Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 87

Chapter 87: As If There Was Nobody Present

This matter which was originally in the bag was spoiled by Huyan Yong. Su Yubai even had the heart to kill right now.

However, Huyan Yong was an instructor of the academy. If he really attacked, then he could forget about being the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder anymore.

Furthermore, while it was true that Huyan Yong could not beat him, Su Yubai also could not stop him if he really wanted to run.

But he was standing in front of Ye Yuan, making Su Yubai feel that this was a very thorny matter.

He must definitely kill Ye Yuan today. This punk's rise was too rapid!

This was absolutely a potential threat to the Su Family.

If Ye Yuan was left unchecked to continue growing. Most likely ten years, no, just five years, and he would become another Ye Hang!

Just one Ye Hang was enough to give the Su Family a headache, and two Ye Hangs . . .

"Take me down? Fine! Bring it on! I want to see just how you will take me down!" Huyan Yong taunted icily.

"Humph! You really think that I don't dare to touch you?" Seeing Huyan Yong's manner like a dead pig which did not care whether the water was boiling, Su Yubai flew into a rage.

Huyan Yong had always been Jiang Yunhe's hardcore follower and was never on good terms with Su Yubai.

Normally, the two of them were already at odds. Now, it goes even more without saying.

With Su Yubai's strength, it was impossible to capture the peak Spirit Condensation Realm Huyan Yong. Unless he killed him!

Huyan Yong was certain that Su Yubai dared not kill fellow students.

"What a joke! You're the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder. You can touch whoever you want to. Why would you not dare to touch me? But if you want to kill Ye Yuan today, you will have to walk over my dead body!" Facing the powerful Su Yubai, Huyan Yong did not yield in the slightest.

"Good! Good! Good! Everyone saw that. Huyan Yong is shielding the demonic spawn, and so he's also my Dan Wu Academy's enemy! Today, I represent the academy to exterminate fiends and protect the Dao. I'll exterminate these two traitors!"

Su Yubai's fury could be seen from how he said three 'Good' consecutively.

After he finished talking, Su Yubai's released his aura completely, crushing everyone until they could not breathe.

Just as Su Yubai was about to strike, a beautiful silhouette walked out from the crowd and stood by Huyan Yong.

"If Elder Su is insistent on making a move, then treat Ruoqing as someone from the demonic path as well, and kill me."

Feng Ruoqing said these words nonchalantly, but the weight was sufficiently heavy!

Other people might not know Feng Ruoqing's identity, but how could Su Yubai be unaware of Feng Ruoqing's identity?

Even if Su Yubai had a higher status in the Dan Wu Academy, he would not dare to touch even a hair of Feng Ruoqing!

The Imperial Family's Nanfeng Clan had always been low-key, but families with deep backgrounds knew that the Nanfeng Family Clan was the number one great family in the State of Qin and not one of the top!

Everybody was astounded by Feng Ruoqing's appearance, including Su Yubai and Huyan Yong.

Many of them could not help recalling some of the rumors which spread secretly. Now, it looks like it was not unfounded rumors!

At this time, the looks which the students gave Ye Yuan became weird.

So, what this Ye Yuan was capable of was neither in Martial Dao nor Alchemy Dao, but chasing girls!

The Feng Family aunt and niece had always been lofty goddesses in the academy. There had been many pursuers, but nobody had honestly ever expected to succeed in chasing them.

But, Ye Yuan did it!

Standing out at this time to oppose the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder, they would not believe that Feng Ruoqing and Ye Yuan had zero relations even if they were beaten to death!

Of course, even more people felt that their goddess was defiled, and they wished that they could go up there and give Ye Yuan two tight slaps to show their indignity!

It was just that it would never be their turn to do the slapping if they did it now.

. . . . . .

Feng Ruoqing turned around to look at Ye Yuan who was lying on the ground, unable to move. She quickly hurried over to help him up.

