Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Coercion

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Yan Jun trio huddled together and cried bitterly for a while before finally recovering.

He led his wife and daughter in front of Ye Yuan and prostrated on the ground.

“Master Ye saved my family. Yan Jun has nothing to repay you with, so I’ll give these meager family wealth to master. Hope that Master don’t scorn it.”

Yan Jun offered up a storage ring with cupped hands, stirring the audience into a commotion.

No need to think, inside this storage ring definitely had quite a number of earth essence crystals. This made each and every one of them extremely envious.

It was just that no matter how great their gall was, nobody dared to provoke this new city lord either.

Who knew that Ye Yuan actually pushed the storage ring back and said coolly, “No need to be courteous, Owner Yan. In the future, leave this troublesome place and bring your wife and child to live your lives well!”

Yan Jun showed a look of dilemma. Suddenly, he pushed Yan Ling in front of Ye Yuan and said, “This Yan knows that this action is very presumptuous, but I don’t want Ling-er to live like good-for-nothings like us in the future! Master Ye, I beg you to take Ling-er in as a disciple. We, husband and wife, will be endlessly grateful!”

Regarding Yan Jun’s actions, Ye Yuan was rather surprised. He could feel Yan Jun’s fond love toward his daughter. He did not think that they would actually be willing to part by giving Ling-er to him to be an apprentice.

Ye Yuan said, “This matter isn’t up to us. It still has to depend on Ling-er’s wishes herself. Ling-er, do you want to learn alchemy skills from Big Brother Ye Yuan?”

Ling-er nodded without the slightest hesitation and said, “Of course I want! Ling-er wants to become the greatest alchemist! But … Ling-er can’t bear to part with Father and Mother.”

Ling-er was very clever. She knew that by acknowledging Ye Yuan as her master, she would likely have to part with her own father and mother.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “That’s easy to handle. I’ll write a letter for you all. You go to the White Valiant Region’s Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, say that you were arranged to come by me. They will naturally take you guys in.”

Yan Jun was overjoyed when he heard that and hurriedly gave thanks to Ye Yuan.

Settling Yan Jun’s family down, Ye Yuan suddenly said coolly to the crowd, “Tan Si, do you want to keep on watching like this?”

The moment these words came out, Yan Jun, Liu Yusheng, and the rest were all startled.

They did not think that Tan Si was actually hiding in the crowd.

Indeed, a scarface flashed out from within the crowd. It was precisely Tan Si.

“That expert lying undercover in the trade caravans was indeed you!” Tan Si looked at Ye Yuan and said with a gloomy face.

The moment these words were uttered, Liu Yusheng’s face changed.

If he still did not know that it was Ye Yuan who secretly made a move until now, then he would be too stupid.

But the problem was, how did Ye Yuan make a move? One had to know that the one controlling the Spirit Profound Unity Formation was him. When did Ye Yuan take action? He actually did not find out at all!

Hearing that, Ye Yuan just smiled.

The current Tan Si was very wary of Ye Yuan and said again, “I’m only here to observe the battle and don’t have any ill-intent!”

But Tan Si’s appearance caused a commotion.

“He … He’s Earth Carnage Proclamation rank 458, Tan Si! My God, why would Tan Si appear in Cloud Transient City?”

“Heard that it was this Tan Si’s first time entering the Earth Carnage Proclamation, charging straight to the 458th place. He’s a legendary-like existence!”

“But … But he actually submitted to City Lord Ye!”

Tan Si’s ranking was even several positions higher than Xie Ying’s, indicating that his strength was even stronger than Xie Ying’s.

But this kind of existence actually submitted to Ye Yuan. This made everyone’s jaws dropped.

Ye Yuan looked at Tan Si with a smile that was not a smile and said, “Don’t you feel that this sort of explanation is very feeble? If I didn’t call you out, would you tail behind Owner Yan and leave Cloud Transient City, and then kill them halfway?”

