Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Is It Her?

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“This … What’s going on here?”

“Xie Ying was clearly suppressing this boy all-round. How did he suddenly turn out like this?”

“An Earth Carnage Proclamation expert actually lose to an unknown and nameless Second Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm. It’s too unbelievable!”

Xie Ying suddenly getting hit made everyone unbelievably stunned.

Clearly, Xie Ying had suppressed Ye Yuan all-round, and he was about to be defeated soon. How did the plot reverse suddenly?

Xie Ying struggled to his feet, looking incredibly wretched.

He lowered his head to take a look at himself. The light armor he was wearing previously was actually ruined by Ye Yuan with one punch and already completely lost its function.

Which was also to say that if Ye Yuan gave him another punch, he would face certain death.

The life and death juncture just now, it was this light armor that saved his life.

This light armor was acquired by him by spending a huge price. It was for the sake of preserving his life. He did not expect that Ye Yuan only used one punch to shatter it.

Recalling the punch earlier, Xie Ying still had lingering fear in his heart. The light armor on him was a high-grade profound artifact armor. It was actually rendered invalid under Ye Yuan’s punch.

One could imagine just how formidable the might of Ye Yuan’s punch earlier was.

One must know that devastating a high-grade profound artifact armor beyond repair was a much higher level of difficulty compared to snapping a sword!

Apart from the armor, there was still the martial artist’s protective essence energy. Not only did Ye Yuan directly smash Xie Ying’s protective essence energy, the residual force even destroyed a high-grade protective armor.

This blow was too terrifying!

Xie Ying looked at Ye Yuan, his eyes showing a look of extreme fear. “You … You were actually testing your moves on me!”

At this point, if Xie Ying still did not understand that Ye Yuan was only treating him as a target to practice his skill, then he would be too stupid.

Ye Yuan’s fist technique became stronger and stronger in the battle, increasingly proficient, resulting in unleashing that terrifying punch at the back!

The power of that punch was absolutely able to annihilate a Phaseless Realm martial artist!

Second Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm and he could cross a major cultivation realm to eliminate a Phaseless Realm martial artist. What kind of concept was this?

It was true that the Earth Carnage Proclamation’s martial artists were strong, but when they were at the Second Level Heaven Enlightenment, it was also not possible to have such perverse strength!

The Ye Yuan in midair appeared rather ragged. But his fleshy body was extremely powerful. Xie Ying’s attack did not cause very substantial injury to him.

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly when he heard that, “You’re not too stupid! Thanks to you, my Void Dragon Shadow Punch is finally mastered.”

This move was the move merged together and formed from the Void Fire Mark and dragon wave. The reason why he chose Xie Ying to test the move was that he was strong enough.

Of course, Ye Yuan similarly had the strength to kill Xie Ying by relying on the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword.

Xie Ying’s expression was incomparably ugly, but his dread towards Ye Yuan reached the pinnacle. “You … That punch just now, what it contained was actually the Scorching Supreme True Intent!”

“What?! The two of them exchanged a thousand moves, and it was actually just that boy testing his moves?”

“Too terrifying! To actually dare use an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert to test one’s moves. Just how confident is this guy?!”

“What did Xie Ying say just now? Scorching Supreme True Intent! This … Isn’t that the supreme true intent that only the Spirit Bristle Divine King could comprehend? This boy, how did he do it?”

Ye Yuan and Xie Ying’s conversation made the surrounding martial artists stupefied.

They previously even thought that Ye Yuan could not stand up to a single blow. They did not expect that Ye Yuan completely did not attach any importance to Xie Ying.

To dare use an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert to test moves, Ye Yuan must have absolute confidence.

Even if he did not use that newly mastered move, Ye Yuan likewise had the ability to kill Xie Ying too.

However, Ye Yuan was just Second Level Heaven Enlightenment!

Looking at Xie Ying, Ye Yuan said indifferently, “At least you have some insights. Now, I can send you on your way!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan’s figure moved, planning on eradicating Xie Ying with one punch.

“Hang on! If you dare to kill me, that little lass is dead for sure too! Don’t you want to save her? I want to see just how you save her!” Xie Ying said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan’s relationship with Yan Jun husband and wife, Xie Ying had long inquired clearly.

Kidnapping Yan Ling was originally in order to extort a huge sum from Yan Jun. But he did not expect that in the end, it actually became his protective charm. This made Xie Ying incredibly pleased with himself.

With Yan Ling around, Ye Yuan absolutely would not dare to make a move!

Hearing these words, Yan Jun husband and wife’s faces changed as they reproached indignantly, “Xie Ying, you … are shameless!”

Xie Ying roared with laughter and said, “Hahaha! Shameless? The victor becomes king and the loser a bandit! Shameless, this term, is utterly not applicable in the Chaotic Devil Sea! Boy, since you want the Absolute Kill Token, then have you made the preparations to sink low? Do you want your own life or that little girl’s life? Choose one yourself!”

Ye Yuan landed onto the ground and looked at Xie Ying pitifully as he said with a faint smile, “If I want to kill you, nobody can stop me!”

Xie Ying was taken in by Ye Yuan’s imposing momentum and actually involuntarily retreated several steps. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Don’t you care about that little girl’s life and death anymore?”

Ye Yuan smiled and pointed towards the crowd as he said, “Is the little girl you’re talking about her?”

Tracing the direction Ye Yuan pointed at and looking over, Xie Ying’s expression could not help changing drastically. His legs turned weak, and his entire person plopped down onto the ground.

“This … How is this possible?”

In the crowd, a youth was carrying a little girl in his arms. Who could that little girl be but Yan Ling?

When Yan Jun husband and wife saw Yan Ling, they could not help rubbing their eyes as they revealed a look of disbelief.


“Father … Mother …”

Fiery carried Yan Ling and came before Yan Jun husband and wife, and he returned her to Lin Shuang. The couple’s tears poured down.

“Ling-er, it was all father and mother’s fault, causing you to have suffered!” The family of three cried bitterly on each other’s shoulders.


Ye Yuan did not hesitate in the slightest and finished off Xie Ying neat and tidily.

The final protective charm being gone, Xie Ying could not even muster up the courage to resist.

Ye Yuan extended his hand and beckoned. A token flew into his hand from Xie Ying’s corpse.

The moment he caught it, a berserk killing qi pounced from head-on. A scarlet red ‘kill’ word was written on the token.

This token was the Absolute Kill Token!

With it, Ye Yuan would be able to enter the Slaughter Steppes and start a journey filled with blood and slaughter.

Dripping blood to acknowledge a master, a burst of extremely powerful killing qi entered Ye Yuan’s body, assaulting Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness.

In an instant, it was as if Ye Yuan had fallen into endless slaughter. He actually had an impulse to kill off all the people around him.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Yuan entered Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm. It instantly suppressed this bout of killing intent down.

How could a mere killing intent beat Ye Yuan’s Heart Like Monolith?

At this instant, each and every one of Ye Yuan’s actions was watched closely by everyone.

When everyone saw that he actually dripped blood to acknowledge a master on the spot, all of them were shocked until they could not close their mouths.

In the Absolute Kill Token contained extremely intense killing intent. A single mishap could make the martial artist turn into a killing machine.

When ordinary people obtained this Absolute Kill Token, they all would find a place without anybody to enter seclusion. Who would be so arrogant like Ye Yuan?

But they clearly saw that Ye Yuan’s eyes were only turbid for an instant, then it recovered clarity.

This newly-ascended city lord was too terrifying!