blinked his eyes twice, indicating he would not talk anymore. Only then did Yan Jun heave a sigh in relief and let go of his hand.

Ye Yuan said with an innocent face, “I was only warning you guys a little out of goodwill. Was it necessary?”

“Necessary!” Yan Jun and Liu Yusheng cried out in one voice.

Scaring away Tan Si, the party finally set off on the journey once again.

The experts in this region were basically all killed off by Tan Si. Along the way, it became much more relaxed instead. There was not even a single person picking a quarrel.

And thanks to Ye Yuan’s final sentence not coming out of his mouth, that Tan Si actually did not come to find trouble either.

But along the way, Liu Yusheng kept his spirit up 120%, so as to respond to Tan Si’s ambush.

Although Ye Yuan’s words were not said finish, he took it to heart.

Dealing with Tan Si, this kind of expert, he did not dare to loosen up at all either.

If there were no Spirit Profound Unity Formation, he would definitely be instantly killed effortlessly.

But no idea why, Tan Si never appeared again either.

Actually, it was not that Tan Si really did not appear before. He had always been following nearby the trade caravans. There was even one time where he wanted to sneak attack. But each sneak attack, he would always be scared away by a faintly discernible divine sense.

His actions could not hide from Ye Yuan’s eyes and ears at all. Ye Yuan only warned him not to act rashly without careful thought with divine sense.

Only then did Tan Si confirm that there was absolutely an expert who’s strength was a level higher than his within these trade caravans.!

The other party did not wish to expose his identity, that was why he would use this kind of method to warn him. If he really had no sense to appreciate favors, the other party would likely really make a move to kill.

Tan Si killed people like flies, but it did not mean that he did not fear death.

Throwing an egg against a rock, this sort of thing, he would not do it.

Even though Ye Yuan detested Tan Si’s killing on sight habit, he was not a pedantic person either. People like Tan Si were too abundant in the Chaotic Devil Sea, completely could not be killed finish.

Since Tan Si was sensible, then Ye Yuan would not be bothered to make a move on him.

After this, Ye Yuan used Fiery to create a clone to leave in the carriage, but he himself entered the Vast Heaven Pagoda to cultivate.

Speaking of which, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm increase these two years was rather rapid. But concepts comprehension speed slowed down.

It was hard for there to be leisure time. Ye Yuan naturally could not waste it.

Inside the Vast Heaven Stele’s consciousness space, Ye Yuan’s brows were furrowed tightly, muttering to himself, “This Scorching Supreme True Intent’s final step, how should I cross over? No wonder Spirit Bristle that fellow is so powerful. This Scorching True Intent is indeed not that easy to comprehend!”

Ye Yuan already reached the final step of comprehending the Scorching Supreme True Intent.

That feeling was clearly right within touch already. But Ye Yuan kept failing to grasp that tiny bit.

Legends had it that when the Scorching Supreme True Intent was cultivated to the extreme, it could incinerate myriad life, invincible. It could be seen from this how powerful this supreme true intent was.

But the more powerful the thing, the harder it naturally was to comprehend as well.

Ye Yuan had advanced on this path for many years and borrowed the help of the Vast Heaven Stele before reaching his present boundary.

But wanting to break through this final hurdle was not that easy.

Inside this consciousness space, Ye Yuan had suffered goodness knows how much pain. But this final step, he kept failing to see hope.

Ye Yuan suddenly smacked his head and said regretfully, “Why am I so stupid! The Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s own martial techniques originally contains fire attribute true intent inside. Spirit Bristle that fellow also trained in the martial techniques before comprehending supreme true intent. I insist on ignoring the shortcut and not take it, isn’t that utterly foolish?”

It was also that Ye Yuan’s comprehension abilities were too high. Along the way, the majority of the time was him comprehending supreme true intents himself, and creating martial techniques himself.

Towards the end, he rarely used the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s own cultivation method anymore.

Once this kind of habit formed, it would form a serious stagnation, making Ye Yuan disdainful to learn the good points of other martial techniques.

Little did he realize that future generations all stood on the shoulders of predecessors.

As a divine art, how could the power of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s own martial technique be ordinary?

Training this series of martial techniques to the great circle of perfection, Ye Yuan’s Scorching True Intent would be achieved naturally!

Going along with the martial techniques to comprehend a supreme true intent was much easier than comprehending it out of thin air.

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath. His consciousness withdrew out of the Vast Heaven Stele, and he started pondering about the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s cultivation method.

Starting from the first move, Absolute Yang Finger, Ye Yuan slowly tidied up this set of martial techniques’ sequence of ideas.

With Ye Yuan’s comprehension towards the Scorching True Intent and Transmission True Intent presently, he had a brand new understanding when he comprehended these martial techniques anew.

As a set of divine art, the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was originally passed down in the same vein. Its martial techniques were naturally passed down linearly too.

Ye Yuan recalled his comprehensions towards true intent and discovered that this series of martial techniques followed along the true intent’s development train of thoughts and created this set of cultivation method.

“The fourth level, Heavenly Flame Palm!”

“The fifth level, Cloud Converging Fire!”

“The sixth level, uh … Void Fire Mark!”

Ye Yuan discovered to his shock that cultivating the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s martial techniques to the sixth level already reached the level of supreme true intent!

Didn’t that mean that as long as he cultivated according to the prescribed routine, he would have already comprehended the supreme true intent now?

This discovery made Ye Yuan smile bitterly to no end. It was really sitting on a treasure mountain but knowing it!

The final three levels of martial techniques, each level corresponded to three stages of supreme true intent.

As long as Ye Yuan fully comprehended the final profound meaning of the Nine Suns Burning Heaven, grasping ninth-stage Scorching Supreme True Intent would naturally be nothing difficult.

Actually, this really could not be blamed on Ye Yuan. His comprehensions in Sword Dao was too strong, resulting in the martial techniques he created to be stronger than the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s moves.

Of course, the prerequisite was that Ye Yuan’s comprehensions into the Sword Dao’s supreme true intent already reached fifth-stage!

“Suddenly turning back, but that person is under that waning light 1 ! I rushed forward blindly, but neglected the scenery behind me!” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

No one would not not err. It was impossible for Ye Yuan too.

Ye Yuan was too confident in his comprehension abilities. But he never thought that his comprehensions into the Martial Dao had merely just started for 10 years.

Without the accumulation of time, how could these extremely profound supreme true intents be so easy to comprehend?

It was true that the Spirit Bristle Divine King was powerful. But the time he spent immersed in this Dao was what Ye Yuan could not catch up to even if he whipped his horse!

Thinking through this link, Ye Yuan no longer hesitated and started cultivating the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s auxiliary martial techniques anew.

Ye Yuan did not slack off. He started cultivating from the first level’s Absolute Yang Finger.

This was a complete martial technique system. Missing any links might cause an enormous influence on the comprehension at the back.

With Ye Yuan’s experience and knowledge, he naturally would not make mistakes here.

But when he truly started to cultivate this martial technique, he still discovered that he thought of things too simply.