Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Challenge

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In a hidden venue in the city, three men were currently watching over a little girl.

One of them was wearing light armor; he was tall and well-built. Clearly, he was the leader of these three people.

“Milord, this lass isn’t well-behaved. Let us take good care of her!”

One of the martial artists said as he threw a slap on the little girl’s face with a smack. The little girl did not dare to struggle anymore after getting hit. But that stubborn gaze was exhibited in its entirety.

That lass that person was talking about was precisely the Yan Ling who went missing.

Yan Ling was currently tied up on a chair, struggling endlessly. She glared at the three people furiously, filled with resentment.

Being kidnapped the last time, she was still young and did not feel anything at all.

But the agony of these few years made her life worse than living hell.

This point also made Yan Ling much more mature compared to those of the same age.

Therefore, being kidnapped by these people, Yan Ling was extremely disgusted by them.

That person wearing light armor looked at Yan Ling, his eyes filled with doubt as he muttered, “Back then, I clearly used the Pulse Severing Divine Palm to sever this girlie’s meridians. I didn’t expect that after a time interval of several years, she actually recovered! Truly inconceivable!”

The other two people’s expressions changed, and they said, “No way, right? Milord’s Pulse Severing Divine Palm’s power is incredible. Forget about a little girl, even a battle-seasoned martial artist can’t withstand it either! How can this girlie possibly recover? Could Your Excellency have … identified wrongly?”

That person waved his hand and said, “Maybe I’ll recognize this girlie wrongly, but her parents, I won’t identify them wrongly. The outstanding few people who come to Cloud Transient City for travel-trade, I know them like the palm of my hands. Yan Jun is the most outstanding among them. Back then, that deal virtually squeezed dry all of his savings. I didn’t think that after several years, he has accumulated considerable wealth again.”

“Heh heh, so what? Aren’t they just pigs that Your Excellency is rearing? Butchering once they get fat? With this girlie here, will we still fear that Yan Jun not submitting obediently?” said a martial artist.

“Huhu, that’s true! All thanks to these fat pigs that I am able to have my present strength! Now, this seat is only a step away from Phaseless Realm!” said the middle-aged man in light armor said.

“Congratulations, milord! Congratulations, milord! Milord is an expert on the Earth Carnage Proclamation. Once you enter the Phaseless Realm, your future prospects will be boundless!”

“At that time, naturally you won’t go without benefits!”

When the two people heard this, they were both beside themselves with joy. That middle-aged man in light armor was actually an expert on the Earth Carnage Proclamation!

One of the underlings bowed his body and asked, “Milord, how to dispose of this girlie?”

The middle-aged man in light armor said with a cruel smile, “The last time, Pulse Severing Divine Palm didn’t kill her. I don’t believe that it can’t kill her this time too! This time, I’m going to sever all of her meridians. See how she still survives!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Milord, this subordinate has an important matter to report!”

Right then, vigorously knocking sounds suddenly sounded out outside the door.

The middle-aged man in light armor furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Come in!”

A subordinate pushed the door and entered. Coming in front of the middle-aged man in light armor all in a fluster, he said, “Milord, things are bad. Somebody … somebody wants to challenge you!”

The eyebrows of the middle-aged man in light armor raised up, and he laughed loudly as he said, “Challenge me? Hahaha! It’s really been so many years since anyone dared to seek death like this! Doesn’t he know that this Cloud Transient City’s City Lord is an expert ranked 463 on the Earth Carnage Proclamation?”

“This … That person challenging is merely a Second Level Heaven Enlightenment young man,” said the subordinate after he hesitated for a moment.

“What? A Second Level Heaven Enlightenment dares to challenge our Lord Xie Ying? Is this someone who’s complaining that his lifespan is too long and is tired of living?”

“Haha! What a joke! Even though Cloud Transient City is a small city, Lord Xie Ying’s reputation is known far and wide! This punk is definitely a moron! As long as one slightly inquires about it a little, they wouldn’t do this sort of foolish thing either!”

The two subordinates seemed to have heard a very hilarious joke, both laughing their heads off.

Including Xie Ying himself, gave a slight smile too and said to the three subordinates, “You guys watch the person carefully. I’ll go and chop off that punk’s dog-head first!”

“Yes, Your Excellency!” the three people voiced their assent.

The Chaotic Devil Sea’s rule was that anyone could challenge the city lord. As long as one had the strength to kill the city lord, they could take his place.

Moreover, as long as someone challenged, the city lord must accept the challenge, all the way until one party was killed!

Logically speaking, under this sort of rule, the city lord being replaced should be frequent occurrences.

But in reality, Cloud Transient City’s City Lord Xie Ying had already been in this position for over a decade.

When he assumed the position, there were naturally quite a few people who were unconvinced and issued challenges to him. But in the end, all of them were killed by him without any exception.

Gradually, people who dared to challenge him became lesser and lesser.

And along with the passing of time, Xie Ying’s strength became increasingly stronger. All the way until later, Xie Ying became an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert.

Ever since then, no one dared to challenge him anymore.

Today was indeed out of the blue; it was the first time in several years!

After Xie Ying left, the three underlings all did not detect a small lotus flower growing out from the corner of a wall.

Ye Yuan sat in front of the City Lord Manor quietly, closing his eyes to meditate, quietly waiting for Xie Ying’s arrival.

The one challenging Xie Ying was none other than precisely Ye Yuan.

Out of Lin Shuang’s expectations, Ye Yuan did not go and rescue Ling-er right away. Instead, he came straight to the City Lord Manor and issued a challenge to Xie Ying in front of everyone.

“What on earth is Master Ye selling in his gourd? He’s merely an alchemist. Why … Why did he go and challenge City Lord Xie?”

“City Lord Xie is an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert. Challenging with his strength, isn’t that seeking death?”

“Didn’t he say he was helping Owner Yan find his daughter previously? How did he search until he came here to challenge?”

The Green Sea Mercenary Group and Yan Jun husband and wife were all here spectating. The Green Sea Mercenary Group’s members were all gesticulating, clearly very perplexed by Ye Yuan’s actions.

Lin Shuang grabbed her husband’s hand tightly and said with an anxious look on her face, “Husband, Master Ye must have guessed something and wants to give vent on Ling-er’s behalf. But … But …”

Yan Jun’s expression was very ugly. Although he had never met with Xie Ying before, to be able to abduct Yan Ling away in Cloud Transient City noiselessly, who else could there be other than Xie Ying?

City Lord Xie Ying was clearly the greatest suspect.

But even if he knew, he was powerless to do anything as well. Earth Carnage Proclamation’s No. 463 expert was totally not what he could deal with, let alone that the City Lord Manor still had many experts.

Yan Jun initially already resigned himself to his fate and brought out all of his savings over these past few years for Xie Ying.

What he did not expect was that Ye Yuan actually ran out and challenged City Lord Xie Ying on his own!

Finally, Yan Jun could not endure it anymore and came in front of Ye Yuan to urge, “Master Ye, I know that you have good intentions. But Xie Ying is an Earth Carnage Proclamation’s veteran expert. His strength is unfathomable. Challenging the city lord, one has to determine who lives and who dies! You doing this for Ling-er, us husband and wife will have a guilty conscious for the rest of our lives!”