Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 866

Chapter 866 Missing Ling Er

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In the Chaotic Devil Sea, even if people were in a city, drawing swords at a word of disagreement was rather commonly seen as well.

As long as it was not a massacre, no one would care about you.

Therefore, people without strength would all have to tuck their tails between their legs and behave.

There were no rules to talk about here. Strength was the highest for everything!

In order to survive, martial artists naturally formed factions and gangs. It was very hard to survive here all alone.

Cloud Transient City was just a small city. The population was not many.

This place was obviously not Ye Yuan’s end point. His true objective was the core of the Chaotic Devil Sea: the Slaughter Steppes!

And Cloud Transient city had a transmission array that led to the Slaughter Steppes!

Apart from the transmission array, one still required another item to enter the Slaughter Steppes. This was also one of the objectives of Ye Yuan coming here.

This sleep, Ye Yuan slept until the skies turned dark and he blacked out, all the way past the third day before he woke up.

The moment he went out, Ye Yuan discovered that the atmosphere was not quite right.

“Owner Yan, you guys … What’s going on?”

Yan Jun’s expression was dark like water. He sat there alone and kept silent. In his eyes actually faintly contained tears. This made Ye Yuan greatly astonished.

Although Yan Jun’s martial strength was not very great, he was absolutely a tough guy in Ye Yuan’s impression. What matter could actually make him sit alone here quietly with tears in his eyes?

Yan Jun did not hear Ye Yuan’s words at all, still staring blankly there.

“Owner Yan?” Ye Yuan went over and lightly touched Yan Jun a bit.

Yan Jun abruptly startled awake and said, “M-Master Ye! Y-You woke up?”

Yan Jun had an appearance like he had lost his soul, making Ye Yuan produce a bad premonition.

“Owner Yan, what’s with you? Where’s the rest? Where’s madam and Ling-er?” Ye Yuan asked.

The moment Yan Jun heard, tears flowed down uncontrollably as he choked sobbingly, “Ling-er she … she …”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he said, “What happened to Ling-er?”

“This morning, we went to handover the goods. Shuang-er and Ling-er stayed behind in the inn. Shuang-er just left for a short while, but I didn’t expect … didn’t expect …”

Saying until here, Yan Jun choked and really could not continue anymore.

Ye Yuan’s expression fell slightly, and he said, “Ling-er went missing?”

Yan Jun nodded his head with difficulty, with great sorrow.

Several years ago, he lost his daughter in this Cloud Transient City too. The result was that he gave out all of his assets before barely managing to preserve his daughter’s life.

Since then, Yan Jun earned money to support his family desperately as well, in order to treat the recurring chronic illness on his daughter.

He did not think that after a time interval of several years, the exact same scene actually played out once more.

Toward Yan Ling this little girl, Ye Yuan quite adored her too. He did not think that she would actually have so many setbacks in her life. This made his feelings of compassion stir.

Being silent for a moment, Ye Yuan asked, “Owner Yan, don’t panic first. Tell me about the situation at that time.”

But Yan Jun shook his hand and said, “No special situation either. Shuang-er just left for a brief moment, then when she returned to the house, Ling-er was gone. Virtually … Virtually identical with the last time! I already requested for Elder Brother Liu they all to go out and search, but half a day has already passed. There’s no news at all.”

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he asked, “Exactly the same as last time? Do you know who ambushed Ling-er the last time or not?”

Yan Jun shook his head again and said, “We didn’t see that person’s true face at all. He just makes us deliver the earth essence crystals to the designated point. We heard a baby’s crying sound and went to find Ling-er. Turning around to take a look, the earth essence crystals were long gone without a trace already.”

Hearing Yan Jun’s description, Ye Yuan was lost in thought.

The previous time, the other party was clearly already planning on killing the hostage. It was just that the other party did not expect Ling-er’s life was actually so tenacious, forcefully holding on for several years, resulting in being thoroughly treated by Ye Yuan in the end.

If it was just kidnapping and blackmailing, the other party’s methods would probably be cut from the same cloth as last time.

Right while they were talking, Liu Yusheng walked in hastily.

“Owner Yan, my brothers have already inquired around and don’t have Ling-er’s news. But …” Liu Yusheng hesitated.

Yan Jun froze and suddenly said, “But what? Could it be …”

Liu Yusheng nodded his head and handed over a slip of paper. Yan Jun’s expression could not help changing drastically when he received it and looked.

Ye Yuan saw it clearly from behind. The slip of paper wrote: ‘Tonight at midnight, warehouse north of the city. One billion earth essence crystals. Only Yan Jun is permitted to come alone. Hand over the money in one hand, the person in the other!’

Indeed, the same pattern from the method last time.

It was as if someone had purposely eyed Yan Jun, to actually use the same method on him twice!

Without a doubt, this was done by the same person.

Ye Yuan could also tell from that skill to damage the meridians that the other party was absolutely a martial artist with very formidable strength.

Ye Yuan quietly withdrew out of the crowd and came onto the streets.

After an hour, Ye Yuan played with a short incense in his hand as he said smilingly, “I didn’t think that I’d have to use you again.”

What Ye Yuan was holding in his hand was precisely the Soul Guiding Incense used to find Lu-er back then. But the Soul Guiding Incense he refined this time was a much higher quality compared to that time. Its perception toward soul force was also much sharper.

He slowly came to Ling-er’s room, pushed open the door, and discovered that Lin Shuang was currently inside holding an item of Ling-er’s in a trace.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said to Lin Shuang, “Don’t need to be sad anymore, Madam. I have a way to find Ling-er.”

Lin Shuang was originally ashen-faced; virtually without any signs of life in her eyes. Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, she jumped up at once and grabbed Ye Yuan’s arm, looking as if she was crazy as she said, “Master Ye, you … is what you said true?”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Actually, I’ve had some surmises already. It’s just that I still need to confirm it a little. Madam, do you have any clothing items that Ling-er frequently wears? Lend it to me to use.”

Lin Shuang’s eyes finally shone with life as she hurriedly nodded and said, “Just a minute, Master Ye. I’ll go get it for you right away!”

Before long, Lin Shuang brought over a small and exquisite piece of clothing. Ye Yuan directly ignited it together with the Soul Guiding Incense

At the same time, Ye Yuan’s heart stirred slightly, and Fiery appeared in front of him.

“Fiery, you follow the Soul Guiding Incense and see where they are hiding Ling-er.”

“Yes, Big Brother!”

Fiery received the order and turned into a wisp of fire, following a strand of fragrance out of the room.

Seeing this scene, Lin Shuang was dumbfoundedly shocked.

After Fiery left, Ye Yuan said to Lin Shuang, “Actually, I believe you and Owner Yan have some conjectures in your hearts too, right? Except, that person, you feel that you can’t afford to provoke, so you weren’t willing to think too much. Rescuing Ling-er this time, you and Owner Yan shouldn’t get involved in this messy situation anymore. Come up with other means of livelihood outside the Chaotic Devil Sea.”

Ye Yuan was deeply aware of the Chaotic Devil Sea’s bloodiness and cruelty. Without absolute martial strength, there was completely no way of ensuring one’s family’s safety.

This kind of travel trading method of earning a living seemed like exorbitant profits, but actually, it was merely just money-making machines being scattered and raised.

The power over life and death was still controlled in other people’s hands.

Forget about Yan Jun, even Liu Yusheng this kind of veteran was not possibly the other party’s match.