Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Second Supreme True Intent

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The martial techniques in the first few levels, Ye Yuan accomplished with high proficiency. He only spent less than two days to settle it.

But when he reached the sixth level, Ye Yuan’s speed dropped all of a sudden.

Void Fire Mark this martial technique was the breakthrough point of the supreme true intent; very hard to train.

Ye Yuan spent half a month’s time before barely managing to train it to minor accomplishment. It was still a step away from comprehending the supreme true intent.

But cultivating the Void Fire Mark corroborated with Ye Yuan’s own comprehensions previously. It still let him have a deeper understanding of the Scorching Supreme True Intent.

“There’s still one last chaos gem. Looks like wihout using this chaos gem, I’ll probably not be able to comprehend the Scorching Supreme True Intent within a short time!” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

The chaos gems extorted from Long Teng, Ye Yuan was finally going to use them up as well.

Ye Yuan was very decisive and did not have much hesitation before directly firing the chaos gem into the Vast Heaven Stele!

Strike while the iron was hot. Ye Yuan felt that he was only a step away from the supreme true intent already. Fine steel needed to be used on the edge of a knife. This chaos gem, nothing to feel unwillingness to use about.

Moreover, Ye Yuan knew that in the Chaotic Devil Sea, only by having powerful strength could he ensure his own safety.

Different from other places, the Chaotic Devil Sea this sort of place, martial artists that comprehended supreme true intents could be found everywhere. When Ye Yuan faced them, he would not have too much advantage.

Therefore, comprehension of the second supreme true intent, it was imperative to him.

Next was the dreary martial technique training.

Each day, Ye Yuan would train according to the Void Fire Mark’s series of moves. This process was extremely dreary, but Ye Yuan found joy in it and never got tired.

But the effects of focusing on cultivation was also apparent. After one month, Ye Yuan’s Void Fire Mark was finally cultivated to major accomplishment!

But this was still lacking some level of attainment from comprehending the supreme true intent.

Ye Yuan was certain that as long as he cultivated to the great circle of perfection, he could definitely comprehend the supreme true intent!

The following three months, he still cultivated without knowing fatigue. Ye Yuan practically did not have any rest time, his state as if he went mad.

Finally, one day after three months, a transparent imprint was fired by Ye Yuan into the void!

A look of pleasant surprise surfaced on Ye Yuan’s face as he said, “Finally done! Scorching Supreme True Intent, indeed unbelievably powerful! This has merely just broken through first-stage, and it’s likely going to be even stronger than my third-stage Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword!”

This Void Fire Mark being cultivated will show a brilliant yellow color mark when it just started. When cultivated to major accomplishment, it was a light-yellow color mark.

And the transparent imprint launched was precisely the hallmark of the Void Fire Mark being cultivated to the great circle of perfection!

Ye Yuan also relied on this move to finally comprehend the Scorching Supreme True Intent!

Starting from stepping onto the Nine Heavens Road until now, roughly ten year’s time had passed. Ye Yuan finally comprehended a second supreme true intent. The agitation in his heart could be imagined.

This Scorching Supreme True Intent’s comprehension was far from as quick as the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword. Ye Yuan also sunk enormous effort into this path.

Just inside this Vast Heaven Stele’s space, Ye Yuan was frozen to death God knows how many times.

Even though it was not a true death, that kind of feeling felt like he had experienced it. People lacking willpower, just the agony was sufficient to drive them crazy, let alone talk about comprehending.

Now, the painstaking efforts Ye Yuan put in finally had a return!

This second supreme true intent was a milestone success to Ye Yuan!

Because there were many martial artists able to comprehend a supreme true intent, but comprehending two supreme true intents, that was in the minority.

No other reason, there was a limit to a person’s strength.

A person’s energy was limited. Comprehending a supreme true intent already expended tremendous energy. How could there still be people with the energy to go comprehend a second one?

To be able to comprehend a second supreme true intent and achieve the Divine King Realm, not one was not a major power of the Divine Realm with strength far exceeding those in the same rank.

If the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword’s comprehension still had some elements of being opportunistic, then this Scorching Supreme True Intent was comprehended by Ye Yuan little by little indisputably!

This process, he only spent ten year’s time!

If the Spirit Bristle Divine King knew that Ye Yuan only used ten years to comprehend the Scorching Supreme True Intent, he would definitely be shocked until his jaw hit the ground.

“There’s still two months more. I wonder what kind of power will combining the Scorching Supreme True Intent with the spirit rank dragon wave together produce?” Ye Yuan said rather excitedly.

Although first-stage Scorching True Intent’s power was strong, it clearly had not met Ye Yuan’s requirements yet.

Back then, Ye Yuan carried out a fusion between the Scorching True Intent and dragon wave and created the Flame Movement Carnage.

But the power of Flame Movement Carnage was already inadequate right now. When Ye Yuan faced the enemies currently, the majority of the circumstances was to directly use the spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

Now that he comprehended the supreme true intent, fusing the spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm and the Scorching Supreme True Intent, the power would definitely be rather impressive!

These remaining two months time, Ye Yuan planned on doing this thing.

Without a doubt, the difficulty level of fusing the Scorching Supreme True Intent and the scorching supreme true intent Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was goodness knows how many times higher compared to Flame Movement Carnage.

The fusion before could only be treated as a reference as well.

But with the experience of Flame Movement Carnage, Ye Yuan had a direction to work towards, which was resonance!

Back then when he merged the Scorching True Intent and Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, Ye Yuan only used the Flame Movement Carnage after blasting out countless fists and finding the resonant point of the true intent and fleshy body as well.

What he wanted to do presently was to find the resonant point of the supreme true intent and spirit rank dragon wave!

Ye Yuan slowly shut his eyes and started to feel, seeking out the breakthrough point of these two kinds of completely different attributes.

Merging supreme true intent and fleshy body martial techniques, probably only Ye Yuan this sort of freak could be capable of it too.

Ordinary Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists, forget about supreme true intent, their fleshy bodies were probably not even one-in-a-thousandth as powerful as Ye Yuan’s.

But this process did not make smooth progress. After two months, Ye Yuan still did not find the resonant point, but the effects of the chaos gem were already over.

In this period of time, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm also quietly broke through to Second Level Heaven Enlightenment.

Ye Yuan had no choice but to put away his emotions and return to reality.

“Master Ye, we’ve reached Cloud Transient City!” outside the carriage, Yan Jun’s very polite voice called out to Ye Yuan.

“Got it!” Ye Yuan responded coolly, his voice somewhat hoarse.

But the moment he got off the carriage, it made Yan Jun jump in fright, “Master Ye, what happened to you?”

The current Ye Yuan had deep sunken eyes and a sallow face, clearly very haggard. It was as if he suffered a serious illness.

Although just 20 days passed in total in reality, to Ye Yuan, more than half a year had already passed.

This half a year, he was virtually cultivating frenziedly and did not really rest.

Relaxing all at once currently, Ye Yuan’s entire person had indescribable weariness.

“No worries. I’m cultivating a divine soul cultivation method. My soul force was excessively exhausted. Rest for a while, and I’ll be fine.” Ye Yuan waved his hands and casually made up a story.

This Cloud Transient City was the group of people’s destination. It was a most out-of-the-way city in the Chaotic Devil Sea.