Yan Jun’s expression could not help changing when he heard that. This Tan Si actually still refused to give up!

If not for Ye Yuan pointing Tan Si’s whereabouts, there really was a possibility that he might lay his hands on him.

Tan Si’s expression changed, and he shook his head and said, “I have no such intentions.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Good that you don’t have such intentions! Just nice, I’m going to the Slaughter Steppes, and I’m lacking a person to accompany me. I’ll have to trouble you to take a trip with me!”

This time, Tan Si really lost composure. He said in astonishment, “You … You want to go to the Slaughter Steppes! I … I’m not going!”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Whether you go or not isn’t up to you.”

Tan Si’s expression was livid with rage as he said, “Do you really think that I’m scared of you?”

Ye Yuan said very coolly, “The so-called Earth Carnage Proclamation experts are nothing in my eyes! Killing one is killing, killing two is also the same!”


Wildly arrogant!

In the Chaotic Devil Sea, to dare look down on Earth Carnage Proclamation experts, Ye Yuan was still the first one!

To Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists, Earth Carnage Proclamation experts were invincible existences. But Ye Yuan said that they were nothing!

“You! I assure you, I absolutely won’t kill them! Is this still not enough?”

Tan Si shrunk back once more. He actually did not have the courage to have a battle with Ye Yuan.

Tan Si’s performance subverted everyone’s understanding of Earth Carnage Proclamation experts.

To Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists, Earth Carnage Proclamation experts were invincible existences. But facing Ye Yuan, Tan Si, this Earth Carnage Proclamation who was ranked 458 actually did not even dare to make a move!

“You only have two options. Go together with me or be killed by me!” Ye Yuan did not care about Tan Si’s words the least bit and said indifferently.

This was a stark-naked threat or should one say an undisguised kidnapping.

To dare talk this way to an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert, Ye Yuan was probably a special one.

Tan Si’s hand holding the saber was trembling. He desperately wanted to draw his saber, but at the thought of Ye Yuan’s punch earlier, he could not muster up the courage no matter what.

Xie Ying did not see clearly that punch of Ye Yuan’s. He likewise did not see clearly.

Tan Si could sense that under that punch, he absolutely did not have the possibility of surviving!

He truly did not think that a Second Level Heaven Enlightenment martial artist would actually have such formidable strength.

“I … I’ll go!” Tan Si struggled for a long time and finally still yielded.

The gazes all of the martial artists looked toward Ye Yuan with were filled with awe and veneration.

This man actually coerced an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert to enter the Slaughter Steppes.

Too subverting!

Ye Yuan slowly came before Liu Yusheng and said to him, “Escort Yan Jun’s family safe and sound to Luo Ding City. If accidents occur, your Green Sea Mercenary Group don’t have any need to exist anymore.”

Although Liu Yusheng’s strength was not bad, his personality was too spineless. Previously, when Xie Ying was taunting, if he stepped forward, Ye Yuan would still think a little better of him.

But now, he did not have the need to be courteous anymore.

Arranging everything, Ye Yuan brought Tan Si to the transmission array leading to the Slaughter Steppes.

This array formation could only be activated using the Absolute Kill Token.

A light flashed, and the two people vanished from sight.

When they appeared again, they already arrived at a wasteland.

Far away was a magnificent great city. Even separated by several thousand miles, Ye Yuan could still see it clearly.

That great city was the legendary Asura City!

“If my conjectures are right, you should have come out from Asura City, right?” Ye Yuan asked Tan Si.

“It’s clearly your first time entering the Chaotic Devil Sea. Why do you know this place like the palm of your hands?” Tan Si gave an answer that evaded the question.

Ye Yuan did not have any hint of killing aura on him; out of tune and different than Chaotic Devil Sea martial artists. One look and it was clear that it was his first time entering the Chaotic Devil Sea.

But what made Tan Si surprised was that Ye Yuan did not seem to be unfamiliar with this place at all.