Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Fusion

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“Shameless boasting fool! Going to lose your life right away already and you still wish to go rescue people,” Xie Ying chortled and said.

Ye Yuan’s calm attitude made Xie Ying very displeased. Putting on an act got to have a limit too, right?

A Second Level Heaven Enlightenment challenging an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert, this kind of thing had never happened before in the Chaotic Devil Sea.

To Earth Carnage Proclamation experts, it had always been them crossing realms to challenge others. When had they been challenged by others before?

Yan Jun still wanted to say something, but he was lightly pushed by Ye Yuan’s essence energy. Both he and Lin Shuang were pushed aside immediately.

Yan Jun could not help being dumbfounded. He was a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist too. Being pushed by Ye Yuan here, he actually did not have the slightest strength to retaliate!

Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back as he said indifferently, “Was your Earth Carnage Proclamation ranking boasted out with your mouth? So much crap!”

Xie Ying’s expression turned cold, and he said, “Stinking brat, you’ll die very horribly!”

A violent killing intent erupted out, almost materializing. The surrounding audience could not withstand this killing intent at all and hurriedly retreated and spread out.

“Already have not seen Xie Ying take action for many years! His strength is even greater than in the past!”

“His killing intent has condensed to become tangible. Looks like his comprehension in the Slaughter Supreme True Intent has already improved further!”

“No wonder his Earth Carnage Proclamation rank rose non-stop these few years, Looks like he’s already not far from Phaseless Realm! This brat challenging Xie Ying is simply courting death!”

Xie Ying’s position was fought out using bona fide battle results. Although he had not taken action for many years, his strength was clearly rising steadily.

By this time, when Xie Ying exhibited his strength in front of everyone once again, no one would feel optimistic about Ye Yuan at all.

The Slaughter True Intent was a concept universally comprehended by the Chaotic Devil Sea’s martial artists.

The Slaughter Concept was also a top-notch supreme true intent. When cultivated to the extreme, it was also not at all inferior to the Scorching Concept.

After cultivating to an exceedingly high realm, one could confuse the opponent’s mental state just by relying on the concept released by the martial artist, and then make the first strike from there.

Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back, standing in the center of the storm very comfortably, looking very calm.

The Slaughter True Intent was very strong. But just based on Xie Ying’s comprehension, it was unable to shake Ye Yuan the slightest bit.

Seeing this scene, Xie Ying’s expression changed slightly too. Looks like this brat was also not without capabilities at all to dare raise a hue.


Xie Ying’s figure suddenly burst forth. The sword in his hand actually disappeared bizarrely!

“Shadowless Sword! Xie Ying’s Shadowless Sword finally appeared once again! He draws his sword without any traces. It is completely hard to fathom! I can’t believe that it’s the killing move he used the moment he attacks!”

The moment Xie Ying moved, someone immediately cried out in shock.

Ye Yuan slowly closed his eyes, his entire person entered into Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm, knowing all of the surroundings like the palm of his own hand.


A crisp metal clashing sound came over. Ye Yuan and Xie Ying separated upon contact. Ye Yuan was actually repelled back several dozen steps!

“This boy actually used the power of his fleshy body to have a frontal clash with Xie Ying! Just how powerful is his fleshy body?”

“Such a quick sword move, how did he see it?”

“No wonder this boy dared to challenge Xie Ying. Turns out that his strength was actually this powerful! But it looks like he still isn’t Xie Ying’s match!”

One move down; Xie Ying did not move a muscle, while Ye Yuan was beaten back several dozen steps. Whoever was superior was immediately determined.

“Heh, no wonder you were so cocky. Turns out that your fleshy body has already cultivated to such a level. However … no matter how powerful your fleshy body is, it’s of no avail too! Prepare to die!”

Xie Ying gave a cold laugh. Swinging his sword, he attacked again!

Clank! Clank! Clank!

In a blink of an eye, the two people engaged in battle for several dozen rounds.


Xie Ying raised his foot and suddenly stomped onto Ye Yuan’s chest, directly kicking him out far away.

“Master Ye!”

Yan Jun was long struck dumb with amazement already. He did not think that Ye Yuan was actually still such a formidable martial path expert.

Battling an expert like Xie Ying, he was actually just in a slightly disadvantageous position.

But this move, it gave Yan Jun a fright.

Ye Yuan looked perfectly fine. Crawling to his feet and patting the dust on his body, he said, “Not bad, a little interesting. Again!”

Xie Ying’s foot landed right on Ye Yuan’s chest, and he was currently pleased with himself. Seeing that Ye Yuan looked perfectly fine, his expression could not help becoming ugly.

This foot, he did not hold back much. Ye Yuan was actually not injured at all.

Formidable fleshy body, this defense was also ridiculously powerful!

Looks like only the Slaughter Concept could break Ye Yuan’s defense!

“Humph! Boy, you won’t be so lucky next time!”

Xie Ying wielded his sword and attacked again, battling with Ye Yuan again.

Xie Ying’s Slaughter Concept spread out everywhere, violent to the extreme. In comparison, Ye Yuan was like a stubborn rock in howling winds and torrential rain; no matter how fierce the storm was, he still held on as firmly as a rock!

It was just that people with discerning eyes could tell that Ye Yuan was still at a disadvantage.

Xie Ying very much wanted to use his Slaughter Concept to deal with Ye Yuan. But each time, it was cleverly avoided by Ye Yuan.

However, even though Ye Yuan avoided the vital parts, he was in a sorry plight the entire process. A thousand exchanges down, he already suffered considerable external wounds.

“Heh heh, even if you’re a chunk of metal, you’ll die from serious injuries at this rate!” Xie Ying was very patient. Since Ye Yuan wanted to drag the time, then he would like to see who could afford to waste time.

But Ye Yuan was seemingly oblivious. He still brandished his fists non-stop, not giving Xie Ying any chance to catch his breath at all.

“Master Ye, don’t fight anymore! If you carry on fighting, you’ll die!” Yan Jun really could not carry on watching anymore and shouted at the sides.

“Haha! You’re too naive! At this point, will City Lord Xie still let him leave alive? But to be able to force City Lord Xie to this extent, he can be sufficiently proud already,” said one of Xie Ying’s followers with a big laugh.

“Fool! This is a deathmatch! Until one party dies, it won’t cease. This brat is overestimating his own ability, to actually dare challenge City Lord Xie. It also serves him right if he dies!”

Seeing as Ye Yuan was going to be defeated, everyone sneered in contempt towards Ye Yuan’s overestimation of his own strength.

From the start until now, Ye Yuan had always been in a situation of taking a beating passively. No chances of victory could be seen at all.

Although Ye Yuan’s strength exceeded everyone’s expectations, it was very clear that the gap with Xie Ying was too great.

They naturally did not discover that starting from just now, Xie Ying’s expression became increasingly solemn.

The force Ye Yuan wielded became greater and greater. Each punch was like a giant hammer, carrying an enormous impact force. Xie Ying actually had some signs of not being able to withstand it.

Moreover, each punch of Ye Yuan’s landing, Xie Ying’s entire body felt like he was being burned by flames.

Tremendous impact force and the power of combustion made his entire person extremely unacclimatized.

All of a sudden, Xie Ying’s pupils constricted!

This punch of Ye Yuan’s actually vanished before his eyes!


It was only to hear a loud bang. Xie Ying’s body was smashed right onto the ground like a cannonball.

Those voices mocking Ye Yuan suddenly cut off.

They looked at this scene in disbelief, their brains not being able to wrap itself around it for a moment.

Just now, it was clearly Xie Ying who occupied the absolute initiative. Why did he lose in the twinkling of an eye?