Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 868

Chapter 868 Absolute Kill Token

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“Master Ye, us husband and wife are already endlessly grateful to you for treating Ling-er. But this Xie Ying, he really cannot be provoked! Quickly go now, leave Cloud Transient City, the further you go, the better!” Lin Shuang urged as well.

But her voice had yet to fade when a middle-aged man wearing light armor who was flying in air landed in front of Ye Yuan.

“Hahaha, without my agreement, Xie Ying’s, even if you guys want to leave, you can’t go either! Since you put forth the challenge, you got to have an awareness of death! Go? Where can you guys go to?” Xie Ying said arrogantly.

When Yan Jun saw Xie Ying, his eyes wanted to spew fire. He could not endure it anymore and said, “Xie Ying! Was it you who abducted Ling-er away?”

Yan Jun originally thought that Xie Ying would deny it. He did not expect that Xie Ying would actually laugh out loud and say, “So what if yes? Are the earth essence crystals I want prepared? Don’t blame me for not warning you. Even though there’s a fool who’s challenging this seat, once the time is up, I’ll send your daughter on her way all the same. Don’t think that this punk can buy time.”

Xie Ying admitting it openly made Yan Jun even more enraged. If not for being apprehensive that the other party’s strength was too formidable, he would really want to go up and risk his life at this instant.

“You! You and I have no grudges, why do you want to target me time and again!” Yan Jun denounced indignantly.

Xie Ying looked at Yan Jun pitifully and said in disdain, “Why? Hahaha, what a joke! Don’t you know what kind of place you’re in right now? This place is the Chaotic Devil Sea! In this Cloud Transient City, I’m the king! Everything of yours is all mine! What does some mere earth essence crystals count as? I’m not targeting you, but targeting you all, these travel-trade merchants! You guys make use of the Chaotic Devil Sea’s resources to make staggering profits. Since that’s the case, I let you all amass, wait until you’re fat, then slaughter and eat. What’s wrong with it?”

This kind of excuse might be very preposterous in the outside world.

But in this Cloud Transient City, it was not very hard to understand.

This point, it could be seen from the expressions of the people surrounding and watching.

They did not cast over very pitying looks towards Yan Jun. More of it was indifference and contempt.

In here, one could only end up as lambs that other people talked about without strength!

In here, there had never been a reason to talk about!

In this Cloud Transient City, Xie Ying’s strength was the most powerful, so whatever he did was right!

The reason why he employed kidnapping actions was just in order to not stir the grass and frighten away the snake, to let these merchants have some more time to accumulate.

Yan Jun was angered until he trembled all over, but his eyes revealed a look of despair.

He originally thought that earth essence crystals could settle everything. However, he was wrong!

For so many years, he was merely a lamb that others let loose to rear. It was just that he, this lamb, was fatter; and he was getting slaughtered by Xie Ying for the second time!

“You … Whatever you have, come at me! Why do you want to deal with a little girl without a weapon in her hand! Back then, Ling-er was still a baby in swaddling clothes!” Lin Shuang trembled as she said.

Xie Ying pursed his mouth and said scornfully, “Baby? In the Chaotic Devil Sea, not having strength is the original sin! There is no pity here, only strength! You all have stayed in the Chaotic Devil Sea for so many years and actually can’t even see through this point? Fools!”

“You! You devil! Elder Brother Liu, I give all of my assets to you! I request you to help kill this fiend for me!” Yan Jun could no longer put up with it anymore and wanted to use all of his wealth to gamble for Xie Ying’s life.

Yan Jun himself was a Heaven Enlightenment Realm too. But in front of Xie Ying, he was too weak!

The two of them, husband and wife, attacking together could not possibly be Xie Ying’s match either. They could only use money to do things.

Liu Yusheng’s expression was very ugly. He did not think that Ling-er’s disappearance would actually involve Xie Ying.

Although he scared away Tan Si using the Spirit Profound Unity Formation previously, facing the Xie Ying whose strength was a level higher, Liu Yusheng hesitated.

“Owner Yan, not that I, Liu Yusheng, cravenly cling to life instead of braving death! It’s just that … I’m really not his match! Your money, if I take this job, I have the life to earn, but I don’t have the life to spend!” Liu Yushen said helplessly.

The moment these words were uttered, Yan Jun and Lin Shuang, all of the pair’s strength seemed to be drained, unwittingly falling back two steps.

The Green Sea Mercenary Group was his greatest reliance. But even Liu Yusheng was not willing to make a move. What hope did he still have?

Xie Ying was even more incomparably proud of himself when he saw the situation and said with a loud laugh, “I already said, this Cloud Transient City is my world, Xie Ying’s! What can a tiny little mercenary group do to me? Humph!If you’re sensible, get the money ready and send it to the location. Perhaps, you can still see that cute daughter of yours! However, wait until I dispose of this trash first before talking! How many years has it been? How many years has it been since anyone has dared to challenge this seat?!”

Xie Ying looked at Ye Yuan with a glimmering gaze, looking in high spirits.

Ever since he ascended to the Earth Carnage Proclamation, no one challenged him. He did not expect that today, there was actually someone who delivered himself to the gate to let him practice.

Although his strength was a bit weak, killing the chicken to warn the monkeys, it was sufficient.

Ye Yuan did not speak at the side all along. It was in order to let Yan Jun husband and wife know the Chaotic Devil Sea’s cruelty.

This kind of money was really not easy to earn!

Without adequate strength, it would only be like drawing water with a sieve in the end.

Ye Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly and opened his mouth to say, “The nonsense has been said entirely. I can send you on your way already. Are you handing over the Absolute Kill Token on your own, or do you want me to come to take it myself?”

Xie Ying was stunned and looked at Ye Yuan like he was staring at a fool as he said, “Just the likes of you want my Absolute Kill Token too? Go back and train for another hundred years!”

This Absolute Kill Token was precisely the second objective of Ye Yuan coming to Cloud Transient City!

Because only by possessing this Absolute Kill Token could one enter the Slaughter Steppes. Otherwise, entering inside rashly, one would be obliterated!

Each city lord had an Absolute Kill Token in possession. To obtain the Absolute Kill Token to enter the Slaughter Steppes, it could only be accomplished by killing a city lord!

If the incumbent city lord entered the Slaughter Steppes, the Slaughter Steppes would send over another token for the next city lord.

Of course, this process would be another gory struggle.

Yan Jun duo were battered out of their senses. Suddenly hearing Ye Yuan’s words, they could not help being startled. They hurriedly went up to grab hold of Ye Yuan and said, “Master Ye, you’re our family’s benefactor, we can’t watch you cast away your life in vain! Your kindness, Shuang-er and I will bear it in mind. It’s just that … we can only repay it in the next life!”

Ye Yuan smiled broadly when he heard that and said, “Owner Yan is worrying too much. I came to this Cloud Transient City for the sake of the Absolute Kill Token in the first place. It’s just that I didn’t expect that Ling-er would run into this kind of incident. Since this matter was done by Xie Ying, then it just nice saves me a lot of trouble, combining two things into one. Mmm … The pain that Ling-er suffered these past few years, let him pay it back in blood!”

Yan Jun was stunned and muttered, “But … But … he’s an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert! You’re just an alchemist! It’s impossible to beat him!”

Ye Yuan lightly patted on Yan Jun’s shoulder twice and said, “I believe that this time, you should have seen clearly what kind of place the Chaotic Devil Sea is. After I rescue Ling-er, your family of three should leave this place and never come here again. This place is not a place that you guys should come!”