Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Asura Arena

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Ye Yuan took a look at Tan Si’s glabella and discovered that five blood-red stars appeared between his eyebrows.

“Five-star soul general. Not bad.” Ye Yuan still gave an irrelevant answer.

This was indeed Ye Yuan’s first time coming to the Slaughter Steppes. But he was formerly an apex existence in the Divine Realm. He was very clear about the rules here.

It was just that these things, Ye Yuan naturally would not tell Tan Si.

Tan Si suddenly discovered that he was actually somewhat at a loss on what to do when he was in front of Ye Yuan.

Tan Si had always been an incomparably vicious and fierce person. He spent these few years in the midst of life and death battles before he had his present strength.

No matter how powerful the enemy was, he could always think of ways to kill the opponent.

But facing Ye Yuan, he actually gave rise to an inexplicable sense of powerlessness.

All of a sudden, Tan Si’s expression changed, his gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was as if he had seen a ghost.

“You … You just entered the Slaughter Steppes, and you’re actually already a three-star soul general!”

On Ye Yuan’s glabella, three stars gradually condensed out in an equilateral triangular arrangement. It was precisely the hallmark of a three-star soul general Tan Si was talking about.

For martial artists who entered the Slaughter Steppes, the Absolute Kill Token would condense the Slaughter Concept within their bodies on their glabella, manifesting the concept distinctly.

According to the degree of comprehension of the concept, they were divided from one star to nine stars. A three-star soul general was already not far from supreme true intent.

Previously, Tan Si did not feel a shred of Slaughter Intent on Ye Yuan’s body. But after entering the Slaughter Steppes, Ye Yuan actually reached the level of three-star soul general all at once. How could this not shock him?

One had to know that when Tan Si entered the Slaughter Steppes for the first time, he had already killed God knows how many people. But it was merely only the level of one star.

This completely harmless young man in front of him actually already walked so far along the path of slaughter. How was this possible?

Little did he imagine, when Ye Yuan was in the Lower Realms, the martial artists he had personally massacred before was an astronomical figure.

Talking in terms of killing people, Tan Si was not even fit to carry shoes for Ye Yuan!

It was just that Ye Yuan’s mind was firm. Slaughter True Intent’s violence was completely unable to have an influence on his heart, that was all.

On the path of slaughter, Ye Yuan had already comprehended the true intent long ago unknowingly. It was just that presently, the help that particular true intent had on Ye Yuan was already very little.

“Just three stars, is there a need to make such a fuss? This Slaughter Steppes, three-star soul generals can be easily found,” Ye Yuan said unconcernedly.

Tan Si was speechless and only asked after a while, “You didn’t come to this Slaughter Steppes for the sake of going to Asura City, right?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “What did I come to the Slaughter Steppes for if I’m not going to Asura City? You’re at any rate an expert on the Earth Carnage Proclamation. You’re actually afraid of going into Asura City?”

Tan Si’s expression fell slightly, and he said, “It’s no use even if you taunt me. I won’t enter Asura City with you! Once you enter Asura City, you must start the Slaughter Mode. Either you kill people or be killed! The personnel changes on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation and Earth Carnage Proclamation is tremendous because the Asura City is too cruel! I’m not those fools who crack themselves up to be geniuses. I won’t go and seek my doom!”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Doesn’t matter. If you don’t go, I’ll kill you right now.”

Ye Yuan said it with incomparable ease as if he was talking about an insignificant matter.

Tan Si said with a somber face, “I’ve already exercised forbearance in every way towards you. Don’t push people too far!”


A powerful wind howled past Tan Si’s ears, smashing out a large crater behind him.

Tan Si’s pupils constricted, his entire person frozen there. He was actually unable to move!

He desperately wanted to make himself move, but his body would not listen.

That punch earlier came very suddenly. But he knew that even if he had made ample preparations, it was impossible to block this punch too!

Ye Yuan slowly withdrew his own fist and said with a sigh, “Accidentally hit crooked. Uh … Why don’t I punch again?”


Tan Si suddenly knelt down, his four limbs supporting his body on the ground, panting heavily for air.

“I … I’ll go!” Tan Si said panting for air.

“Oh, then … let’s go.”

Ye Yuan opened up his footsteps and walked towards that enormous city.

Only when he arrived in front of this enormous city did Ye Yuan feel the magnificence of this city.

“Around 30 thousand years ago, Asura City rose from ground up. Ever since then, the Chaotic Devil Sea was born. Starting from then, who knows how many genius martial artists collapsed in this city, for the sake of taking a shot at that nine-star soul general.” Ye Yuan sighed emotionally.

The Chaotic Devil Sea was a place without rules, especially Asura City.

The allure of nine-star soul general to martial artists was lethal.

Cultivating to the level of nine-star soul general signified the martial artist’s Slaughter Supreme True Intent would also reach the great circle of perfection.

With a great circle of perfection supreme true intent, cultivating to the Divine King Realm could be easily accomplished. Moreover, the combat strength of the Slaughter Concept was on par with the Scorching Concept.

As long as one could cultivate to nine-star soul general, it would mean that one could step into the ranks of the Divine Realm’s pinnacle Divine Kings with one fell swoop.

This sort of temptation was too great!

Therefore, martial artists who came to Asura City were not just those martial artists being hunted down by various major forces, there were even more who were genius martial artists that came from all over the Divine Realm.

Because cultivating to the level of nine-star soul general had a shortcut. That was to kill the opponent inside the Asura City’s Asura Arena. One could absorb a part of the other party’s Slaughter Concept and convert into their own concept.

This sort of conversion would become increasingly more along with the increase in numbers and quality of the opponents the martial artist killed.

As long as one accumulated to the level of nine-star soul general, the martial artist would comprehend the supreme true intent to the great circle of perfection naturally. This was the miraculous aspect of the Absolute Kill Token!

Of course, it was way too difficult to kill opponents at a corresponding level.

The vast majority of martial artists would all be buried in the sand with broken halberds in the end, dying in the Asura Arena.

Tan Si knew that Ye Yuan wanted to enter the Asura Arena. So he refused to come to Asura City no matter what. It was just that now, he had no choice at all.

Not coming to Asura City, he would be killed by Ye Yuan at that time.

Following Ye Yuan into the city, Tan Si’s face was grim as hell.

Ye Yuan patted his shoulder with a smile and said, “Relax a bit. Maybe, when you achieve nine-star soul general in the future, you’ll even have to thank me!”

“Humph! For 30 thousand years, there are countless geniuses who came to the Asura Arena. But how many people were able to cultivate to nine-star soul general? Ye Yuan, if I die, I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!” Tan Si said in a fierce voice.

Ye Yuan said without a care in the world, “You couldn’t even beat me as a human. Could it be that you can still overturn the skies as a ghost? Calm down. With that kind of mentality, you might die in the first round. You killed so many people, could it be that you still don’t have any awareness of getting killed? Without this sort of awareness, your accomplishments in this lifetime would just be like this too.”

Tan Si was alarmed inwardly. Ye Yuan’s words seemed to have the intention of giving pointers inside.

Honestly speaking, the more people killed, the more afraid of death actually.

Tan Si was also a rare talent in practicing martial arts. He had not entered Asura City before, but he forcefully cultivated to the level of five-star soul general in the Slaughter Steppes.

But the strength of Slaughter Steppes martial artists were limited. His accomplishments could only advance to this sort of extent too.

Because he did not dare to enter the Asura Arena, so he returned to the Chaotic Devil Sea.

“Straightened it out? If you thought it through, then enter the city!”