Being in the embrace of a beauty was naturally something to be happy to be delighted about. But Ye Yuan was currently half-dead, how would he have these sort of beautiful thoughts?

Except, sniffing the light fragrance coming off of Feng Ruoqing's body made Ye Yuan pull himself together.

Feng Ruoqing on the other hand, frowned and asked, "Are you ok?"

Ye Yuan laughed bitterly and said weakly, "Do I look ok to you? Relax, I won't die. It's just that I can't move right now. Lu-er, she . . ."

Feng Ruoqing knitted her brows once more. "You're already like this, and you're still concerned about your little maidservant!"

"How's she?" Ye Yuan brushed off Feng Ruoqing's rebuke and continued asking.

Feng Ruoqing sighed. "With you helping her suppress the cold qi, she's fine for now. I knew that you were going to cause trouble, so I passed her to Zhirou, and I came here alone."

Hearing Feng Ruoqing said this, Ye Yuan finally heaved a sigh of relief. "Many thanks. I'll definitely thank you deeply in the future."

Feng Ruoqing naturally would not take to heart other people's thanks, because she did not lack anything!

But Ye Yuan was different. Just the fact that he could refine transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pills at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm made his thanks priceless!

"I told you not to mess about, and you just wouldn't listen! Ten years isn't late for a gentleman to take his revenge. What's the rush? Now, you nearly threw away your life. Are you satisfied?" Feng Ruoqing did not mention about the thanks but grumbled instead.

However, these words did not sound like grumbling, but more like a little wifey's concern.

"Ah . . . Hahaha! Ten years isn't late? I can't wait even for a second! If I have to wait ten years for a minor character like him, then what should I do about other people?" Ye Yuan seemed like he was triggered by something to have said this.

Feng Ruoqing could not understand the meaning behind Ye Yuan's words. But at this moment, Ye Yuan's eyes were very complex. It was like an old man who had experienced many vicissitudes of life and not a 15-year-old youth.

What on earth did he go through? How could he have such desolate and dismal eyes?

Feng Ruoqing started to wonder about it involuntarily.

But Ye Yuan recovered first and said, "I have recovery medicinal pills on me. I can't move right now, could you help me take them?"

"No . . ." Feng Ruoqing instinctively wanted to reject, but thinking about Ye Yuan's current condition, she hesitated.

Since when had Feng Ruoqing with her priceless body ever touched a man's body? Even if there was clothing in between, no way!

"Sigh. Forget it. I'll do it myself. Sss . . ."

As he was talking, Ye Yuan reached out to touch his chest and hissed in pain the moment he made contact.

Feng Ruoqing hurriedly said, "Alright, alright! I'll do it!"

Then, under the dumbfounded gazes of everyone, Feng Ruoqing's beautiful and slender hands slipped inside Ye Yuan's clothes.

"Ahhh! My goddess! Why?!"

"Do you want people dead?! Don't, Teacher Feng!"

"Quickly let go of that guy! Let me do it!"

Everybody was screaming in their hearts, but it was all to no avail.

Feng Ruoqing rummaged around for a while before fishing out a bottle of medicinal pills. Her face was currently a bright beet-red like she was intoxicated on alcohol.

"Is it this?" Feng Ruoqing asked with a red face.

"That's it! There are still five medicinal pills in the bottle; take the pale-yellow one and pass it to me," Ye Yuan instructed.

There was only one pale-yellow medicinal pill inside after Feng Ruoqing poured all the pills out. Then, she took the pill and fed it to Ye Yuan.

After consuming the medicinal pill, Ye Yuan's face which was pale like paper gradually became rosier.

"Alright. Help me up, I want to refine the medicinal effects."

"You can already move so quickly?"

Even though Feng Ruoqing knew that Ye Yuan could not be judged by common sense, she was still very shocked. She had never seen before a medicinal pill that had such immediate effects.

Ye Yuan nodded his head laboriously and started to refine the medicinal effects.